the astrology of march 2023 | keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times - part I

Astrology can be a good tool for forecasting. Patterns and archetypes can be studied - what happened the last time these planets made these same contacts? What is a person with this energetic signature more likely to do? Seasoned astrologers, as well as newbies, can make educated guesses that are sometimes uncannily accurate, but not always. In many ways we are married to the future and in other ways, since we are co-creating it as we go along via free will - we haven't put a ring on it until after we've put a ring on it. 

March has some of the most concentrated/intense astrology I have ever seen! By April, will life be the same for any of us? I am not sure. 

It kicks off right out of the gate and continues to the very end of the month.

March, in a way, is a microcosm of the next THREE YEARS when all the outer planets - Pluto, Neptune and Uranus - will change signs. 

This is a really big deal and hasn't happened, so quickly, since the 1500's. 

1524 - 1534 to be exact. 

It took 10 years in the 1500's for all three planets to change signs. The span of time is much tighter this time. The changes will be at warp speed and we are already feeling this. 

We might see the outer planets as - THINGS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL. They influence collective events and interact with the middle and personal planets to impact personal events. As they change signs - they withdraw their energy from the sign they are leaving. Their energy starts impacting the new sign - in the way you might impact a new house/workplace, etc that you were visiting AND the space they now occupy changes them. They are more powerful/comfortable, less powerful/comfortable, etc. With all three outer planets going to change signs within 3 years this will stir up a great deal of change, much of which will be out of our control. 

Physician and author Gabor Mate, says stress comes from three things, "uncertainty, conflict and lack of control" and that about sums this all up :)

Right now, as both Saturn and Pluto sit at the 29th degrees of their respective signs (Aquarius and Capricorn) - we can FEEL THE REVVING OF THE ENGINES OF CHANGE. The reason we feel so unsettled is because we are! The reason we feel like time is running out is because so much is ABOUT TO CHANGE.   

(keep in mind 'unsettled' is no more a bad thing than 'settled' is a good thing - we have all had situations that are/were "settled" that we weren't so happy with, and stress is often a prerequisite for good changes, too)

This first week of March is the last big energies before EVERYTHING CHANGES. 

Within the first few days of March we have Mercury meeting Saturn at 29 degrees Aquarius  - reality check/results/a final decision - and then Mercury dives into Pisces - un-reality check. 

The 29th degree/last degree of any sign is the Anaretic degree. There is almost a need for a humbling/surrender here as we move from Aquarius into Pisces. With Mercury here, we can worry/stress, go back and forth over what to do before making a move/decision, and then, at the very last moment, impulsively make a choice that is totally at odds with what we have decided to do! 

Decisions made at the 29th degree can be HASTY and I wouldn't usually recommend them.

BUT, sometimes last minute decisions can work out really well. Sometimes this is something we should have done a long time ago and when a planet sits at that 29th degree - pulls up short from his/her change into the next sign - we DO IT. 

And, since we have Jupiter and Venus together in Aries - fresh starts/good luck - at the same time we have this Mercury/Saturn this could very well be one of those times. 

With Mercury at 29 degrees of logical Aquarius meeting Saturn, maybe we have the LAST WORD with something. Results come in. Serious conversations/information is coming out. We could hear a "no". We could make an important commitment. Decisions made now will need to be smart and logical AND we need to know that logical Mercury (our brain in Aquarius) is about to go on vacation (Pisces) and leave us high and dry. Factor that into your thinking. Because we won't be able to make a decision and then take practical action with it. It's too late for that. 

When Mercury dives into Pisces, this decision/the Saturn "results" is out of our hands. Maybe we breathe a sigh of relief that we have finally DECIDED (or something has been decided for us, even if things are not appearing to go our way). Mercury in the mutable waters of Pisces is less certain than he/she is in the fixed air of Aquarius. We have to kind of 'go with the flow' of things. We have to have FAITH. 

The good news for us with all of this is that at the same time Mercury is meeting Saturn, Venus is meeting up with Jupiter. 

Venus and Jupiter are our two most benevolent planets. 

Together they indicate good luck, expansion, GIFTS. More love. More money. Happening in the first sign of Aries - this is all about something NEW and fresh. What we attract, GROWS. 

Both Venus and Jupiter will go on to meet up with Chiron, so there are real opportunities for healing here. By being brave. By taking a risk. By dealing with our anger/lack of motivation. 

And Mercury is going to go on to sextile the North Node and the Sun will sextile Uranus. There will be creative opportunities to move forward/line up with our best future. CHANGE IS GOOD. 

Keep in mind, Mercury will be in Pisces by then so once we have made that logical decision or received that serious result (the Mercury/Saturn in Aqua) - THE OPPORTUNITIES, through the Mercury and Sun sextiles, will come through our intuition, through prayer, through our imagination, through music, through our ancestors, our past lives, our dreams and memories. They won't come by taking the bull by the horn and charging ahead logically (although sometimes, obviously, we will have to do this). They will come through the more mystical Piscean energies. Through connection. Through compassion. They will come by what we allow. 

We have to have FAITH

For all of us, we are right now looking for small openings to carry us to the next step. We don't want to be rushing back to familiar patterns/habits to ease our tension. We don't have to jump off cliffs either just to do something new/different. The changes will meet us where we are when the changes are ready for us. Notice I am not saying, 'when we are ready' for the changes :)

With everything coming we need to be taking care of ourselves. We don't have to do this perfectly, but we need to be eating well, drinking plenty of water, moving our bodies, getting enough sleep. And we want to be taking good care of our mental health - think about what you are absorbing via what you are seeing, reading, talking about, thinking about. Unplug and get outdoors. Communicate more carefully. Listen. Avoid gossip, double-talk, babble. Find ways to connect. Release addictions. Learn new things. Meditate. Choose books over short articles. Maybe choose movies/podcasts over short youtube videos. Set a routine that prioritizes your own care.

We are quite literally on the brink of SEISMIC SHIFTS and it will be important to take good care of our physical bodies - evolutionary/revolutionary change is being seeded through us/the people who are living through these times and carry the energetic signature of earlier times that needs to be transformed.

So, we have covered March 2-6th in this post. This week is kind of finishing things up, but also setting up the new chapters. 

Next post we will look at the Full Moon in Virgo which is also the launching pad for Saturn's return to mystical/magical Pisces after 28 years. 

Lots of changes and lots of opportunities ahead.

MARCH 2ND - Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury enters Pisces
MARCH 3RD - Venus conjunct Chiron 
MARCH 5TH -6TH - Mercury sextile North Node, Sun sextile Uranus
MARCH 11TH - Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Uranus, Juno enters Taurus
MARCH 12TH - Jupiter conjunct Chiron
MARCH 14TH-17TH - Mars square Neptune, Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjuncts Neptune, Sun squares Mars, Mercury squares Mars, Venus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus enters Taurus, Venus sextiles Saturn 
MARCH 18TH - Mercury sextiles Pluto
MARCH 19TH - Mercury enters Aries
MARCH 20TH - Venus conjuncts North Node, Sun sextiles Pluto, Sun enters Aries
MARCH 21ST - New Moon in Aries 0 degrees (1of 2) next April 20th Total Solar Eclipse 29 degrees
MARCH 22ND - Ceres retrogrades back into Virgo
MARCH 26TH - Mercury conjuncts Chiron
MARCH 28TH - Mercury conjuncts Jupiter
MARCH 30TH - Mars trines Saturn, Venus conjuncts Uranus

xo all

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