the astrology of 2023 | Part IV - Saturn into Pisces March 2023 - February 2026, through the signs - sacrifice, surrender, dissolving blocks, barriers and limits, dreams busted or made real, going sane or totally losing it

March is HUGE. Collectively, it is life-changing.


Saturn and Pluto's change of signs will be particularly POTENT. 

Saturn makes the first move on March 7th. 

Keep in mind, at that time, Pluto is in Capricorn and answering to him, so Saturn's change of signs is impacting Pluto, too. After five years running the world through Aquarius and Capricorn - both signs Saturn is very comfortable through rulership and ancient rulership - Saturn leaves the solid grounding of cardinal earth and fixed air and dives into the deep end of mutable water! 

The most solid planet in the least solid sign! I would say it's sink or swim time, but this will be just as much, or more, about learning to FLOAT.


To kick this thing off properly, as the Universe is more often than not apt to do, March 7th is also the day of the Virgo Full Moon (with the Moon in Virgo/Sun in Pisces). Saturn is inconjunct Pluto at the Full Moon (EXACT by degree) and sextiling Juno. So power struggles, challenges with work/career, our goals and ambitions are pulled into the Saturn in Pisces chapter as well as opportunities to built stronger/more stable partnerships. And, of course, the power of that Virgo Full Moon gives everything an extra kick!


Saturn was last in Pisces 28 years ago. What was going on is your life in 1993-1996? My foundations were definitely dissolving. People born during that time are a group of souls with a special purpose and they are about to find out what that is. 


Although we might find some connections with that time-frame, there are also some major differences. Back in May 1993 when Saturn first went into Pisces, Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) was in Capricorn which is Saturn's sign, so they were in mutual reception. And Neptune and Uranus were conjunct. This year, Neptune will be in his home sign of Pisces and he won't have Uranus to deal with. But, Saturn won't have the mutual reception thing going on to get him back to himself. Once Saturn gets into Pisces, he is on his own. And Pisces, home to Pisces modern ruler Neptune since 2012, is a very Piscean space. Like, it's as Pisces as it gets. And Saturn is on a path toward a meeting with Neptune, Pisces ruler, except they won't actually meet until they both get into Aries, answering to Mars, who will be in Aquarius by then! Mark the time around 2/26/26 on your calendar folks.


For now, two things happen when Saturn goes into Pisces. Pisces changes Saturn - think about a serious business person letting her hair down at a rock concert. And Pisces is changed by Saturn - think about that rock concert needing to do all the serious things that are needed to be done to have a solid/successful show. The guy can't just show up and sing anymore because there are rules and responsibilities and bills to be paid. 

You know I love my word salads - dreams (Pisces) into reality (Saturn). Reality (Saturn) busting dreams (Pisces). Reality becomes more surreal. Illusion becomes more real. Taking responsibility for our mental health, ancestral inheritance, the ways we self-sacrifice/martyr/self-sabotage, our medications/meditations, our relationship with something greater than ourselves. Reality becomes more spiritual. Spirituality becomes more stable (we look for it to show results, for example, aren't satisfied with too much woo-woo). Authority/limits/rules weaken. Rules/limits/sobriety are more strongly applied to Piscean things. Music/art taken seriously/gets down to business. Business becomes more compassionate/connecting. Dad goes on vacation/starts drinking/escapes into video games. Drunk dad gets arrested/spends his vacation in prison/needs to hock his video games for bail money. You get the idea. I think. Pisces is hard to pin down and this could be, too. Saturn will try though. 

If we have planets in Pisces - Saturn will meet up with them at some point over the next couple years. If that meeting is part of his retrograde, this might happen three times. Our planets in Pisces are used to kind of free wheeling it. Saturn comes in here to GROW THEM UP. Limits, reality checks, hard work. Karma. Sometimes endings.


If we have planets in Virgo - Saturn will oppose those planets (I am especially looking at you 60's born people with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo). Limits, reality checks, hard work. Keep this area of life HEALTHY. You will get to see how any over-attention to detail, going looking for problems, perfectionistic procrastination, Virgo nit-picking is wrecking your roll. Karmic chickens come home to roost. Necessary endings will happen. Priorities will likely change over this transit and rewards will come in as you focus away from what you can't control and focus in on WHAT IS WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.

If we have planets in Sagittarius or Gemini - Saturn will square those planets bringing tension/frustration/the need to CHANGE/MOVE. You will be pushed and motivated to make choices and face responsibilities.

If we have planets in Scorpio or Cancer - Saturn will make a smooth trine/brakes off. This is an almost effortless Saturn (there is probably no such thing as a totally effortless Saturn) - security, dependability, stability. You get SUPPORT. A life preserver is tossed from your Pisces house. Take it. 

Let's run through the signs. This is geared to rising signs (sign on your first house cusp), but bringing your Sun to the first house cusp - making it your rising sign, can usually work, too - feel around, see what fits. 

As always take what helps and leave the rest.

TAURUS (Aquarius 11th house) - Saturn coming home to your 11th house of friendships, groups and the internet says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Some friendships will end and others will become more committed. Your relationship to the "group" may require you to step into added responsibility and pressure. The good news for you dear Taurus is Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 10th house of career so work pressures will start to ease up. Changes to your career are possible - if something ends now, it is meant to end - let it go. Rewards for your hard work at work/in public could come in now, too


GEMINI (10th house) - Saturn coming home to your 10th house of career/public image says it is time to take this stuff seriously. You will be required to step up to the plate, step into your responsibility, change what isn't working to see results - there will be rewards over the next two to three years for the hard work you put into this area of life. Any slacking off/shortcuts will come back to bite you in the ass. If you are dragging around a dead career Saturn will see to it that it gets a nice funeral. A brand new career or public life is possible. You might have to build it from the ground up.

