the astrology of Saturn into Pisces on the Full Moon in Virgo | some more thoughts ....

Wanted to write a little more about today's BIG energy since this is the start of an IMPORTANT almost three year transit. 

With Saturn's move into Pisces happening ON the Full Moon in Virgo - we are really meant to GET REAL about something here. The Moon's bright light in practical Virgo is allowing us to see REALITY just before reality changes. 

This is not such a great Moon. 

Mercury. the ruler of Virgo, is in his/her fall in Pisces. She is opposing the Sun (not so strong here either) who is sandwich between Neptune and Mercury - the Moon is OUT-GUNNED. The practical reality of Virgo is OPPOSED by all this dreamy/drifting Pisces. An out-of-bounds (not playing by the rules) Mars squares the Moon from Gemini - where he has been since August, taking us round in circles and creating never-ending Groundhog Days. This chart makes me tired just looking at it. Our motivation can be drained and still we need to go on here/go on from here. 

Then Saturn goes into Pisces. Important things can get lost in the sauce. We could get careless with very important things. Self-sabotage. Drift off course. Now, some of this drifting is meant to be - life isn't a straight line after all, but if we don't want to come up for air in three years with no -








because it was easier to just go with a flow that was dragging us into an iceberg, 

we have to be able to do the things that need to be done even when we don't feel like doing them. 

This is the GIFT of that Full Moon in practical, hard-working, service-oriented, just-do-the-next-right-thing Virgo at Saturn's entry point even though the Moon is severely stressed out.

At least SHE'S THERE. In her fullness. Giving us all she's got. 

The house in your chart that Saturn rules - your Cappy house and to a good extent your Aquarius house - are going to really need your attention now. You are used to going with the flow with your Pisces house theme, so Saturn coming in there is a whole other story, but your Cappy/Aqua houses are now kind of ON THEIR OWN. The only hands on the wheel of those ships is YOURS. So, if those hands are scrolling your phone or holding your second glass of wine or watching a Netflix marathon or falling asleep at your desk - well, those ships are on cruise control, just keep that in mind. You need to know your Cappy and Aquarius house themes - and you should know your Cappy house because it was blown apart a couple years ago - because you could find yourself extremely unmotivated in these areas and you are going to need to take action without someone holding your hand/your feet to the fire/your nose to the ground. DAD IS GONE. 

Think about the symbol for Pisces - two fish swimming in opposite directions. Imagine one going all the way to the edge of the sky and the other one all the way to the bottom of the sea and then they come back together/touch base and then flow back apart again. Now imagine if the fish do not flow back together - we get something very unbalanced/extreme. Escape from reality. Addiction. Not all who wander are lost, but with Saturn in Pisces, many who wander will be. Pisces rules our 12th house - what is behind us. The pieces of our unconscious that culture has long ago forgotten/repressed. Not just the dreams we have for our life, but the ones we have when we are asleep that happen every single night and we don't remember any of them. The dreams for our life get lost the same way. 

Think about the symbol for Pisces ruler Neptune - the trident (think Aquaman without all the muscles). The trident is a HOOK. And with Saturn in Pisces there will be alot to get HOOKED ON. Alcohol, spiritual bypassing, video games, escapes, mental illness, likes, lies, AI's algorithms that have us continually watching/looking. There will be good stuff out there we can hook onto, too, of course, but this post isn't about that. This post is about the stuff we can hook EASILY. The stuff that will be continually biting no matter how lazy a cast we have made or how cheap our bait is ...

We don't want to wake up in three years with half the stuff we have come to depend on lost at sea

Now, as I said, some of this cannot be helped, some of this drifting/dissolving is necessary. Saturn rules karma and Saturn in Pisces will drain our karmic bank account - whether we come out of this transit in the red or black could already be out of our hands, but I don't think so - not entirely. 

One thing we can do to make the best use of this energy is to GIVE IT SOMETHING TO DO.

Instead of just letting Neptune dissolve our reality - we want to be using Saturn to WORK ON OUR PISCES HOUSE. And collective Pisces themes. We talked about what we need to be taking responsibility for HERE. Sometimes, within our Pisces house, we do just enough work to FEEL PUT UPON (yes, the victim stories will increase under this transit, we can already hear the violins), but not enough to actually get anywhere/succeed. Saturn will help us with this if we take things here seriously or he can send us to jail, the hospital, the nut house/the poor house/the divorce court/the homeless shelter if we don't.

Neptune's HOOK can also be used to save things. Although some things can't be saved. When Neptune moved into Pisces, my schizophrenic brother-in-law moved into our house. We learned alot. but almost floated right out to sea along with him. Compassionate behavior WITHOUT self-sacrifice is the ultimate expression here. 

Saturn goes into Pisces on the Virgo Full Moon. Think about that again.

Pisces wants to see the whole picture. This is the 12th house where everything has ALREADY HAPPENED. But this can be overwhelming and instead of making decisions - challenging as hell right now anyway with Mars out-of-bounds in Gemini, for what has felt like years -  Pisces get CAPTIVATED ie obsessed. Incorporating Virgo's groundedness and attention to detail is the way Pisces can create the real from the unreal/manifest without the obsess. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. It is not a coincidence that Pisces rules our feet. Chinese bone-breathing (and qi-gong) teaches how to "breath through our feet' - sounds like something we might want to learn. I suspect, we will need to take off our shoes and walk on the earth often during this transit, too. 

On the flip side with our planet of "hell, no" in the sign of no-boundaries, wonder and mystery, the impossible will almost surely be possible. 

With Saturn going into Pisces and Pluto going into Aquarius we are going to need to be both a mystic and a scientist at the same time. The bottom line here is the future is very uncertain, let's give ourselves time to figure this out. 

xo all

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libramoon said...

strangest thing

from when I awoke on the 8th (and while I was dreaming) I seem to have regained some imaginary place of music and poetry that had been drifting off it seemed for a time