big picture 2023 - 2026 | all the outer planets change signs within 3 years, not seen since the 1530's, evolve or die

Before we talk about the Virgo Full Moon, let's step back and look at the BIG PICTURE. 

We had taken the old world as far as it could go without destroying itself or we could say it did destroy itself depending, again, on how we look at things. The center could not hold as Saturn met Pluto in 2020. 

Reality vs unstoppable evolution. Saturn/reality didn't stand a chance. 

This is our collective story, but also the story of something that is happening in our own lives, too. There was/is the need for a great collective and personal HUMBLING.

When Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020 (along with the Sun and Ceres and Mercury) - time ran out. If life were a video game, we moved to another level and all the preceding levels were, in a way that is both real and unreal - GONE. I don't mean this in any kind of 'great reset' kind of way, but in a sense there was/is, yes, a great reset. 

Yes, those words make me nervous, too.

Then, at the end of 2020, at the winter solstice - Saturn met Jupiter at 0 Aquarius - their first meeting in an air sign in 200 years, and 'the new world started up again'. Now they will be meeting in air signs for the next 200 years. For the last two hundred years they had met in earth signs - think about solid things like the industrial revolution and capitalism and physical structures. Things you can see, hold in your hand, take to the bank - real things. Air signs are not earth signs/not real things - this is language, ideas, science, theory. These two middle planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are the planets that connect the outer and inner planets. Hold the universe together in a way. They represent the polarity of expansion and contraction and meet every couple decades. So, at the end of 2020, the world starts up again, in the most perfectly imperfect way the universal energies and ''free will' can conspire to produce through these two energies. A more Aquarius world with all the good and bad that comes with that - more logical, science-focused, techy, detached, individualistic, hive-minded. Now we have to play the game at this new level/this new world. 

A level where none of us have ever played the game before. 

I have said all this before, and, this is just one person's way of looking at it. But, I feel the need to kind of back up and say it again, so here it is :)

Then in 2021 - 2022 we have a series of Saturn/Uranus squares - battle between the ancient ruler of Aquarius (Saturn) and the modern ruler (Uranus) for the future of the world. The old vs the new. This is a PROCESS. Something we are all working out, individually and collectively.

Then in 2022, Jupiter - the other half of the 'world starts up again' meets up with Neptune in Pisces. This is the ancient ruler of Pisces (Jupiter) meeting the modern ruler of Pisces (Neptune) and hadn't happened in Pisces since 1856. This is a one-time conjunction, that stays within orb for many weeks. This is a not the series of squares/battles like Uranus and Saturn - Jupiter and Neptune are not those kind of energies. They are transcendental/they meld together. They change Pisces and Pisces changes them. This is another part of the old world becoming the new world story. 

Also in 2022, Venus met Mars at 0 degrees Aquarius, hitting the hot "world starts up again" degree. They won't meet again until February 2024 and that meeting will be in Aquarius, too! Our relationships set to become more independent, logical, detached, smart. 

(In early 2023, another relationship dynamic, although NOT one of balance - married Gods Jupiter/Juno - met at 0 Aries. An Aries point/collective beginning and this degree is sextile 0 Aquarius and in the sign of independence, but also the sign of war. Collectively, we saw the U.S. (Jupiter, Sag rising U.S. natal chart) supplying tanks to Ukraine (Juno, exactly conjunct ascendant of Ukraine natal chart, in Cappy, so answering to their 1 degree Aquarius Saturn). Pictures of a train in Kansas carrying tanks were in the news the day before Biden announced the tank transfer. Juno conjunct Jupiter, Venus (Zelensky, Venus/Sun exact natal conjunction) conjunct Saturn (authority), transiting Mercury (news/deals) conjunct Ukraine's natal retrograde/12th house Uranus (a very old story being retold here of revolution and trauma/chaos), the Saturn/Venus conjunct Ukraine's natal Aqua Moon, their natal Saturn sandwiched between Pluto (death, evolution) and the Sun (what is visible). This war, part of this new level of the game. Then a week later more 'trains of death' as 15 trains of chemicals crash in Ohio. Another 'train of death' in Greece this morning. I might be connecting dots better left unconnected here, but maybe not. The Jupiter/Juno (U.S./Ukraine) at 0 Aries is definitely important though, because this is where Saturn will meet Neptune in 2026.)

