Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 5th - eclipse season spin cycle - old traumas ripe for release, how we alienate ourselves, the walls we have built to protect our hearts are keeping our heart's desires out, too, information, new ideas, Venus takes her first steps

Human Condition by Tina Apple

Remember where we are right now. We are in the spin cycle of eclipse season with the eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis. February kicked off with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo sending all of us into the washing machine to be spit out on the New Moon Solar Eclipse of February 15th.

The madness in U.S. politics is happening in each of our own lives somewhere, too.

(and yes, we should have been able to predict a Super Bowl with twists and turns and an Eagles win!)

 Eclipses shake us awake.

(we have been asleep for over 2500 years in the Age of Pisces - we are allowed to be a little groggy, BUT it's time to splash some cold water on our faces, get our feet onto a solid floor and stand up)

What eclipses do:

1. They bring things to light. Now, here's the rub with this. Full Moons always bring things to light - Full Moon Lunar Eclipses though, because the Moon is blocked by the earth's shadow, bring us partial pictures.

The full story isn't available to us yet. So, there is news, but pieces are missing or turned around . Things are not clear. This is why NOW IS NOT a good time to make a big decision. And we have lots of foggy Neptune action this month. It will not really be until the end of February when things are all cleared up.

2. Something ends. Endings almost always burn bridges. Going backward is no longer an option. Endings always bring a new beginning if we just turn our head around and stop looking backward. We have to keep moving forward. If we decide later we do not like the choices we made, the places we wind up - we will create (we are all massively powerful creators) new choices to make changes up ahead - this is a process because stuff has to fall in place to help us - but these choices are future choices - they can never carry us back over that old bridge because that baby is ashes.

3. Something changes direction. This is especially true when an eclipse touches a planet in our natal/progressed chart. We were heading over there and now we are headed over here. During the eclipse cycle this can happen several times!

4. Eclipses come in pairs and cycles and they take us higher and higher until something we are here to resolve gets resolved. We can't possibly process the changes and evolution we are here to make in one big swoop. It would be like pushing a kindergartner into college - it might be an ivy league school, but she would trip on her untied laces on her way into class.

We have to make big changes in steps. So one eclipse is a step followed by another eclipse that is another step. Sometimes a step is one of those 8" stairs that has been approved by the local building inspector and sometimes it is a 38" jump. The sets of eclipses cycle us through 18-24 months.

5. Eclipses bring outside events that we cannot control right to our doorstep. You know that stuff we don't want to look at, well eclipses have a way of making us look at it.

If health issues come up now - take things seriously. It doesn't mean it is going to be some big, serious thing. But we want to take care of it as an 8" step before it grows to 38"!

With the South Node in Aquarius, answering to Uranus, ruler of trauma - a subconscious trauma programming is being deleted for all of us. This will pertain to the theme of our natal Aquarius house.

EXAMPLE FOR SCORPIO RISING (Aquarius 4th house) this is about something being removed involving your home, family life, real estate, the foundation of your emotional well-being. This is about letting go of where/how you instinctively alienate yourself or sabotage yourself to stay safe within your family story - these past trauma energies are being released. The self-ostracizing events that made you become inclusive within your own family, within your own skin - let them go bye-bye now. We thank them for what they have given us. The programming was useful (it helped us survive) - until it wasn't. It is only self-sabotaging now, so let's let that crap go.

FEB. 3 - the Sun is conjunct the South Node illuminating the old trauma that is being released in our Aquarius houses - maybe something that has made us alienate or detach. HEADS UP when Mercury hits this point on the 9th whatever message needs to be delivered here will be delivered - we won't miss it.

EXAMPLE FOR ARIES RISING (Aquarius 11th house) the Sun is conjunct the South Node illuminating an old trauma that is ready to be released - maybe something that has made you self-ostracizing, something that made you become inclusive within your friendships, within your groups/causes. You are learning to lead with your heart. You don't always have to be strong and independent. You don't have to be first. You don't have to be angry for your passion to be visible to other people. You don't need someone to fight. The ways you do whatever it is you do that has contributed to your detachment within group settings can be released now. The times you spoke/acted out, within a group or with a friend, in your own, unique way and were shut down or left hung out to dry - that pain can be released now if you allow it to go. Adios amigo. Been there, done that. This doesn't have to guide your choices anymore. NOTE when Mercury hits this point on the 9th whatever message needs to be delivered here will be delivered - you can't miss it.

FEB. 4 - Jupiter vs. Venus - this is a day of conflict, there could be a surprise, there could be tension, whatever it is, it is making us uncomfortable. Venus in Aquarius is going to want to alienate, detach from whatever is going down and Jupiter in Scorpio is not going to let us do that! This cloud can have a silver lining, but we will have to dig deep and stay connected to our heart to find it.

FEB. 9 - Mercury conjuncts the South Node in Aquarius so maybe a conversation/idea/information comes in that allows us to deal with something from the past in a new way. Whatever this is be sure to be focused on the future (we know more now) and not on re-enacting/re-hashing the past.

FEB. 10 - Venus moves into dreamy, imaginative Pisces (through March 5th) where she is happy to lose her boundaries -

this can bring us closer to other people (you can see how this can be a good or not so good thing) and healing can happen more easily.

