Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 26th - mental tension, healing, intuition, culminations, Full Moon, challenges at the beginning of the week then things lighten up

I and you are one soul by Tanja Moss

This week is all about Pisces energy! Yes, again.

This is the last week we will have so much access to this kind of artistic, compassionate, spiritual intensity so take advantage of it and hold on tight if it is tossing you about.

Pisces can be all about the fantasy - romance, creative work, dreams. Many noses are dented from rose colored glasses by this time. Others chapped from tissues. There could be an emphasis on healing, illness and even hospitals now. Memories. People and situations from the past. Addictive tendencies and escape hatches could be activated for all of us, so pay attention. We could easily self-sabotage ourselves now with our words or actions (or in-actions), so stay frosty and grounded. Secrets can come to light. Deception/despair/delusion are possible.

And, so are real opportunities for peace and bliss. Universal love is Pisces, too.

(thank the Pisces in your life for carrying this energy for the collective ALL THE TIME - this isn't easy is it, Pisces? I think I hear a big, splashy AMEN to that one!)

This has been about pushing us toward one of the intentions of Pisces - emotional realism. Separating fantasy from reality so that we know when we are fantasizing (fantasy is important) and we know not to substitute fantasy for reality. Given Pisces ruler Neptune's reputation for dissolving whatever isn't "real" - it is not surprising that the things we wanted to "just think true" which aren't so true are melting away at a rapid clip.

This week is almost two separate weeks - the energy before the Full Moon (Thursday) which is more challenging (but we will probably get more done) and the energy after the Moon - when things could lighten up (along with the Full Moon culminations, releases and whatever is brought to light).

The big transits of the week ahead are:

Mercury square Mars - Wednesday
Full Moon in Virgo, Venus trine Jupiter - Thursday
Mercury trine Jupiter - Friday
Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus & Mercury square the Galactic Center - Sunday

On MONDAY, the Moon is in sensitive Cancer and making her monthly opposition to Pluto (in Capricorn) - there could be some disruptive, defiant energy around in the morning. Some time to ourselves now could be a good idea. Interactions with authority might be challenging. There could be a roadblock or control issue we have to deal with.

We could be focused on Cancerian themes - home, family, real estate, history, our ancestors, a home business.

By lunchtime EST the Moon is trining Jupiter (in Scorpio) - so things should ease up. From now until the Moon goes void at 4:51PM EST would be the best time to engage with other people, take action on things and situations, push our New Moon agenda forward.

We only have a couple more days when the Moon will be waxing/growing this month! Use it or lose it. The Sun is sextiling (opportunity) Saturn for the next couple days and we can be very productive.

The Moon goes void off a square to unpredictable and freedom-loving Uranus which could bring an unexpected ending. We won't want to be boxed in now. Neither will anyone else. There could be some surprises and twists and turns in the late afternoon. Maybe call it a day and give yourself permission to do something different. It is usually best to use Uranian energy for the change we want, so disruptive change doesn't come looking for us!

The Moon will enter Leo at 11:42PM EST.

We also have Chiron squaring the Galactic Center (black hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, late degree Sagittarius) for the next few weeks and this has been in play for a bit. The Galactic Center is often prominent in the charts of "whistle-blowers" - astrologically speaking those who steal the effectiveness of our Earthly "Gods" ie those in power, corporations, governments, etc through spreading the truth (Sagittarius). With Chiron (hurting/healing) squaring this space, one of the ways this could play out is for people with planets and points in late degree Sagittarius (near the Galactic Center) being activated through stress/tension to "speak truth to power".

On TUESDAY, the Moon is now in playful, creative Leo.

Venus is sextiling (opportunity) Pluto. This is good energy for situations involving love, money, women, shared resources, intimacy. This is good for deep focus and concentration. Relationships/investments started now can be long-lasting. The Moon faces multiple "between a rock and a hard place" situations, so there could be some flies in the ointment today - but we should be able to stay focused and on top of things.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury (in Pisces) squares Mars (in Sagittarius) at 19 degrees.

