Full Moon in Virgo | March 7th, 2023 - the Moon of butchers and bakers and candle stick makers, fixing what is fixable, leaning into the surprises and new priorities, a need to put something in order before the new year

On March 7th, 2023 at 7:40AM EST the Virgo Moon will oppose the Pisces Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Virgo. 

Full Moons bring things to light (to our attention or into the open), to peak energy, to a RESULT, sometimes to a conclusion. 

Virgo asks us to prioritize our health, to value quality over quantity, to be of service to others (not always at our own expense though and especially not at the expense of our health), to care for our pets, to take care of the day to day things that make our life our life. It also rules co-workers, employees, our daily activities and our work. Virgo is the first sign that thinks about 'other people'. We spend the first five signs of the zodiac focused on ourselves - forming an identity, expressing who we are, yada yada. And then in just ONE SIGN we transition toward relating to other people.

That's why it feels like such a pressure cooker! 

We move from "how can I be special?" (Leo) to "how can I be useful?" (Virgo). That's a pretty hard right turn! 

Let's dive right in and unpack the chart. 

The Full Moon at 16 degrees Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces. The Sun is situated at the midpoint of Mercury (the ruler of this lunation through his/her rulership of Virgo) and Neptune (ruler of Pisces). The Full Moon and Sun are in a Mutable T-Square with Mars in Gemini - applying. The Moon is trining (brakes off) Uranus in Taurus. Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon is trining Pallas in Cancer - applying. 

The Full Moon's opposition to the Sun pulls in the Sun's alliance with Mercury and Neptune. The practical Moon is outmanned here, opposed by all the idealism (sometimes fantasy, exhaustion, escape) of this trio in Pisces, but still REALITY EMERGES. We feel a need for order.

The Full Moon's square to Mars (and the Sun makes this an even more powerful and amped up T-Square) brings the tension/frustration. We need some tension/frustration to get things done, this is not in itself such a bad thing, but could make us anxious/impulsive/impatient. Maybe there is so much to do that is not getting done. Virgo wants things to be JUST SO, wants to fix things - sometimes broken or not - wants to cross t's and dot i's and make things BETTER. 

We can see in the Full Moon chart the Moon is really all alone out there, so there could be things coming up that appear to hit us out of the blue or something we have forgotten because our attention has been somewhere else. We could also feel we are 'on-our-own' with whatever is going on. 

Whatever this is, the PROBLEM or ERROR or RESULT is illuminated by the Full Moon's light. Full Moons are results/endings so this is a fix it or it can't be fixed - learn to live with it (and Chiron in play now is kind of echoing the imperfect nature of whatever this is) or let go of it (the Pisces opposition).  

The square comes through Mars in multi-tasking Gemini, so maybe more is added to our plate. Maybe a conversation or some information or a sibling or community or tech or transportation issue - there are alot of possibilities - is creating the tension/frustration. The T-Square is mutable, so there could be the need to make a decision or revise a previous decision (if it was made when Mars was retrograde in Gemini). Squares force ACTION and the Sun in Pisces wants to rest/drift/escape and the Virgo Moon wants things to be just so (they won't be) which Gemini, even though also all about the details, doesn't care so much about all that. It can be hard to focus, and almost impossible to laser in on something, but priorities will need to be figured out. 

The good news here - the Full Moon is trining Uranus. This might speak of an EMOTIONAL SURPRISE. Or maybe our emotions engorged at the Full Moon SURPRISE US. The trine to 'anything-can-happen' Uranus might also speak of an UNEXPECTED OR SURPRISING SOLUTION. Or indicate the need to approach the problem with our unique self or with a group of like-minded people (or hive-mind the problem). Maybe, since Uranus is all about liberating us - the trine is liberating us from the problem when we let go/accept that the thing can't be fixed. 

There are many possibilities here. Note the trine to Uranus is separating, so it could be the change is bringing the result/conclusion the Full Moon is showing us. 

Keep in mind that square from Mars in Gemini to the Virgo Full Moon can get us all hyped up over flaws/details/information/DISTRACTIONS, so don't go rushing in to fix something or make something happen in a big way without all the facts. The next small step to IMPROVE SOMETHING is our best bet with Virgo, leaning into something new through that trine to Uranus. If we don't expect to be able to focus in on just one thing like Virgo wants to do, we won't be frustrated when we can't - we are going to need to be versatile and multi-task with this one.

Keep in mind that square from Mars can make everyone testy and argumentative. We don't want to get all hung up over nothing. Jupiter and Venus are conjunct Chiron - lots of opportunities for  healing very old wounds now, so keep that in mind, too. The Moon's final aspect in practical Virgo, after she deals with the Pisces fantasy and desire to escape, will be a productive trine to Pluto, at the very end of Capricorn where Pluto is just trying to wrap everything up. He won't - he'll be back here in June. We probably won't either, but with so much about to change after this Full Moon, that is probably as it should be, too.  

At the same time, Saturn, the planet that kind of rules reality moves into the sign of un-reality for the next couple years. Saturn hasn't been in Pisces for 28 years. Certain things that seemed stable/within our control will dissolve over the next couple years and this Full Moon's two week window will likely kick some of this off. The reverse is true, too, as Saturn impacts Pisces and our fantasies get a reality check - this can also be illuminated now. The best use of Saturn in Pisces will be 'making the dream real'. We talked about Saturn into Pisces HERE

It is significant that the Full Moon is happening as Saturn changes signs and echoes the polarity of Virgo's practicality and Pisces idealism. There is something here life wants to be sure we SEE AND FEEL CLEARLY at this precise time. So what are you seeing/feeling?

Mercury is the ruler of this lunation, as ruler of Virgo, and is in Pisces, considered a space of his detriment and answering to a strong Neptune in his home sign. Mercury's own trine to Pallas in fellow-water sign Cancer pulls in home, family, real estate, mother, our security and roots and also access to Pallas's wisdom and ability to see patterns and develop strategies. This is a water trine, so we are going with the flow of something here. This strengthens our intuition. 

If we change our mind about something at this Full Moon, the changes may not be too sticky and that will probably be a good thing. 

Whatever is happening, the astro year wraps up now.  

Lots of changes ahead folks ....

xo all

Back with the weekly!

Popping MONDAY in here, in case the weekly isn't up by morning, since my day looks a bit hectic. You can see how it supports Tuesday's Full Moon:

MONDAY - the Sun, at 15 degrees Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus

This is SMOOTH CHANGE that can create, over time, greater stability, security with our resources, self-esteem, money or values. Freedom. Liberation. Making the 'dream real' energy. The new is integrated easily through the Piscean energy of going with the flow, relaxing our grip, using our imagination, etc. The Pisces Sun makes our ego less solid/no boundaries and so is able to work with the fixed earth of Taurus. Note, Mercury will be here Saturday, so we could SEE the new now and be talking about it/making plans later in the week. Note - sextiles are not strong aspects, so some kind of action needs to be taken with this or it will just float right on by us. Water and earth can make clay pots or mudslides - it's up to us. 

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