Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | have some waffles while waffling, deconstruction, an adventure maybe followed by a hangover

The life cycle of a waffle by sandas04

I wrote about this weekend's aspects in the weekly HERE but let's take a look at the Moons, too.

On FRIDAY morning the waning Moon (in Sagittarius) will square Neptune (in Pisces). Energy focused on releasing time-worn and thread-bare (and yes, I have always wanted to write timeworn and threadbare!) situations/materials would be time well-spent.

We will face less obstacles helping along whatever needs to be "de-constructed" than we will building something new now.

If something/someone maybe a situation/bad habit needs to be weaned - this is a good aspect for that.

Dissolving is easier than holding stuff together today. But, I said that already.

Compassion, forgiveness, healing, imagination, meditation are all favored activities. Our boundaries will be leaky. The morning's energy could lead to foggy thinking so this is not a good time to make an important decision.

By mid afternoon - around 3:30PM EST - the Moon will sextile (opportunity) Mercury in futuristic and humanitarian Aquarius. This would be great for an inspiring brain storming session. A good time to take action toward our Sagittarius or Aquarius goals regarding communications, promotion, politics, weddings. media, group projects, internet projects, travel, foreign or legal issues.

On SATURDAY, the Moon is void most of the day (11:38AM EST through 9:21PM EST) - this is not a good time to start something new (if you want something to come of it) but with the Moon's last aspect a trine to unpredictable Uranus it is good energy for embracing change and trying something else.

It's Saturday - a day to explore! People will not want to be tied down. The Void Moon coupled with Uranus tells us to keep plans flexible.

Venus will ingress into Pisces (see the weekly for more info) until March 5th. A good use of the next month would be to push ourselves to create a new imaginative project every day. Imagination not given some kind of 'form' could ooze off in unintended directions (this can be a good thing, but can also create alot of ooze to clean up later).

Coloring pages would be a good idea before more practical left-brained activities or writing a page every day or taking a photo everyday. Of course, if you are already doing this stuff you are going to have to really pump it up!

There is no way to control our Venus when she is answering to Neptune (ruler of Pisces) - it is best to give her some intentional time - art, meditation, time spent in or near water, healing work, imagination - so our Venusian resources - love, money, our values and self-esteem are not as subject to Neptune's 'drifting away' tendencies. Of course these things can drift in as easily as out, but then after they drift in they usually drift right back out again!

Our intuition will be heightened now. We will be more attractive to and have a greater relationship (Venus) with our 12 house blind-spots and whatever we have put away and don't want to look at - keep this in mind. Addiction/escapist tendencies can increase. Back-burnered creative projects (and the stuff we used to love) can move to the front burner now, at least for awhile. Boundaries thin, we become more porous. We will be looking at other people, particularly within partnerships, through a more rose-colored, idealistic lens. Keep this in mind.

On SUNDAY, the Moon in Capricorn conjuncting Saturn in the morning will focus us on more practical, traditional matters. Time will feel precious or pressured. We could be naturally more guarded and reserved. Some alone time will be a good idea for many people. Serious issues will seem even more serious. Whatever we can do today to contribute to a more solid base (whatever those words mean to you) would be a good use of our time. Call your dad.

Jupiter (in Scorpio) squares the Sun (in Aquarius) at 18 degrees. I write about this in the weekly HERE in relation to that issue from the 4th - this is also a time for assessments of character that can lead to success. Our egos are tested. Avoid taking on too much.

We will gather the facts together knowing we are in between eclipses and we don't know what we don't know. Yes, we are waffling now because it is a time for waffling and actually it's Sunday so maybe a time for waffles while waffling - it is not a time for firm decisions.Yes to waffles. No to jumping into things unless we are tethered to a rope and the rope has been tested for durability like they used to test those suitcases in the Samsonite luggage commercials and the knot on that rope has been tied by a sailor with 20 years experience and his 2.5 magnifying lenses. And even then ....

With so many planets in Aquarius, Jupiter aspecting the Sun, Venus moving into her exaltation in Pisces, Mars conjuncting the star Antares at the very heart of the Scorpian (the sign Mars co-rules) - there is alot happening in the build-up toward the February 15th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius conjunct Mercury and Juno (so yes, they are getting eclipsed, too!).

Extreme events can happen in between eclipses and not everything in our pan will turn out to be gold flakes. We will talk about this more next week.

That Cappy Moon will continue on Monday morning so be ready to get to work!

xo all - enjoy your weekend!

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