weekly astrology forecast | March 13th - 19th, 2023 - dreams and reality colliding and working together, cue an exploding head emoji or two


Look at this week's major aspects! This is crazy. 

Mars square Neptune, Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjuncts Neptune, Sun squares Mars, Mercury squares Mars, Venus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus enters Taurus, Venus sextiles Saturn, Mercury sextiles Pluto, Mercury enters Aries

If I write this day-by-day with these aspects it might be pretty much useless. 

Looks like a challenging week. Collectively we are in it. It has hit the fan.

We can see we end the week with 3 inner planets much more comfortable than they are when we start the week, that in itself is a GOOD sign for things turning out well or for us to be able to adjust quickly to things that don't. 

We start the week with Neptune reaching 25 degrees Pisces and then Mars reaches 25 degrees Gemini, which as a fellow mutable sign squares Pisces. 

So, we have this tension/frustration. Conversations/information needs to be DOUBLE-CHECKED. Not everything will be true. It will be easy for our actions to drift off track/to LOSE SOMETHING.

For Mars, this is the degree he stationed retrograde back on October 30th (by Friday, Mars will STILL be in Gemini, but he will start covering NEW GROUND, we will, too), so in some way we are back where we were then. 

Mars has squared Neptune three times over the last few months - October 12, 2022 with Mars direct and Neptune retrograde, November 19th, with both planets retrograde and now finally on March 13, 2023 with BOTH PLANETS DIRECT. 

Mars and Neptune's original square back in the middle of October was also the day Mercury was opposing Jupiter (retrograde at 1 degree Aries, so conjunct where we start the New Year next week) for the third and final time. 

There could have been some kind of conclusion with our thinking/ideas, maybe even a disappointing ending, and back then, I would have been advising, slow down, check the facts, because we knew the Mercury/Jupiter was just passing the baton to a confusing/drifting/doing everything twice Mars/Neptune for a few more months. 

There was also a waning inconjunct between the Taurus Moon and the Libra Sun back on October 12th that might have warned about imbalanced relationships and the need to take care of ourselves, and to take care of our security and resources.

So, move ahead, and now we reach the end of the line with the ongoing Mars/Neptune (that itself was a baton passed from the Mercury/Jupiter) as both the Sun and Mercury meet Neptune and both the Sun and Mercury square Mars. 


As if this isn't enough to unpack, also this week we can see - 

Venus squares Pluto, comes home to Taurus (YAY- this will be a HUGE help), sextiles Saturn, then meets the North Node. 

Mercury squares Mars, meets the Sun, sextiles Pluto and enters Aries (starts answering to Mars, so we get a mutual reception started just as Mars is getting ready to leave Gemini, but at least we have it now when we need it). 

The Sun meets Neptune, squares Mars, meets Mercury and sextiles Pluto. 

Cue the exploding head emoji. 

And this is all happening BEFORE next week's Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries, new solar year), New Moon in Aries (new lunar year - yes at the same time as the solar!) at 0 degrees (the first of two New Moons in Aries this year, the second is our first Aries Eclipse - a total Solar Eclipse at 29 Aries next month), and Pluto into Aquarius (first time since 1777) - all within 3 DAYS. 

Cue another exploding head emoji.

Then Mars finally leaves Gemini, after 8 months instead of his usual 8 weeks, moving into Cancer and immediately is hit with an inconjunct from that Pluto, newly and temporarily housed in Aquarius, Mercury meets Chiron (ouch) and then Jupiter - remember it was a series of Mercury/Jupiters back in Aries last summer/fall that kicked off the Mars/Neptune baton pass. 

We've already talked about this being a BIG month, a LIFE-CHANGING month. And we aren't even in Eclipse season until next month.

This week could play out something like this:

Mars squaring the Sun, Neptune and Mercury suggests that whatever comes to light can be confusing. Is this something IMPORTANT or is our head in the clouds? Is this real? Can we make this real? If something seems too good to be true is that because it isn't true or because we think it is too good (keep in mind with Saturn in Pisces now for the first time in 28 years - we are being charged with making the unreal real). 

Or maybe because this is a repeating aspect we began something a few months ago with some pie-in-the-sky thinking and now we come down to earth with this and get to decide, probably through some tension/frustration, what we are going to do with this NOW. Or maybe something ended or disappointed us a few months ago and we are still or once again dealing with that. 

With Mars/Neptune we are going to need to double check information and plans and think before we speak. Actions/words might be unfocused and drifting. Situations can be tense and frustrating. We might feel tired or discouraged. Keep in mind, the repeating nature of the Mars/Neptune we have already talked about. 

What have you learned since October?

If you are feeling the opposite of tired/discouraged and even extremely MOTIVATED, you just want to check in with yourself about being overly-idealistic - and you likely will be, and this may or may not be a bad thing - but just know this going in. After the Sun meets Neptune (idealism), he is going to square Mars (facing facts), meet Mercury who has just done the same thing, so we are kind of figuring out what is REAL here and what we can put to use and what it all means and that is a good thing, and then the Sun is going to sextile Pluto. This is where we have the potential for something real/sticky/lasting. Remember Pluto is tossing up "hail mary" plays from the 29th degree of Capricorn and he is answering to Saturn floating around in Pisces. 