The Venus issue (love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, values) from last weekend will be spoken out loud now. There could be a disagreement/argument. Words can be thrown down like a challenge. It could be hard to focus on the facts because maybe the big-picture is overwhelming. Squares are tension/stress but they do stimulate action. They get the ball rolling.

Now, Mars is sitting with Vesta (devotion) in Sagittarius (truth, freedom), and Vesta in Sagittarius can create tunnel-vision. Our truth becomes the only truth there is and gets uber easily perverted by any inability to see the big picture and take other people's "truth" into consideration. Vesta will be in Sagittarius (due to her upcoming retrograde) off and on (she'll head into Capricorn in April, May and part of June) through the middle of September, so this story is far from over.

EXAMPLE FOR GEMINI/GEMINI RISING - this square is between your 10th and 7th houses - so career/work in the world is squaring partnerships/alliances. Who/what are you aligning yourself with in a public way or within your career? Is this partnership healthy/good for you? This might also be an issue between your career (what you are ambitious about) and your partner (what you are devoted to) or a partner's ambitions vs your devotions or your devotions vs the ambitions of someone/something you partner with - you get the idea. This could also be about a competitor/open enemy. Competition can sometimes be a good thing - stimulating creativity, innovation, action - until it isn't anymore. There is something challenging here from last week that now creates an argument/disagreement/impasse or tense conversation or we hear stressful news. Take care with the way you are 'languaging' what you are saying. Remember that North Node in Leo - follow your heart. Think before you speak now. With squares there are multiple angles to be considered.

(Trump is a Gemini Sun and I am thinking about his relationship with the NRA, about his ambitions conflicting with the NRA's devotions and vice versa - this is also the day the Sun gets to the degree - 9 degrees Pisces - where it was last year when Trump signed into law the rescission of Obama's mental health/gun policy restrictions. Maybe we'll have some news or some public statement/policy statement announced near Wednesday when that space gets re-activated by transit. Prayers (Pisces!) for a Trump pivot away from the NRA's stranglehold - he could take quite a few people with him.)

If you know the themes of your Pisces/Sagittarius houses you can see how this square might play out for you.

The Leo Moon is doing alot of adjusting today so situations involving Leo themes (or the themes of your natal Leo house) - children, creative projects, romance, recreation will require adjustments again.

The Moon goes void at 6:13PM EST and then moves into practical, solid Virgo at 12:57AM EST. The Moon's last aspect before the void is a trine (brakes off) to unpredictable Uranus.

We start the day on THURSDAY with a beautiful window of opportunity - Venus (in Pisces) trining Jupiter (in Scorpio). Working with Venus/Jupiter/Pisces/Scorpio themes will create the smoothest sailing - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values, travel, education, foreign issues, art, healing, research, legal issues, etc. Addictions could expand under this energy - keep this in mind and this trine could just make us very lazy but, honestly, this is excellent energy for just about everything! This is the healing balm to last weekend's Venus square.

At 7:51PM EST we have the Full Moon in Virgo (11 degrees). This is the reality check that puts a lid on eclipse season. The Venus/Jupiter trine assures us reality will be better, over time, than the dream anyway.

I will do a post by sign!

On FRIDAY, the Moon is in practical, detail-oriented Virgo.

Following in Venus's footsteps from yesterday, Mercury will trine (brakes off) Jupiter now. Jupiter is pretty much hanging out at 23 degrees Scorpio and preparing for his retrograde next week. This is the healing balm to Wednesday's Mercury square. Notice both today and yesterday's trines come through our Pisces and Scorpio houses.

If the stress/tension of the week's earlier aspects have been hitting you things should start to ease up Thursday and Friday.

The Moon goes void at 6:50PM EST with a opposition to Venus in Pisces.

The weekend is very emotional. Neptune starts a new story. Big changes are coming. We won't be able to control what’s happening - events will flow as they’re meant to almost as soon as we stop pushing. It will be in the weekend's post - along with some more details for Friday.

Use the beginning of the week to get stuff done - know there will be some obstacles and just do your best. Some of the challenges earlier in the week should ease up as we move into Thursday and Friday.

Back with that big Full Moon post by sign!

xo all

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