weekly astrology forecast | February 13th - 19th, 2023 - swept off our feet, attracting our dreams, reality checks and report cards, big words and turning points, money and relationship intensity

We start the week with a push to go deeper with something/get to the bottom of things. Jack Nicholson, calling out, "You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth!" kind of comes to mind here. Note to self- HANDLE THE TRUTH.

Valentine's Day looks pretty dreamy with an optimistic, bigger-is-better Sag Moon and Venus applying to Wednesday's conjunction with Neptune - can you say "swept off your feet?". With the Sun approaching Saturn at the same time, we should be able to keep at least one foot on the ground (or will almost immediately wish we had) - I would expect alot of marriage proposals this year!

Mercury is squaring the Nodes bringing us to a skipped step or decision point between the old and the new, probably by Thursday. Mercury's follow-up aspect is an optimistic and opportunistic sextile to Jupiter in impulsive/needing to 'start' Aries - there is probably something to be said here in favor of 'going for it' with our words, ideas and conversations.

At the same time the Sun will be hosting his annual meeting with Saturn bringing reality checks and holding our feet to the fire via our responsibilities and limits. Some will get visible rewards for hard work this week. Some will have bills come due. Either way the Sun and Saturn start their final chapter in Aquarius for 28 years. Something here likely needs to be firmed up before Pluto's arrival in just a couple weeks. What is BEING BROUGHT TO YOUR ATTENTION?

So we get the boundless Venus/Neptune and the bounded Sun/Saturn both in the same week, I guess we will have to see if they cancel each other out! :)

On Saturday, Pisces season kicks off - things get a little more dreamy, compassionate, illusive. Take care with substances/any escape tendencies. Pisces season is always prime time for music, art, spirituality, meditation, healing and compassion. Self sacrifice, addiction and martyr tendencies can kick in too, so stay frosty. 

We end the week with Venus/Pluto in an another opportunistic sextile - remember we had this aspect last week with Mercury. Intense situations with love, money, relationships, our self-esteem that are easily integrated. Powerful women. This is kind of repeating the "going deeper" stuff the Moon is doing in the beginning of the week, so we start and end this Valentine's Day week with Plutonian transformation potential - think caterpillar into butterfly here.

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Last Quarter Moon (24 Scorpio)

WEDNESDAY - Venus conjunct Neptune

THURSDAY - Mercury square North Node, Sun conjunct Saturn, Pallas stations direct (10 Cancer)

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Jupiter

SATURDAY - Sun enters Pisces

SUNDAY - Venus sextile Pluto

MONDAY'S last Quarter Moon speaks of tension/frustration on our journey from last week's Leo Full Moon to next week's New Moon in Pisces. Action is needed. This is Scorpio/Aquarius. The Aqua Sun is cool and collected, desirous of logic/freedom. The Scorpio Moon is intense/deep and moves in to square that liberated/progressive Sun with something the Sun probably doesn't want to see and FEEL. The Sun wants to step-back/keep whatever this is at arms length and the Scorpio Moon is encouraging us to go DEEPER. There might be a need now to look closely/feel deeply something that we haven't wanted to deal with. This could be a Scorpian style situation - merged monies, taxes, inheritances, intimacy, sex, third party situations, secrets, reproduction, life/death - that upsets Aquarius's logical/detached style of progress. Or we could be dealing with themes related to the houses Scorpio and Aquarius rule in our natal chart. Either way we want to 'do our Moon' here - go deeper, look under the hood/covers.


On WEDNESDAY, Venus meets up with Neptune in Pisces - this is great energy to have applying on Tuesday for anyone celebrating Valentine's Day!

This is excellent energy to fall head over heels in love. Also to be swept off our feet and carried away by whatever catches our fancy now. An EXALTED Venus and Neptune in his home sign! 


This is magical energy for attracting (Venus) our dreams (Neptune).

Keep in mind with this happening in Pisces there is a good deal of idealization going on. Our rose colored glasses will have ordered their own rose colored glasses from Warby Parker ... and we will be wearing both pairs. Things can seem way better than they actually are.

This energy could make us prone to daydreaming. Drugs and alcohol will have a heightened effect - I am sure even cold medicine, so be careful. If you know someone prone to drifting off course via some kind of external intoxication maybe check in with them. Make sure they are ok. Don't take on their problems! But maybe just send a "thinking of you" text. Then they can call you if they need to touch base.


Be aware we are stepping into a portal where realities merge, identities dissolve. Very high frequencies can be experienced. But Neptune is tricky AND always well-equipped to prove to us that we neither know everything nor are we even up to the task of providing a complete list of things we should be wanting to know about. Existence is simply bigger than we are. So is Neptune.

Keep in mind Venus also rules our money and our values and we probably don't want these things to be swept out to sea. Purchases, investments - could seem way better than they actually are, too. Let's enjoy the healing potential of releasing and dissolving all that has built up, but not to the degree of our own injury- Pisces does rule the 12th house of self-sabotage. Things could get lost here. It will be easy to forget things. People with strong Neptunes have usually forgotten most of their childhoods, so our car keys may not stand much of a chance on making it to the wall hook. 

