saturday night mystery | the astrology of the disappearance of nicola bulley

I have a few readers who emailed me about this one, so I thought we would take a quick look at it. This is a heartbreakingly recent missing person case out of the UK.


On January 27, 2023, a 45 year old mother of two and mortgage advisor named Nicola Bulley went missing. 

This is the reported timeline of her morning on the day of her disappearance:

8:43 am - having dropped her children off at school, Nicola began walking her dog, Willow, along the path by the River Wyre 

8:50 am  -  another dog walker, someone who knows Nicola, saw her walking around the lower field with her dog. Their two dogs interacted briefly before the witness left the field via the river path.

8:53 am - Nicola sent an email to her boss

8:59 am - Nicola sent a message to a friend

9:01 am - Nicola logged into a team meeting call with her work

9:10 am (approx) - a witness, someone else who knows Nicola by sight, saw her on the upper field walking her dog

9:20 am - her phone is back in the area of the bench

9:30 am - the meeting call ended but Nicola stayed logged on

9:35 am  - Nicola’s mobile phone and dog Willow (dry and distressed) were found at a bench by the river by another dog walker. Nicola is nowhere in sight.  

Nicola's partner (and father of her two daughters) is called not long after and police are notified. Since January 27th, the police, focused on an accidental drowning, have searched the river without success. Nicola has not been heard from since that morning.


Let's take a look at the charts for 9:10AM when we strongly suspect she is still OK and walking her dog and 9:30AM when we know it is very likely she is not OK


(since this is when her team meeting ends and she does not sign out and her phone and dog are found unattended less than 5 minutes later).


The 9:10AM chart is Pisces rising, with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in the first house. Neptune becomes a significator for Nicola as well as the Moon, which is also in the first house. She is somehow Neptune here, maybe she is daydreaming/distracted/tired. She could be medicated, feel dizzy or ill. Or just be dreaming about the spa day she was said to be planning with her sister. This could also be showing us her proximity to water. With both her significators in the first house of herself, we might say she is in possession of herself. This might also speak to events that are the result of her own actions. 


The Moon is in the first house, but is in Aries, not Pisces, so answering to Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house. Remember this is when she is seen walking her dog. Mars (action) in Gemini/3rd house (the local community, doing two things at once - walking the dog and attending a meeting online). Mars in Gemini is answering to Mercury in Capricorn. Mercury (communication, her phone, pets) in Capricorn (work) in the 11th house (through tech, working with groups, this is also speaking of her being outdoors/wide open area and the distant friend/acquaintance who is seeing her across the field). This chart is very exact and accurate to what is happening - of course, this is all in hindsight, because it could represent many different situations.

By 9:30AM, Nicola is gone - what has changed? 


Well, not much, but Neptune is now conjunct the ascendant. Nicola (Neptune) is more strongly Neptune - so if she was tired before, maybe now she is asleep/unconscious. If she was near the water before, maybe now she is actually in the water. Keep in mind charts show potential. And we don't have her natal chart to see what house Neptune rules and what her natal Neptune looks like. 


By 9:35AM, when her phone is found, Neptune has moved from the first house of herself to the 12th house of endings. Neptunian endings include things like overdoses, suicides, old age, alzheimer's, something like escaping/running off to Tahiti (highly unlikely with two small children), drifting away, poisoning, etc, and, of course, drowning. Now, to be clear, we don't actually know she had an ending here. The Sun, also in that 12th house, is EXACTLY conjunct Nicola's most closely named asteroid and is trining (brakes off) Mars, so whatever happened, it happened quickly.

Nicola falling into the water is a very strong possibility with this chart. Although pictures I have seen of the water just make that scenario so hard to fathom. Maybe a health event could have preceded any fall or a head injury ... 

But, the water has been searched for almost two weeks with no sign of her, and many people are skeptical. Neptune can cloud our vision, create confusion/delusion, make situations appear quite different than they actually are. It is hard to know what is REAL. 

Could there be other things the chart might be showing us other than drowning? If Neptune is telling us when she is unconscious, maybe she has been made unconscious by something other than freezing cold water. If there is a perpetrator here, he would be Mercury, ruler of Virgo, in Capricorn. This is a calculating Mercury, so likely this would be planned. He would know where she was and have thought about what he was doing. He didn't just go onto the path and grab someone. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces is in Aries which might speak of a head injury answering to Mars in Gemini could speak of a car. With so much Mercury/Gemini trickster energy maybe the placement of the phone is designed to confuse the police. With such strong Pisces there could be lies and delusion. Saturn in the 12th might speak of a confused authority focused in the wrong direction (the water) and that Moon in Aries could speak of the potential for physical violence, but .... I don't know, we still come back to the first house rulers being in the first house. Pisces missing person cases are often confusing because Pisces rising can be literally stating, "I am missing!". 

Although there is alot of CCTV footage in the area there is none of the location where she is thought to have gone missing. So, if she stopped at the bench to sort herself and her dog out prior to leaving and was grabbed there, there is no evidence of that. There is also no evidence she actually went into the water and it sounds like they have searched it thoroughly, and I would assume, the surrounding water banks. 

So where is she? It's a heartbreaking puzzle and unimaginably tragic for those who love her.


The case will be solved - whatever has happened becomes known to authority. Both the 4th house (end of the matter in Gemini so found locally) and Moon's final dispositor being that Saturn (authority), strong in Aquarius. Saturn is in the 12th house of confusion though, so the police are certainly having challenges. The 12th house might also indicate there may always be some lingering questions.


I am sorry to say this, but, from my interpretation of the event chart, it seems most likely she really did fall into that water :( and Saturn (authority) in Aquarius (group efforts/technology) in that illusive 12th house (the water) is having trouble finding her .....


xo all


Lennieguys said...

Im reading this post while listening to Jeff Buckley who ironically died at the height of his career in a accidental drowning. It’s worth a look if you’re not familiar with him.

Catherine Ivins said...

I will take a look, thank you.