Last Quarter Moon, Venus Sextile Uranus | point of contention, take a few steps back, attracted to something different

msr by siyahtapot

Today we have our Last Quarter Square Moon - a point of contention/crisis - this month pitting the Scorpio Moon (going deep/diving in) against the Aquarius Sun (detachment/stepping back) at 18 degrees.

It is time to take a few steps back from whatever we have been soaking ourselves in since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of January 31st. There is nothing more to be gained from diving into the murky waters at this time - let's come up for air.

Keep in mind - this isn't a regular Last Quarter Square - we are in between eclipses. There isn't a way to see the complete picture from the position we are presently in. Somebody else's big head is blocking the movie screen. We don't know what we don't know. Maybe other things, involving other people/situations, have to fall into (or out of) place first.

For us to have greater clarity at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15th - we need to give the situation some space now.

Coming at the same time that Venus (in Aquarius at 25 degrees) sextiles Uranus (in Aries at 25 degrees) it is probably a good time to turn our attention to something different. We will be attracted to something else. A new and unusual person/situation could find us attractive (magnetic), too.

The opportunity (sextile) comes from something new and future focused. This is good energy to interact with people you wouldn't normally meet/talk to.

This can be a big thing, but it doesn't have to be. Change something today. Experience something else.

And take a step back from the drama.

xo all

After we get through the next eclipse and into the next cycle - which I can't see clearly astrologically from here either - this is Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, we are talking about - we are making it up as we go along! - our collective Aquarius South Node story intensifies over the next six months.

This should lead to something for each of us, and something shared, revolving around "moving away from detachment and alienation". Releasing the kind of "out of touch with reality" PTSD world that living online and absorbing information 24/7 is creating.

Our nervous systems (Aquarius ruler Uranus) are saturated - we are shell-shocked from a world struggling to keep up with our expansion.

We can't stand on the sidelines (or sit in front of a screen) for fear of standing out or because we have been too numbed out to care anymore. We can't live in 'echo chambers' only able to communicate rationally with the people who agree with us and expect the future to look like anything other than a dystopian nightmare.

Through next autumn the way forward will be - yes, I am going to say this AGAIN - our heartfelt LEO energy (then we will move into Cancer and coming home).

Leo (and the house of our Sun) is the space in our natal chart we are naturally meant to SHINE.

Ruled by the Sun, this is the energy of our heart and our mission.

So, we honor those Aquarian wounds - the times we didn't fit in, the times we were persecuted for being ourselves/standing out, the ways we didn't shine for fear our light was not bright enough, for fear no one would notice (there is a reason, many reasons, we get so comfortably addicted so fast to living a life behind a screen - this is about to become a whole lot less comfortable though!).

And we release those wounds. The programs that created them will have been erased. We refuse to be divided from our purpose here. This is about following our heart's highest desire - and HINT - this has nothing to do with being a movie star, driving a fancy car and living in Hollywood.

But you already know that. xo ... again


DancingMooney said...

Oh Cat... My thoughts have been all over the place lately. One day I'm sure of my course of action, the next day I am changing my mind again! The end result is still the same dream, but the course of action to get there seems foggy. Hoping this will clear up soon! :)

January was a blur, but it feels like in the last day or two I've finally felt like hitting the ground running (motivated)... would like to stick to that for a while, and hope it comes of something.

Much love to you Cat, and thank you always for your insights. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Exactly - that is why it's not a good time to make a big decision. Changing your mind is exactly what you should be doing now - back and forth - we get singularly focused then Neptune erases it then we do it again! It's not a waste of time. It's actually helping us to line up up with what's next. That will probably be this whole month - but after the next eclipse next week things will get clearer. I think this whole year is just going to fly by!
love back to you Janell xo