Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 19th - slow down, allowing instead of controlling, being instead of doing, love and light, waves of sadness, release, building an ark, water is everywhere but let's keep our feet on solid ground anyway, the end of the year

Dawning of a New Day by RaphaelleM

On Sunday, the Sun moves into Pisces joining Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune and officially kicking off Pisces season (through March 20th).

Even though the Moon is waxing (growing) and all the planets are full steam ahead (for only a couple more weeks!) - which sounds very much like a "GO" energy, this stellium of planets in mystical Pisces complicates action by coaxing us into more dreaming than doing.

This much Pisces tells us to slow down, "be" instead of "do", and allow instead of control. If there is a choice between taking action and not taking action - other than Monday morning - I would cast my vote for letting things untangle themselves without any of our usual pushing and manipulations. When you have to step in, step in, but see what happens if you let the situation unwind itself a bit first. This may be simple, but it is far from easy.

What is out of our hands is probably out of our hands now anyway.

This much water could make us (especially those inclined toward appreciating B following A) feel unsteady as situations/our thinking, etc, tend to drift off course or toward a conclusion, in its own drifting way.

We may need to just stop sometimes and come up for air. We may need more sleep. We may need to cry. We may need to get lost in a movie and forget about everything for a few hours.

When you start to study/appreciate astrology you will find it gets harder and harder to see the year as beginning in the dead of winter. We can be very productive and ambitious during Capricorn season (January), but the reason our enthusiasm/energy seems to run out rather quickly is that Capricorn actually kicks off the final season of the year, not the first.

We need that ambition and production to survive the winter, but it can fizzle out fast!

With the Sun ingressing into Pisces we enter the final month of the astrological year - we might feel like old men now, like the winter trees tired of carrying the burden of snow - we might feel tired.  

Our energy is draining. Our reserves are low. With all this water, we will be more emotional. 

This is normal. 

We are facing a HUGELY busy spring and summer including the move of Uranus into Taurus - a stable space in everyone's chart that has never in our lifetime (unless you are 84 or older) held such an unpredictable energy. We are all headed into uncharted territory!

If you have any chance for rest or retreat now, I say take it!

With five planets in Pisces it could be better to allow things to move (and to not move) without trying to control everything. Not just because we are tired (although we might be, especially if we have worn ourselves out trying to control everything) and not because it is easier this way (although it is certainly simpler), but because our most vigorous and active machinations will probably not produce very much at the end of the day. Situations/people - things are going to go where they are going to go. Our attention and intentions will wander - and so will everyone else's.

In some area of life we will be left holding precisely what we need - nothing more, nothing less. Not an extra glove. Not an extra sock. Pisces is heaven and we can't take it with us.

We can dream big now and be idealistic about whatever all this Pisces is lighting up for us, but let's try to keep our feet (which Pisces rules) on the ground, too. Boundaries will be thin. Facts can be fuzzy. Slippery slopes are extra icy. We will all be wearing rose-colored glasses. Addictions will be oh so very enticing.

Think about the astrological pie chart for a moment. Pisces opposes Virgo (its polarity sign). Pisces squares Sagittarius and Gemini (the other mutables). Pisces trines (brakes off) Cancer and Scorpio (the other water signs). Pisces sextiles (opportunity) Capricorn and Taurus. This could give you a bit of a feel for how this Pisces stellium is interacting with your natal planets.

This is EXCELLENT energy to make art, to write poetry and create, to make music, to meditate and pray, to heal, to forgive, to be charitable and compassionate, to work with our ancestral inheritance, to look behind us. Just remember you wouldn't build a house with a paintbrush, so don't build a house now (don't take on too much). You will have put in way too many windows and forgotten about the doors. Plus there is the whole "hammering with a paintbrush" thing you would have to figure out.
On MONDAY, the Moon is in independent and energetic Aries and makes nice with Aries ruler Mars. You will be thinking to yourself, "what the hell is Cat writing about with all this dreamy Pisces - I am on fire! I can do this thing!". If you need to get something started this week Monday morning is the time to act. Don't sleep in.

Venus, at 11 degrees Pisces, will sextile Pallas (Taurus) and Black Moon Lilith (Capricorn). That's alot of female energy to get stuff done, too. Make a plan. Strategize. Take that 'outsider' energy and bring it into the boardroom - use Venus to prioritize compassion and love. The Moon will square Pluto in the evening - there could be an issue with an authority figure/goals/career or a power/control situation that is heating up. Things could get emotionally intense tonight.

On TUESDAY, the Moon is void until 2:12PM EST - don't start anything new or launch anything into the world that you would like "something to come of" during the Moon's void. The Moon met up with Uranus at the end of Aries while we slept so there could be something unexpected during the night or in the morning we have to deal with. After the Void, the Moon moves into comfortable Taurus where she is exalted. We will be seeking stability and focusing in on our resources, our finances, and what we have rather than working with something new. Today and tomorrow would be great days for a massage or to cook a good meal, take a long bath, etc. Anything that isn't totally comfortable is going to feel like we are walking on nails.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon continues in comfortable Taurus.

This is a big day with Venus (women, love, money. beauty) meeting up with Neptune in Pisces. This is the 'dreamiest' energy we have had in a long time. 

This is love (Venus) and light (Neptune) - lots of light

It's transcendental energy. Rose colored glasses on top of rose colored glasses.

This is a delusional (Neptune) relationship (Venus). This is fantasy (Neptune) art (Venus). This is our money (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). This is our values (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). This is escaping (Neptune) into a love affair (Venus). This is soul (Neptune) love (Venus). This is money (Venus) that really does grow on trees (Neptune). This is love (Venus) without limits (Neptune).

Just don't run off with a stranger to Vegas and get married. Don't invest all your money in that stock your brother-in-law told you about - whatever sounds too good to be true now will be. But let's not miss this energy by sleeping through it - which will be very easy to do! Maybe we can run off to Vegas - just don't get married. Maybe we can toss a few bucks at that pie-in-the-sky financial deal because you never know, but nothing we can't afford to lose because we just might. Do something beautiful today - whatever that means to you. It will be hard to stay on task now. Your right brain is pulling your left brain over to the dark side. Just allow yourself to have the experience. I have a feeling this could bring up sadness for many of us (raises hand). We'll allow ourselves to sit with that, too.

On THURSDAY, the Moon is void during the entire workday. This could help to extend yesterday's "living the dream". Although maybe with the Moon's final aspect an opposition to Jupiter, we shouldn't count on it. The Moon enters Gemini at 7:07PM EST so we could have a mentally busy night, lots of conversations or errands - could be harder to get to sleep.

On FRIDAY, the busy Gemini Moon will be squaring just about everything.

It could feel like when Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks all rolled into one day. Double check stuff. There will be things we can't get a grip on or see clearly or stuff from the past or that we have lost. Isn't there a song about the "stars being stacked against you, so get back in bed". Yeah, well something like that. Except Gemini will be sure we are busy. Our bed will be empty. This would be a challenging date night unless you are looking for a "no holes barred" game of bingo or mini-golf followed by some arm wrestling.

The weekend is going to need its own post, so I will be back!

xo all

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