CANCER (9th house) - Saturn coming home to your house of travel, higher education, foreign people/places, legal issues, publishing, weddings, the media says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Sober and dedicated efforts made in any of these directions will pay off over time. A half-assed attempt at anything here will land you on it. For your sake I hope it's bouncy. The best news for you may be that Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 8th house of other people's resources/money, debts, loans, taxes, sex, intimacy, reproduction, so situations dealing with these issues will start to ease up and rewards will come in for your hard work over the last three years within these areas. Do I hear a collective Cancerian sigh of relief? YES!

LEO (8th house) - Saturn coming home to your 8th house of other people's resources, sex, death, intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, inheritance, spouse's income says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What is mine? What is theirs? What is ours? Over the next two and a half to three years these issues will become more clearly defined. I am not going to sugar-coat this, this is a tough transit. You have had Saturn in your relationship house for the last couple years, and that hasn't been a picnic either. Alot of what happens now will depend on what you worked through then. A relationship could end or maybe the intimacy just kind of fades to black for a bit. Now stuff has been known to "rise from the ashes" in the 8th house, but it is going to take work. And that is OK. The 8th house is your natural Pisces house - of things that are not so solid - so now you have solid Saturn to give you a wall to push against. The wall is your friend. You've got this thing Leo! 

VIRGO (7th house) - Saturn coming home to your 7th house of partnerships says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Relationships started over the next couple years could bring you additional responsibilities. Business partnerships will require firm rules of duty and obligation and firm boundaries. Existing relationships will become more clearly defined as parties become more self-sufficient and self-governing. If you are relying on someone else for something you should be doing for yourself or carrying for yourself, that kind of dependency will end. Committed relationships could strengthen and casual relationships could commit. Anything less than that will fade to black. Saturn's 'exit stage left' from your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine should lighten your load in these areas. Whew!

LIBRA (6th house) - Saturn coming home to your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What you eat, how you move your body, what you do everyday, any health issues will require your committed focus. This is an excellent transit (the next three years) to "get your act together". Tend to medical issues as they crop up. Take care of yourself. There could be changes in your daily routine due to increased responsibilities/work load. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 5th house of children, romance, creative projects - something here that has required your hard work has peaked/culminated.

SCORPIO (5th house) - Saturn coming home to your 5th house of children, creative projects, FUN and romance says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What does your heart want? Well, you are about to find out dear Scorpio. This stuff won't come easy - you are going to have to work for it and plan for it, but Saturn assures that much can be accomplished here if you step into your responsibility. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 4th house of home and family, so pressure here will start to ease up. 

SAGITTARIUS (4th house) - Saturn coming home to your 4th house of home and family says it is time to take this stuff seriously. The cracks in your foundation will be mended over the next three years or the whole place will be torn down. Additional responsibilities within the home or for family members is likely. Home businesses will require additional time commitments and hard work to succeed. Family situations will worsen if neglected. If you move homes during this transit the move is likely to be long-lasting and bring stability. Be sure any home renovations are done with quality products and responsible vendors. The good news Saturn is exiting stage left your 3rd house of communication - all that third house stuff (your conversations, writings, sibling situations, local community interactions, transportation/tech snafus) will become less of a struggle.

CAPRICORN (3rd house) - Saturn coming home to your 3rd house of communication, writing, speaking, the local community, siblings, transportation says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Thoughts become things now so think about what you are thinking about. Words need to be more deliberately used. Relationships within your local community or with siblings become more sober. You could be required to step up or into your own authority in some way. Learning, teaching, writing will bring rewards but require hard work. Official documents will be signed. Verbal and written commitments should be taken very seriously because they will be built to last. Saturn's 'exit stage left' of your 2nd house of finances should ease up the pressure here. 

AQUARIUS (2nd house) - Saturn coming home to your 2nd house of finances, self-esteem and personal resources says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Start a budget. Do it now. Know where your money is coming from and where it is going. Streamline. Trim the fat. Saturn will firm up your financial foundation by requiring you to be responsible and disciplined with your resources. The best news for you is Saturn is exiting your sign - YAY! - the things you have worked hard with and committed to over the last two and half to three years will bring rewards now.  

PISCES (1st house) - Saturn is coming home to your 1st house of yourself dear Pisces. His move into your first house could require you to step into a new responsibility and deal with added pressure and authority. Your entire persona could change over the next three years. You will be ambitious. This is a big transit for you that will require work and commitment, but can bring big rewards over time. There's that mountain. Here you are. Enjoy the view, because I know you are going to reach the top!


ARIES (12th house) - Saturn coming home to your 12th house of what is happening behind the scenes and what is hidden from view says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Make the time to be alone. Make the time to meditate. Make time for music/art. Do charity work. Something will be pulled out of the closet and worked through during Saturn's stay here. Tend to your health. Something major will end to free up the time/space. Saturn here is preparing you for the years ahead when Saturn moves into Aries in 2026. You will be ready! 

In the meantime, we all need to take care of our feet.

I hope something here is helpful. I have written so many Pisces posts lately I am anxious to get to Pluto and the Nodes of Fate in 2023 which are next.

xo all

Once these posts are finished there will be a link on the homepage, so we can find them as we move through 2023 - hopefully I finish them before 2023 is over :)


libramoon said...

When thrown into the deep

to sink or swim (never having been

taught how)

you struggle bravely to dog paddle

yourself above the waves

You sometimes fail, sink

scared and alone,

yet bravely struggle to emerge,


Unable to shoulder your share of

the load, to advance, please know:

It's not your fault.

You did nothing wrong.

Practice floating, breath management.

Learn to feel at home

above and below the waves.

Anonymous said...

Virgo rising is trying, thank you for the buoy.