Mercury into Pisces - this is your brain on drugs

Illumination II by tdg-addict

The forecasting for the weekend's energies is HERE.

Today, Mercury ingresses from Aquarius into the sign of Pisces. Mercury rules our thinking, our communication, our ideas. He/she is considered in her fall/detriment in Pisces (because she rules Pisces polarity sign of Virgo).

Virgo's Mercury likes things clear and concise - she wants B to follow A and is sure things would move more efficiently if everyone would just dot their i's and cross their t's.

Pisces (ruled by Neptune and ruler of our collective 12th house) is the space where rules/boundaries are more fluid. B might follow A. But just as easily A could drift right on past B.

It is the space of imagination, universal love, our dreams, spirituality, our connection to each other through the ethereal realms and our emotions, the ways we escape, the things we do last, the things we put away, addictions, delusions, hospitals, prisons, addicts, victims, saviors, martyrs.

You can see how fast-moving Mercury could be a bit out-of-whack here.

So maybe our thinking slows down a bit. Our words drift off course. We started to say this and now we are saying that. The words that were so clear and crisp in airy Aquarius, don't come as easily because maybe we start feeling their impact on the other person now. Or maybe we start feeling like one of those old anti-drug commercials but instead of eggs - it is our brain frying on the sidewalk. 

Details will be fuzzy. Our thinking might be, too.

With Pisces ruler of the last house of the zodiac maybe a conversation comes to an end now. Our natal Pisces house - what house has Pisces on the cusp in your natal chart? - a space we are naturally inclined to more dreamy, Piscean ways - suddenly WAKES UP. Our attention goes there. 

This is wonderful energy for artists, poets, musicians, meditation, spirituality, healing. With Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in this universal space our words can cast even more powerful S-P-E-L-L-S - keep this in mind. And if you haven't done your New Moon intentions - there is still time - do it today!

Not such wonderful energy for to-do lists and more practical concerns. Double check communications. Re-read important papers. Give other people a break when their language isn't as concise as you would like it to be. When we just can't decide. Mercury in Pisces takes in so much universal information from the world that it becomes hard to take a singular stance. Our thinking becomes more intuitive. Cold facts are not so cold and hard decisions go limp. Lies might be spoken and take on a life of their own. That whole "alternative facts" thing applies.

It is the time to let our mental defenses down and just feel it. Or to guard against this very thing - depending on the situation!

We don't have to understand everything or figure everything out. Pisces dissolves. Pisces feels. Pisces is a water sign and heals through wetness - blood, sweat and tears (I would avoid the blood though if possible). If we want/need to cry, and even if it turns into one of those big old ugly cries that has our eyes all scrunched up two days later and people asking us what the hell is the matter - it's time to cry. You will probably not need me to tell you this though .....

If you really need to knuckle down mentally now it could be best to give Neptune some creative time - meditate, color, paint, etc, FIRST.

This isn't so much about lessening our verbal/mental standards, although yes, some restricting standards could be lessened - the Sun will be right behind Mercury! - as it is about loosening our grip!

Mercury will be in Pisces through March 6th when he/she moves into fiery Aries. She will go retrograde in Aries, so we will have to make the best of his time in Pisces for forward movement which won't always be easy (at least for a Mercury in Capricorn person like me)!

Her ingress into Pisces tonight will be just hours after she meets up with Sun at the end of Aquarius. So there is clarity - maybe a culmination - then we move on into Pisces.

We are about to be living the dream folks. xo

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lynn bowes said...

Hoo boy, is this a strange time for me! People aren't doing exactly what I think they should be doing and emails (words) are off in a 'lost sheep' direction. However frustrating for ME, I keep thinking, 'what do these people not get?' but my friend, Lorrie, tells me to cool my jets and that those other guys might be simply thinking out loud. Still . . . if they would just do what I think they should do, life would be good, right? RIGHT???

So it must be time for me to loosen that grip once again and let other folks act their stories instead of wondering why they don't do what clearly is best, in my opinion anyway. It's all part of the journey, I know. Mine and theirs.

I remind you that this is a hard time for me as we move into the next phase of our life together, me and Eddie. Cannot believe we are of a 'certain age' (which I HATE thinking about) where simplification is the word of the day. I read so much anymore about decluttering and paring down and truly simplifying our lives and if I've learned one thing (only one) then I've learned that things are revealed to me time and again until I absorb. Simplifying being the buzzword of 2018 means that we are on the right path.

We are about to be living the dream? I could not love you more right now.