weekly astrology forecast | March 27th to April 2nd, 2023 - good news, big ideas, big arguments, love and money surprises, an emotionally stabilizing grand water trine, a definite go for it week with a couple caveats to the 'go for it' thing

So, here's where we stand now:

Pluto is in Aquarius for the next few weeks. Then he goes back into Capricorn for the rest of the year. Our Cappy situation, yes, the one that has been sitting at 29 degrees, the very last degree of our most ambitious sign, for MANY WEEKS - begging us/pushing us to DO SOMETHING, before it's too late (which has or has not been the truth, but is kind of an old fear program running on repeat) - is pulled into the future. It's like we time travel ahead, to a space that is past that Cappy ambition, then we go back to put what we've learned to the best use. What have you been avoiding? How has fear kept you stuck? Pluto is squaring the Nodes of Fate. There is a skipped step here. Put these next few weeks to good use.  

Mars is now out of Gemini and into Cancer. This is the sign of his fall, since he is exalted in Capricorn. The biggest problem here may be in Cancer he is answering to the Moon who changes signs every couple days - so our energy levels, passions, ambitions will ebb and flow. We will just have to work with it. Mars in Cancer is excellent for home/family initiatives as well as for action in whatever house the Moon is in - we start the week with the Moon in Cancer (home, family), then she moves into Gemini (so through the Moon, Mars is back in Gemini!, so that will make us busier with increased communication, sibling, tech and transportation stuff as well as the do-overs and multi-tasking Gemini is famous for). By the end of the week the Moon will be in Leo and in a way, Mars will be, too. Fiery Mars loves fiery Leo. ALOT can be accomplished and he is applying to his trine with Saturn all week which is stabilizing and productive. By the end of the week, and this is in play all week, too - Mars will perfect his sextile with the North Node and trine with the South Node. 

FATED EVENTS ARE IN PLAY, so pay attention.

This is also the week Venus meets Uranus - which is what Mercury did at the beginning of the month, so some big news from back then can be re-visited now, maybe with benevolent Venus, the ruler of Taurus, soothing things out. Venus/Uranus is all about unexpected love and money as well as liberating breakthroughs. 

With a Mercury/Jupiter and Venus/Uranus week happening together, things could get very OVER-THE-TOP, so we are lucky to have the Mars/Saturn trine to stabilize things a bit. Although with both their feet in water signs, we are all going to need to KEEP SWIMMING.

Let's unpack the week!

TUESDAY - Mercury conjunct Jupiter, First Quarter Moon

THURSDAY - Mars trine Saturn, Venus conjunct Uranus

SUNDAY - Mars sextile North Node trine the South Node

On TUESDAY, we have this month's First Quarter Moon - our New Moon in Aries' (from last week) first point of challenge. This is tension/frustration between 8 degrees Cancer and Aries. The Sun is in Aries wants to start, get going, is all fired up. The Moon in Cancer is seeking security. Am I safe/secure? Will this thing Aries is starting/fired up about be good for our safety and security? This can be ego/self-determination vs home and family. 

The Sun in Aries is in warrior mode and the Cancer Moon slows our roll. There is something valuable to consider here. This square could bring up feelings of defensiveness or maybe that home/family situation needs our attention or even our defense. We can work with this if we can avoid the BIG OLD BLOW-OUT argument this energy could portend. Squares require action, so if the blow-out happens, well steam had to be blown off, just don't blow a hole in the wall or, even worse, another person. Get some exercise. It is our First Quarter Square ACTION that keeps our New Moon story alive and moving forward as the Moon waxes. It won't be ignored, but doesn't have to result in sharp words or angry actions. 

There is a reason we are dealing with that Cancer Moon now. Instead of just plowing ahead obliviously as the Aries Sun is prone to do, it is asking us to come back to ourselves and our roots. To turn inward. It is challenging us not to jump into some kind of confrontation if we are anxious or angry, but, instead, to use the powerful energy of this square instead of be used by it. 

Is there something constructive that needs to be done in our home or with our family situation?

At the same time, Mercury, flying through Aries, meets up with Jupiter at 15 degrees. This can bring GOOD NEWS, OPTIMISM, BIG IDEAS. It can also make the Cancer/Aries potential ARGUMENT EVEN BIGGER. Keep you wits about you. Use this energy to make/take the call. Great for all communication/taking a verbal risk, but don't over-promise or exaggerate. Good for commerce. Good for writing. Just keep in mind, if you are feeling anxious or angry - get some exercise, clean your house, get that energy OUT of your physical body in a productive way to avoid the potential pitfall of that verbal slugfest. Slow down.   

(EXAMPLE FOR CANCER RISING - Mercury/Jupiter are meeting in your career house. Good for your big ambitions and goals. Good news about your job/public life can come in. Just watch for flaring public tempers and over-promising.)

On THURSDAY, Mars at 2 degrees Cancer moves into a smooth and productive trine with Saturn in Pisces and the South Node in Scorpio. A Grand Water Trine. Smooth flow of emotions around familiar issues. Stability. Structure through accustomed sources of power/merged resources, intimate and third party situations. Good for dealing with authority and stepping into our own. Water trines can be passive, but here we have Mars our warrior planet of action, so this won't be. And keep in mind the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter are all answering to him! Very emotional. 

(EXAMPLE FOR CAPRICORN RISING - Mars/Saturn is forming a smooth energetic between your 7th house of relationships/partners and your 3rd house of communication. Serious conversations and commitments are stabilizing. The South Node in Scorpio turning the trine into a Grand Water Trine from your 11th house of your friendships and group goals will pull those into the smooth flow of this stabilizing mix, too.)

This is also the day, Venus, at 16 degrees Taurus meets up with Uranus (who is answering to her). This can bring unexpected love, good fortune, money. In some cases, an unexpected expense can come up. Either way we are ATTRACTING SOMETHING THAT IS SURPRISING OR NEW. Unusual wants/desires. We are attracted to something else. Something more liberating. 

The Venus/Uranus in a Mercury/Jupiter week could take something too far. We have the gift of the Mars/Saturn stability to keep that from happening. Water signs are not typically stable - except for Scorpio, of course - but here the nature of this closed triangle with stabilize things. Notice Mars will first trine Saturn, then trine the South Node/sextile the North. So, it is through Mars' portal with Saturn in Pisces - our authority, responsibility, patience, stability, imagination, connection, past life/ancestral inheritance, etc - we get on that FATE TRAIN with the Nodes.  

(EXAMPLE FOR SCORPIO RISING - Venus/Uranus is meeting in your 7th house of other people/your partner. Good time to meet someone new who is different or for your partner to experience a big change. Things that have been held up by another party can break loose.)

As always with the North Node in Taurus - what is most valuable/practical? What makes the most sense/cents? How can you use what you already have? The Moon is waxing toward next week's Full Moon in Libra which is taking us into Eclipse season. What seeds do you need to get into the ground and growing? 

I hope something here is helpful.

Back with the collective Pluto post and a couple dailies where I factor in the Moon - with Mars answering to the Moon we should pay even greater attention to Luna - and I guess we should get back to the Goddess Wars and bring the Ukraine/Russia conflict up to date :(

xo all

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