today's astrology forecast | Friday, march 3, 2023 - accessing and healing embodied trauma by being brave enough to love and grow

The Moon is in Cancer on Friday morning. She goes void at 9:22 AM EST off her monthly opposition to Pluto (we are going to get a break from this Cancer drama for a couple months) - an emotional power struggle. Sometimes home vs work. Then she is void until 10:16AM EST when she moves into Leo. 

Once the Moon gets into Leo, our attention can turn to and we are nourished by - our heart, attention, appreciation, children, creative projects, romance, recreation and fun. Sounds like a nice way to start a weekend. The Moon in Leo will make harmonious trines to both Venus and Jupiter tomorrow morning and then face a disruptive/unpredictable square to Uranus tomorrow night.

This is also the day Venus makes her exact conjunction with Chiton in Aries (Jupiter makes this same connection on March 12th). 

With Venus and Chiron together in fiery and courageous Aries, it will be healing to be ourselves/stand up for ourselves/know we can take care of ourselves. It will be healing to START. It will be healing to be BRAVE. It will be healing to TAKE CARE OF OUR PHYSICAL BODIES. We can heal relationships with men/with our masculine energies through Venus. Love. Caring. Valuing ourselves. 

Venus/Chiron might also speak of us attracting someone/some situation because of our masculine wounds. It will be important to just be ourselves here. Our vulnerabilities/real-ness is what is most attractive. It is attracting people to us and attracting us to healing situations.

In a few days, Jupiter will move within orb of Chiron and we might find ourselves in a similar situation, only BIGGER this time. 

Again, know, as Rumi said "the wound is where the light gets in". Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Own it/own yourself - flaws and all. Don't be afraid to communicate and act on what you need. With the Moon in Leo and Venus/Jupiter in Aries - we have the courage to tackle more than we think we do. 

Venus/Chiron is happening at 14 degrees of Aries, where Chiron was last May and last October, so there could be some connections between what is uncovered now/what is happening now with whatever was going on back then. 

Venus/Chiron in Aries can be empowering. Easing ancient wounds around our ability to be ourselves and take care of ourselves. Chiron in Aries is about SURVIVAL. It's no wonder we have had all these survival fears since Chiron entered Aries back in 2018! Chiron activations/portals are TRIGGERING because we are not only reacting to what is happening now (usually we are OVER-reacting to what is happening now) - we are reacting to things that happened in the past. Earlier in this life, but also the stuff we carry through our ancestral inheritance - our past lives and our ancestor's lives. 

Venus and Jupiter are our two most benevolent planets, so they come to Chiron as a healing balm. 

This is nothing less than accessing and healing embodied trauma. This is about being aware of the memories we have been holding in storage in our bodies and emotions. As they meet, they start a new cycle. Venus will meet Chiron in Aries, again, next year (although not at 14 degrees). Jupiter won't meet Chiron in Aries again for 12 years. The new stories, they, through us, are starting now are very important. People with planets and points in their natal and progressed charts nearest 14 degrees Aries will feel these energies strongest. Libras will get the oppositions. Cancers and Capricorns the squares. Remember Chiron is already at 14 degrees (for the third time now) - the unhealed wound around our Aries natal house theme or some kind of survival theme is active ALREADY if we have placements here. Venus and Jupiter come in like doctors to MAKE SOMETHING BETTER if we are brave enough to love (Venus) and to grow (Jupiter).  

I like to listen to the podcasts of neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and found this one about genes and the inheritance of memories across generations especially timely and interesting. As above, so below. Everything happening in the mystical realms is also happening in our 3D reality. Fascinating stuff. And with Saturn about to enter Pisces, so many things that sounded 'woo-woo' and out there will be shown to be actually REAL. 

I hope something here is helpful. 

I should add - this energy might want to come in, because this is Aries after all (which is young fire) - as an ARGUMENT, disagreement, a feeling that we need to fight for what we want and need. And sometimes people do need to let themselves get angry. Sometimes we do need to fight. But often there is a better way to handle this and we want to stop and ask ourselves if this is one of those times. Can we respond and not react? Can we be more loving/generous? 

Remember we are being TRIGGERED, so we are probably over-reacting. We don't want to act impatiently/impulsively with all this Aries - although sometimes when people are very stuck, this IS the way things get unstuck. Channel your highest self if things get rocky. If you think you have screwed this up - and you most likely haven't - know you will get a second chance with this in another week or so when Jupiter hits the degree Venus is walking today. 

xo all

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