Another possibility here is that our Venus makes us very attractive to every victim story we come in contact with. We will be attracted (Venus) to people's secrets, their woundings, their grief. Caring for other people will feel really good. There is the potential for a great deal of healing here. And also for great disillusionment and heartache.

This doesn't mean we armor up - our armor has been put away until the Aries New Moon (which by the way we have TWO of this year). Since Neptune came home to Pisces in 2011 - we have all been living in a kind of unreality reality anyway. Just keep in mind we are certainly all more vulnerable now. People could lie to us (we could lie, too). Relationships (Venus) could be confusing (Neptune). Also more LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE AND CONNECTING.

This is EXCELLENT energy for art, for spiritual work, for healing, for creativity, to release a boundary, to dream. Our ability to attract (Venus) is boundless (Neptune). Just know there is a great deal of illusion and glamour being projected here.

Marilyn Monroe was born with Neptune trine Venus, Brigitte Bardot with Neptune conjunct Venus (today's aspect) and Pamela Anderson with Neptune square Venus.

Another person born with Neptune conjunct Venus (illusion, glamour) was Andy Warhol who once said, "art is what you can get away with", "if you're not trying to be real, you don't have to get it right", "if you want to know all about Andy Warhol just look at the surface of my paintings and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind that."

That about sums up this energy - enjoy it - but use your astrology knowledge and the Aqua Sun/Saturn to be smart with it, too. 


THURSDAY is another BIG day, as the Sun makes his annual meet-up with serious Saturn - REPORT CARD TIME. And, yes, this could just be all smashed together in the middle of the week with the Venus/Neptune - BIG MIDDLE OF THE WEEK. 

So, maybe here is a reality check. Or rewards for our hard work. A boundary/limit/line in the sand that is drawn by us or someone else. A LIGHT ON OUR RESPONSIBILITIES. Maybe this is about a commitment. Something now that needs to be taken seriously. The Moon will be in Capricorn and answering to Saturn, too. So, we will FEEL the reality of the situation, the pressure or responsibility of it, the need for seriousness and then we will SEE what we have to work with/where we are with this/where we STAND. Conjunctions with the Sun are like New Moons, so what is started now will bring security/recognition if we WORK FOR IT. This is the Sun's last meeting with Saturn in Aquarius for 28 years.

This is also the day Mercury squares the North Node - so a crossroads/decision/skipped step. Something that needs to HAPPEN/something we need TO DO - squares require action and this is Mercury, so could be about a conversation, choice, information that needs to come out - to get us from the past, which is too complicated, but comfortable because it is familiar. To the future, which is more scary and unfamiliar, but also more aligned with our values, more simple, more stable. Mercury is in smart, logical, detached Aquarius now and the Moon is in Cappy, so this can happen without alot of emotion and sentiment. Mercury squaring the Nodes is UNCOMFORTABLE words and if we fearfully rush to familiar habits to ease tension, we can slowly and accidentally dim our light. This is a Sun/Saturn day, so take your time here. 

AND Pallas stations direct at 10 degrees Cancer. Pallas in Cancer is allowing us to see and work with childhood/family PATTERNS. She (as we) has finished her review, re-strategizing and is now ready to walk these middle degrees of the sign of - home, family, mom, our roots, home business, family business - one last time, older and wiser. People with planets/points at or very near 10 degrees of the water signs will probably feel this energy strongest right now.


On FRIDAY - Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries. This can bring GOOD NEWS, optimistic conversations. BIG words. Making NEW plans. There is an opportunity here for our words/ideas to CATCH FIRE. Have the conversation, Send the email/text. Make the call. WORDS CAN OPEN DOORS.

On SATURDAY the Sun enters Pisces for the next month. We all start burning Pisces fuel, feel a little bit of what it's like to be a Pisces. We get more sensitive, more intuitive, more imaginative/artistic, more spiritual/connected, hopefully more compassionate. Sometimes less focused, more lazy, lose our boundaries - keep this in mind. Often we need more rest/to take a break. It's like we all get a taste of a 12th house Sun for a while and need to find ways to rejuvenate 


 (we are also more likely to have childhood memories pop up to deal with and past life memories, if you resonate with that, any addictions/escapist tendencies can get our attention now, too). 

Of course, we still have our natal (and progressed Sun signs) running the show, but we get a little high-octane Pisces magic in our tank, too! It will start to be easier now to connect to other people, to see the hands of a loving universe at work in our lives. 

SUNDAY - Venus sextiles Pluto- Fresh off her magical meeting with Neptune, Venus (our relationships, women, love, money, our resources, our values, our self-esteem) slides right into an OPPORTUNISTIC sextile with powerful Pluto. We want to be using our powers for good with this one. Venusian themes become more INTENSE, but also easier to get a grip on. Keep in mind Pluto requires a complete commitment/sometimes a complete death of the old to get to the goodies (think of that caterpillar dying to become the butterfly), so know this going in. This is good energy for going to a deeper level with something/greater intimacy. Intimacy. Money. Also good energy for cleaning out the old to make room for something better.


So, it looks like a BIG week folks, filled with multiple promising opportunities and a challenge designed to push us to MAKE A DECISION/CHOICE. 

xo all 

please excuse any typos, have some kind of sinus thing and am too tired to proofread - although I can proofread three times and still find something :)

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