Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | sobriety, changing the conversation, detaching from our detachment, walking through the fog, for some - clarity and a clear decision

sadness by rockthenations

FRIDAY'S compassionate, sensitive Moon (in Pisces) sextiles sober Saturn as we wake up here in the United States emotionally wrung-out in the aftermath of another school massacre.

Our eclipse story of what we know that we don't want to know .... the thing that happens over there that we don't want to look at, while Juno (as us) holds together Jupiter in Scorpio's excesses (corporate power and political greed) over here.

Except we can't look away now because there is here.

The eclipse (we also had a Mars/Pluto signature and Mars sitting on fixed star Antares - violence, rash, impulsive acts and extremist views in Sagittarius - higher education -  and we had the building square between Mars and Neptune that becomes exact on Saturday - should have seen this coming) in community focused Aquarius tells us that working together - this doesn't mean we have to be in total agreement with each other!! - over the next 6 months we can make change happen here if we don't become distracted and detached.

There are many ways to get involved. Find the one that speaks to your heart. We can't let ourselves get numbed out by so many impacts to our shell-shocked systems. Yes, this is about easy access to military weapons. Yes, this is about mental illness. Yes, this is about isolation and hopelessness. Yes, this is about a culture steeped in violence that doesn't want to see itself as a culture steeped in violence. This is about an old story of who we were colliding with a new story of who we want to be.

So who do we want to be?

Maybe what comes next could be Trump's powerful and unpredictable Uranus's most powerful moment (Uranus did rule the eclipse). The New York Post's (owned by Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch, Trump's powerful friend and ally) unexpected headline and editorial regarding common sense gun legislation, Trumps credibility with the people who oppose any firearms restrictions, his natal Mars ability to fight (and get him what he wants from other people) and his natal Uranus ability to not be controlled. Trump's chart shows he isn't an idealogue. His views don't matter. He is a catalyst. He can't not create change.

The people (Aquarius) will have to work though. Hard.

Today is a good day to do something practical (Saturn) with our compassion, with our dreams, with our art, with our meditation, with our imaginings (Neptune).

Mercury conjuncts Juno and hits the eclipse degree exactly.

Old ways of thinking can be released. Commitments/contracts are up for discussion. Whatever the eclipse has brought to light - we will be talking about it. The best use of this energy, since it is happening in progressive Aquarius is to CHANGE THE CONVERSATION. If you are over-thinking something or still thinking about something that is over - catch yourself - hit the reset button - maybe go for a walk, get out of your head, turn off your phone. Usually it is the conversations we are having with ourselves that create the biggest roadblocks. Mentally move on.

On SATURDAY, Mars (in Sagittarius) squares Neptune (in Pisces) at 13 degrees.

This is our actions (Mars) diluted by foggy thinking, indecision, escapist tendencies. We are only a couple days past the New Moon Solar Eclipse, so we don't have all the answers. If we start to move in the wrong direction we won't have moved so far off course that we can't just double back and start over. The important thing now is to use that Aquarian energy in the best possible way - avoid distractions and detachment, use cool headed logic, where is your tribe/cause? Neptune can offer us heightened intuition now, so be paying attention.

This is a draining aspect, so let's give ourselves, and other people, a break here. A glass of wine goes a long way now so keep that in mind, too. It might be OK to drain one glass, but let's put the rest of the bottle away.

Also on Saturday, Mercury meets up with the Sun at 28 degrees Aquarius. This is a finalization aspect related to the last Sun/Mercury conjunction which was on December 12th - this is clarity. This is your answer. A decision is made. Save any big actions for the Mars/Neptune square to unwind over the next couple days.

On SUNDAY, both Mercury and the Sun move into Pisces kicking off Pisces season. I will write a post!

On Monday we'll have the Moon in Aries plus the Moon's ruler Mars trining the North Node of our collective way forward. I will write about this in the weekly - and this is leading us toward Venus conjunct Neptune on Wednesday. It will be an important week.

xo all

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