Either we are going to make the unreal real, the real unreal or we are going to just get lost. And, actually, getting lost will probably be part of the process of the next couple years no matter what we do. 

Remember Dad is in Tahiti having a beer on the beach - areas of life where we usually have dad (and this can be a good thing or not so good depending on our relationship with authority), well, he won't be there, but he will be in an area where we haven't seen him in a long time. Long as in decades. And after he has that beer he is definitely going to clean up the place and maybe open a bar on that beach and maybe make some bank with it. He is Saturn after all. We are going to have to work/take seriously the stuff we usually just let drift/take care of itself. 

By the end of the week there is one less fish in this crowded pond as Mercury leaves Pisces (the sign of her/his detriment) to begin a new cycle in fiery Aries.

We will be more focused/determined/passionate. Mercury in Aries puts our instinct into words. The conversation/our thinking changes. Sharpens. Mercury will be in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini. So, now Mercury can get to Gemini - his/her sign - through Mars. And Mars, FINALLY, can get to Aries. He just needs to go through Mercury. 

New plans. New ideas. Mercury in Aries with a Mars mutual reception in Gemini will be so fast he can have solutions before we even know there is a problem. Mercury will only be in Aries until April 3rd, so this is going to be FAST. The good news - for the rest of Mars journey through Gemini we have this mutual reception - this will really help us get motivated and focused and help our actions to be more decisive.

Also keep in mind once Mercury gets in Aries words can get pushy. 

It is easier to speak up for ourselves/say what we need and people will be. Mercury in Aries - especially with that mutual reception! - says "I know what I think and this is what I think." If we were silent about something with Mercury in Pisces, well that silence will be broken when Mercury is in Aries. 

OK, back to this week - the best news this week is Venus, but she has to work the process, too.

She is going to square Pluto, and this is in play all week as it builds - this can be about POWER STRUGGLES, maybe about money/resources or maybe in our work relationships. Sometimes Venus/Pluto can focus us like a laser beam on something we want - we get OBSESSED. We can manipulate or be manipulated. Feel jealous. 

Venus/Pluto desires are often unrealistic and the other aspects this week can ratchet this up to a whole other level of UNREALISTIC. 

The good news is that by Thursday night (EDT) she is home in Taurus. We should be feeling better/comfortable/at home, too. The tangle of obsession or whatever this Pluto/Scorpionic web is, will EASE UP. 

Venus is now out of her detriment in Aries and with Saturn in early Pisces she moves quickly into a stabilizing and opportunistic sextile with Saturn. More help for us. This sextile is Taurus/Pisces - so making the dream real through work or easing up on work to dream/find an easier way through. 

Our Taurus houses, besieged for the last few years by Uranus are EAGER for a visit from their ruler Venus. Taurus Suns and rising become more attractive - both easier on the eye and will find it easier to attract what they want/need. All our Taurus houses become more attractive, too. This is good news for our money/resources and your Taurus house themes. 

Venus in Taurus also helps us appreciate what we already have/what is right in front of us. Venus will be in Taurus until April 11th. Find a way to enjoy this.

So, Venus (through us) has this obsessive 'whatever-this-is' or Scorpion themed frustration - other people's money, intimacy, sex, insurance, taxes, debts, life and death situations, depth of emotion, clash with authority - then she comes home to Taurus, so we feel better, the knot starts to untangle a bit. Then she moves into an opportunistic sextile with Saturn in Pisces. And then she meets up with the North Node in Taurus - their final meeting here for 18 years. 

We are ATTRACTING THE FUTURE. Pay attention to what comes to your attention. Who you meet. What is happening. Fate is playing its hand this month and next. What is happening as Venus meets the North Node is what we have attracted and also pointing our way toward our best future. Our most simple and ABUNDANT future. 

So, Venus is really helping us this week turn from that Scorpio South Node through that square to Scorpio's ruler Pluto - we can see/feel that this complicated drama HURTS, is aging us in dog years - and toward something BETTER - newer, more stable, more simple - see how comforting this FEELS or will feel to maybe want less in some way and to have what we need/want. This is her last chance to give us a hand here, so I would suggest we take it!

The New Moon next week is MEGA fresh start energy as Pluto - EVOLUTION - moves into the sign of the FUTURE. The future is scary as hell, but also so bright it hurts our eyes. 

Saturn is in Pisces folks - what are you dreaming about? MAKE IT GOOD!

I hope something here is helpful. Keep one foot on the ground this week, but don't be afraid to DREAM. We can't pin down Pisces! Also keep in mind the Venus/Pluto obsession will start to untangle and once we come back to reality with it, we move right into an opportunity to combine the dream with reality. 

We can see from all the aspects that this is likely to be a challenging week, so we know this going on. Let's be kind to ourselves and each other. 

xo all 

I will be away until Thursday night, so likely won't post again until next weekend. I am going to Florida for an appointment with a past life regression hypnotherapist whose work I have admired for years. Hopefully I will post all about it. And it's coincidentally happening on Wednesday as the Sun meets Neptune :)


stregata said...

wishing you all the best for your trip to Florida. Hopefully you will find what you seek. Hugs!

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Renate - was a bit cray-cray, will post about it soon! thank you for your kind words xo