Pisces people become more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. All of our natal Pisces houses become more attractive, too.

Venus in Pisces can expand what we want - maybe we get more, maybe we just want more.

She can also dissolve our attachment to something we are holding onto. We can let it go now, our need/want can dissolve away. It won't feel like something has been yanked away from us, our attachment to it will just dissolve. We will just realize we haven't thought/felt anything about XYZ in awhile - its hold on us is gone. Kind of like when that song in your head is finally out of your head which you don't actually notice because you are thinking about something else.

Money and valuables (and our values!) can float right out to sea now, too - so be careful. This is a good time though for charitable giving or giving with no strings attached (because the strings will dissolve, too!).

Pisces rules the12th house of what is happening behind the scenes, our imagination, our dreams, spirituality, escape, addictions, healing, things and people put away - maybe something  we want (Venus) but haven't allowed ourselves to acknowledge (12th house) can emerge over the next few weeks.

Some situations involving Venus themes - love, money, our values and self-esteem - could be harder to control while Venus is in Pisces - some things can just be out of our hands.

EXAMPLE FOR AQUARIUS RISING (Pisces 2nd house) Venus moves into your house of money, resources, values and self-esteem. You become more financially attractive. The money you earn through your own efforts could increase now (thru March 5th). Tomorrow Jupiter in Scorpio will square your Aquarius Sun - this could increase your confidence and enthusiasm. Check any tendency to overspend or over-estimate your resources - money, time, energy this week.

FEB.11 - the Sun squares Jupiter. Remember on the 4th we had Venus square Jupiter - where we were not allowed to emotionally detach, so here is where we can get a larger view of this because this issue comes back again. And this time there is a spotlight shining on it.

This is a square so there is conflict/tension here, but this is also our chance to do our Jupiterian work in Scorpio - look closely. Go deep. Don't be afraid to go into the basement. Don't be afraid to turn over the rocks. Jupiter will be going retrograde over all these degrees throughout the spring so whatever story we are playing out here is going to be a long process.

Don't look too far ahead with this. All the puzzle pieces are not on the table yet. Just look at the part that is illuminated NOW.

Dig into that.

EXAMPLE FOR LEO RISING - Venus moves into your 8th house of other people's money, other people's resources, intimacy, taxes, loans, inheritances, reproduction this tells us the Sun/Jupiter square can PUSH situations happening in these areas. Intimacy and trust within a partnership can increase as well as the sharing/merging of your resources. Just keep in mind if the emerging situation is filled with Jupiterian enthusiasm what looks good may be slightly different than what is good for you. Again this is going to be a long process.

I will try to get up a daily with the Moons. Am a bit swamped with something at the moment, so this week's forecast is a bit shorter than usual. It does shortchange the forecasting because the Moons are all the day-to-day stuff and this report is more big picture - keep this in mind.

Also keep in mind all the stuff in this post are aspects you could feel days before or after.

For Monday, the Moon (in Libra) has his weekly melee with Pluto and Uranus so it should be an interesting day! Don't sleep in. Make popcorn.

The Moon goes void on Monday at 1:46PM EST (only void during working hours next week) until 10:46PM EST.

Looking ahead at the rest of the month after the February 15th eclipse which I will write a big post about - it will be all about Venus (and let me not forget Neptune).

Whenever Venus is uber active as she is this month our natal Venus factors into our current story - where is your natal Venus? what house is she in? what are you naturally attracting? how is she aspected? -

for example my natal Venus is in a wide opposition to my natal Moon, so I imagine my Venus jousting with her mother (Moon) or something about her home/family/roots (Moon) always conflicting with what she wants. She has always had to sneak out the window to get what she wants. She has always had to oppose her mother/her roots/her very self/her emotions/self-care. But this always leaves Venus alienated. How can she be satisfied/happy, how can she feel beautiful when she has forgotten the face of her mother? Oppositions require balance - so my Venus energy will always require balance.

It would be a good month - and we have Valentine's Day! - to read Venus's story (Aphrodite).

The stories of how the Gods handled/created the energies we are experiencing now are fascinating and very helpful. Uranus had to be castrated for Venus to be born - so maybe we will always have to give up a little bit of freedom (Uranus), a piece of ourselves (hopefully not such a big piece - ouch) to be in a relationship (Venus).

The Venus story this month could look something like this:

First, Venus is in her shadow, dealing with a shadow trauma - this is our Aquarius house stuff that is being released, then she gets into a battle with Jupiter (kind of like fighting with Santa Claus) then she sextiles (opportunity) stable Saturn, so now she remembers her commitment/where she has given her word, what she has to do now to get what she wants later, then maybe she gets all mystical and hippie-chick on us, maybe she gets swept away, maybe she loses something valuable here (hold on to your wallet people!), there is some kind of impatience or deception she has to deal with BUT by the end of the month the truth is finally revealed and Venus is one happy camper.

All's well that ends well (for Venus and our Venus chapter).

xo all


Anonymous said...

I have my father in laws funeral today and I've been feeling triggered. I'm trying to release the pain of my own father's death. So you are spot on. Thanks

Catherine Ivins said...

Sorry to hear about your father-in-law's passing. Releasing the pain of your own father's death makes perfects sense with these energies. Thank you for commenting. Take care of yourself. BIG HUG xo