Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 12th - there is MAGIC afoot, life gets LOUD, keep a notepad handy for those inventive flashes of genius, the lights go out, clarifying information, surprising news, how do we want to advance?

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On MONDAY, the Moon continues her journey through Capricorn - knuckle down, get to work, avoid distractions.

At 2:22PM EST (11:22AM PST - that's a whole bunch of master number elevens and twenty-twos) the Moon will conjunct Pluto (this happens once a month) possibly making us more ambitious and likely opening up a brief window for deep transformation.

One of the things (2008-2024) Pluto in Capricorn has been teaching us is about taking personal responsibility for the ways we have given in to an image of ourselves as less strong/less capable than other people - the ways we have given our power away by not stepping into our responsibilities/gifts.

Our emotional Moon (yes, even in serious Capricorn our Moon has emotions!) hooks us into this energy now. We become aware of how we feel about how things are going in our visible, physical world. Maybe key into how you are feeling around this time of day.

If this day is kind of blah, don't worry - things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!

And actually by 6:42PM EST the Moon will sextile Jupiter - things could feel lighter and more pleasant already.

On TUESDAY, the Moon begins the day void of course and then moves into Aquarius at 10:11AM EST.  

We will start to feel the build-up to Thursday's New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The Sun (in Aquarius) will sextile (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries and the ruler of Aquarius) and Mercury will square Jupiter. This sounds like Mardi Gras and actually it is the first day of Mardi Gras and with these aspects we won't have to be in New Orleans to feel it!

Life will be LOUD and interesting

(seriously check your volume, Jupiter will turn it up and no one wants to hear about your great idea while you are breaking the sound barrier).

If something interesting doesn't happen today or we don't have a new idea - we might seriously have to check our pulse! #kidding, #notkidding

We could meet someone new who has an important impact on us - so be out and about. Opportunities/ways to shine will come through the expression of our uniqueness now.

The fly in the ointment here could be thinking the rules don't apply to us, overlooking details or just thinking we know more than we do. Write your new ideas down because Mercury is fleet-footed and this energy is fast-moving!

This positive energy will last at least until Thursday's New Moon so have some fun with it! Do something different!

On WEDNESDAY, Tuesday's buzz continues! The Moon sextiles (opportunity) Mars (in Sagittarius) in the morning - giving us the passion, drive and energy to go after what we want. Time to take action.

Venus is moving toward Thursday's exact sextile with Saturn and it is Valentine's Day, so love (Venus) could be geared toward what is most stable and traditional (Saturn). Especially good for May-December romances/couples with age differences and relationships that get better with age. The opportunity (sextile) comes from what is real and has been worked at. We could be ready to commit.

This could also be about a reward (love/money) that has been a long time coming (someone's ship is coming in!) or a long-lasting (Saturn) benefit (Venus) that comes from what is started/impacted by this influence. Taking love seriously and working on our relationships and or finances can pay off.

(let's see if anything sobering happens again with Bitcoin/the cryptos this week)

On THURSDAY we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27 degrees. This one almost exactly opposes last summer's Great American Eclipse which was at 28 degrees Leo and could connect us back to events from that time.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct both Mercury (information, communications, ideas, thinking, siblings, neighborhood) and Juno (commitments, partnerships, contracts) - so they get eclipsed, too! Venus will sextile Saturn - again reminding us of our commitment/where we have given our word. And the whole thing squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) and sextiles Uranus (the eclipse ruler!).

Anytime we get an aspect to the eclipse ruler during an eclipse it is a big deal and this aspect is the opportunistic sextile!

And yes, I am using a whole lot of exclamation points in this post - wth - maybe it's just that kind of week or maybe it's about my second cup of a very strong new tea (I am starting to wonder if this is actually tea?!).

I will write a BIG post by sign this week, but likely this New Moon Solar Eclipse (partial eclipse) will involve some clarifying or new or surprising information/decision that pushes things forward, brings something to light or eclipses something out. It will likely involve a commitment/contract - verbal or written, maybe partnership related. And something about this whole thing will be liberating or won't follow traditional rules. Or something like that.

With Uranus there is no way of really knowing where this is taking us.

And keep in mind Jupiter tends to make things seem bigger/better than they actually are, BUT he is also usually around when the bigger/better actually happens, too. This will all play out over the next 6 months. And I say, "play out" - but remember this is our life, this isn't something that is happening to us, this is something we are actively co-creating and participating with!!!

(yes, a triple !, I blame the "tea")

The Moon goes void at 4:05PM EST, so maybe close up shop early.

Remember what the eclipse is doing - we are like a computer that has been rebooted after a software update.

If we keep on trying to do what we’ve always done (with that Aquarius/Leo storyline), we’ll stay on a deleted timeline (that old program), unable to move forward.

We'll talk about this in the New Moon post.

Also keep in mind Aquarius has a two-planet rulership - both Saturn (ancient ruler) and Uranus (modern ruler). 

Everything with Aquarius is a two step process. 

And it's an air (mental) sign. 

So first we have to think things through - that's Saturn. In all things Aquarian, if we don't have a 'base of knowledge' - if we don't know what we are actually doing - we aren't going to succeed. 

But if we stay too long at that first step - if thinking things through turns into over-thinking - we won't succeed either because there is a second part.

The second part - the Uranian part, is where we do the thing we never did before - we jump out of the airplane. We can't succeed if we don't jump, but we do so at our own peril if we never learned how to fold the damn chute! 

Both parts need to be working together to succeed.

Also remember Aquarius success is different than Capricorn success. Aquarius rules advancement, not achievement (that's Capricorn), and there is a reason Aquarius follows Capricorn. 

Our New Moon intentions will be focused on "how do we want to advance?" not what do we want to achieve. See the difference?

FRIDAY kicks off the Chinese Year of the Dog with the Moon in dreamy and imaginative Pisces. Saturday is a big day with the Sun and Mercury forming a superior conjunction and taking us back to their conjunction on December 17th. 

I'll write more about all of this in the weekend's post.

xo all - back in a couple days with the New Moon Solar Eclipse by sign

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