Today's astrology forecast | Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 - the need to fix something and then let it go, becoming more self-reliant, unexpected opportunities that can reap tangible results

The Moon continues her monthly trip through Virgo - time to get organized, clean things up, fix what needs fixing (just make sure it does need fixing). She inconjuncts the Sun, opposes Neptune and trines Mercury. 

The Moon's inconjunct to the Sun is this month's Waxing Inconjunct. An adjustment between the Full Moon and the New Moon. This one is 19 degrees Virgo/Aquarius. Virgo is all about the details and Aquarius about stepping back to detach a bit, so there might be something that needs to be corrected/taken care of. Whatever we do, it won't be perfect. Once we have done the best we can with this, we step back and release our attention from the imperfections.

Moon/Neptune goes something like - we are really, really clear on what we want to do (the Moon), then Neptune (the opposition) comes in and dissolves/fades that clarity. This might show up in the form of a distraction, escape, illusion, Piscean person. 


That follow-up trine to sober Mercury, recently out of his/her shadow degrees, and plowing through the end of Capricorn and readying himself for HIS MEETING WITH PLUTO - is all Earth. Practical ideas. Grounded conversations. Saying and hearing what needs to be said and heard. Mercury rules Virgo, so this trine is even more powerful. Good for organization, paperwork, getting things done (this is Wednesday night EST).

Wednesday is also the day, Venus, at 15 degrees Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus and Juno meets up with Chiron at 12 degrees Aries.

Chiron/Juno is about the healing that comes through other people or within our relationships. Relationship wounds and vulnerabilities can be highlighted. Juno sometimes speaks of what we will do to stay in a relationship or a protected situation. The things we do or give up to keep the king's favor. And the sort of person this turns us into. Juno/Chiron in independent Aries, asks us - where have we been relying on external power and need to rely more on ourselves?  In Aries, this will always be about having courage/passion. Take the first step in a healthier direction. People with planets and points nearest 12 degrees Aries will likely feel this energy strongest.

Venus's sextile to Uranus is an opportunity to blend our dreams with the structures/situations that will give them actual form. NEW DOORS ARE OPEN. This will involve change/a disruption to what is stable, but has grown stagnant. What we think is valuable is changing. What we think is beautiful is changing. Relationships are changing. Our finances are changing. Women are changing. Unexpected opportunities/money/love. Pisces enables us to just go with the flow of whatever is CHANGING. If the Full Moon in Leo's square to Uranus blew in some harsh winds, here is where Venus comes in and soothes us, allows us to embrace the new in a more gentle way. Prayer/meditation is helpful with this one. People with planets and points nearest 15 degrees Pisces or Taurus will likely feel this energy strongest. This has been in play for a few days, is exact today and then spends a few days unwinding. 

The Moon/Mercury and Venus/Uranus speak of TANGIBLE RESULTS and opportunities, when we take action, for real BREAKTHROUGHS.

xo all

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