So, we all start playing this NEW GAME. 

There are new rules. New expectations. No one really knows what they are doing. Lots of old things feel very unsatisfying. Some people are feeling this more than other people, but most people are feeling unmoored, even anxious. At the same time we have things like ChatGPT and Dalle2 - both generative AI - doing hundreds of things, any one of which would be considered revolutionary just last year. The impact this is going to have on our jobs, education, lives - will be unprecedented. We have had a pandemic with divisive ramifications and still plenty of unknowns. We have a war in Ukraine destroying lives, complicating resource and immigration issues and recent news of both Germany and the U.S. supplying tanks to Ukraine and the possibility of China's increased support of Russia. And, with transiting Mercury on the U.S. natal Pluto (truth coming out) and transiting Pholus (small event with big consequences, genie out of the bottle energy) on the U.S. natal Eris (whistleblower), a Pulitzer prize winning journalist claims the U.S. Navy was behind the Nord Stream II Pipeline explosion and the U.S. Department of Energy report about the covid lab leak 'conspiracy' not being such a conspiracy after all. None of which is totally surprising, if true, but still, up is down and down is up.

We have adjustment anxiety on a collective level. 

It's at this point in the game, where we are now, March 2023, when the game changes again.

Remember those - change is good - t-shirts we were all wearing in the early 2000's before we realized what change could actually look like/feel like :) And, hubs is telling me those t-shirts said 'life is good' not change is good, so actually I might be mucking this part up, but you get the idea. Adjustment anxiety doesn't mean change won't be good, but this is life - there will be good/great, there will be not-so-good, there will be some real $hit. 

First, Saturn will change signs in early March. Saturn is not an outer planet, but since he has been strong in his home sign for the last five years, kind of holding everything together (and he was the only player in BOTH 'time runs out' and 'the world starts up again') - we will toss him in here. Once he gets into Pisces, this next stage of change kind of turns on. 

Saturn/reality goes into Pisces/unreality. We talked about Saturn into Pisces HERE

Then, Pluto will change signs in late March. This is a BIG deal, because he has been in Capricorn since 2008, moving into Capricorn just as the world economy tanked via the housing crisis. 


We get a sneak-peek of Pluto's change of signs from late March until June of this year, but the real-deal stuff will probably happen at the end of the year or beginning of 2024 when his move becomes more sticky. Pluto is about death and transformation and the wheels of evolution that DO NOT STOP, but what Pluto could illustrate most simply here is the energy of Plutocracy - and I am going to way simplify everything in this particular post because we are going to deep-dive into Pluto in Aquarius in another post. Power. Merged resources. Merged money. Corporations. You get the idea. Of the three outer planets, Pluto changes signs first. Since 'time ran out' Pluto has been in Capricorn, the sign of all the corporate stuff he is very comfortable with and he has been answering to a strong Saturn in one of his home signs. We could see him as kind of 'powered up' as he moves into Aquarius, the sign of 'the people'. Pluto hasn't been in Aquarius since the Revolutionary War. 

Aquarius is about social patterns and group goals. It is the space where the individual meets the group. We bring our individual/unique self to the group. It is also the space where the group tries to bring us into the group. So it is about BOTH our individualistic self-expression AND enforced conformity. We saw this with Saturn in Aquarius for the last couple years. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, ancient ruler - the father/reality energy - and Uranus, modern ruler - the future/change/trauma energy. The Aqua story-line has alot to do with technology and with Pluto about to crash and burn his way through Aquarius over the next 20 years it is anyone's guess where all this could end up.

Right now, Pluto is at 29 degrees Capricorn (my south node) and will move back and forth from 29 degrees Capricorn - the end of the end of the old Saturnian world - and 0 Aquarius - the start of the new world - MULTIPLE TIMES. This isn't a one-and-done journey - THIS IS A PROCESS.

Then Neptune changes signs. 


He moves from his home sign of Pisces into Aries in 2025. Neptune represents alot of things, but for our example - the same way we are using Saturn to represent reality and Pluto to represent something like Plutocracy - we will use Neptune to represent all the stuff we can't really touch - imagination, illusion, delusion, propaganda and viral diseases and things that spread like diseases, the virtual world, and, even, yes, spirituality/God. We can't narrow Neptune down to one word like Pluto, but you can get the idea. In the positive Neptune is VERY positive/raises the resonance. In the negative, which is always the positive taken too far - we get something like - lalaland/losing touch with reality. And, remember Neptune in Aries starts out his journey with a conjunction to Saturn (reality). Neptune hasn't been in Aries since the Civil War (sorry for all the U.S. references). 


We can see this trajectory already playing out. We don't really need that crystal ball. Although I wouldn't mind one.

Then Uranus changes signs. 

Uranus moves from Taurus into Gemini in 2025. For our example here, Uranus represents freedom and the people and CHANGE, yes, sometimes chaotic change, and even traumatic change, because he is disrupting things we depend on. 

With Uranus in the mutable air of Gemini, changes will be fast and furious and furious and fast. The future will be barreling at us like a freight train. BUT and this is a BIG but, Uranus will LEAVE the fixed earth sign of Taurus where he has been thrashing about for years. Gemini is mutable air, where we are more comfortable with changes

Uranus is also unpredictable, although not totally unpredictable, so, whatever direction things look like they are going, well, we will probably get some of that, but not all of that. There will be other stuff, too. It will not be possible to be totally prepared. We would screw this all up by being too prepared - imagine the quarterbacks at the Super Bowl knowing the outcome of the game before they played - they would surely muck it all up. We will see it in hindsight, but from our perch here in 2023 it isn't clearly see-able. Uranus hasn't been in Gemini since World War II. 

Yes, there are war patterns. And, I won't skip the scary-a$$ possibilities, but there are other possibilities, too.

Nothing repeats in precisely the same way and remember there isn't a 'thing that is going to happen'. As an astrologer I don't believe we have as much free will as new age spirituality would have us believe ... but we absolutely/definitely/certainly have SOME.

This Uranian energy shift comes in at the end. This means something, too. 

Changes everything? 

Saves the day? 

Utopia? Dystopia? 

(keep in mind alot of our dystopian fears have been coming in with Saturn in Aquarius, because Saturn brings up our old fears and Aqua rules the future, and that transit is almost over)

This is Gemini, so both Utopia and Dystopia will be happening at the same time, depending on your way of looking at things. And this will likely have ALOT TO DO WITH TECH. At this point remember, Pluto will be in Aquarius and answering to Uranus. 

By 2025, when we have two outer planets changing signs, we will have alot more information about what Pluto in Aquarius is going to look like and Saturn will be in Aries, the first sign - starting anew/fresh. His old man Cappy/Aquarius/Pisces (hierarchal, patriarchal) storylines BEHIND HIM, AND US. 

There is a reason Saturn is going to meet Neptune in Aries (the first sign) and not Pisces (the last sign).

When Saturn meets Neptune in Aries, 2/26/26, this is more 'time runs out/the world starts up again'. Reality dissolves/unreality becomes real. Uranus will be on Algol, considered the most malevolent fixed star in the galaxy/eye of Medusa - this is where Uranus was when Pearl Harbor was bombed pulling the United States into World War II (and its date with its destiny as a world leader). But Algol, is also the name of the first algorithm based computer program from the 60's, so this energy has many outlets. Saturn/Neptune will be on the IC/root of the U.S. chart, Mars will be on the U.S. Moon - the people - Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Sun. The transiting Sun will be conjunct the North Node in Pisces (a light on the future/path forward). 

In the positive Saturn/Neptune is the ultimate - 'making the dream real' energy. In the negative - reality dissolving. I am pretty sure both will be happening at once. Will the veil drop and we get to see what is really happening behind the curtain? Will Saturn bind us to Neptune's un-reality?

By 2026-2027, the outer planets will be settled into their new positions. Saturn's journey through Pisces will be over. The world will look very different than it does right now. All our personal lives will, too. In ways we can't even imagine right now. 

Between now and then we want to take care of ourselves/stay connected to our physical bodies. We want to have a strong intention to be here. We will have to know when to stay on our "witness perch" and turn away from collective harshness and when our non-participation might bring the very things we are trying to avoid right to our front door. 

Our attention/intentions will REALLY MATTER. 

xo all  - back with the Full Moon post next. 

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