Mars Trine the North Node | the strength to keep going, where there is a will there is a way, fighting for what we believe in, what we seek is seeking us

Medieval War XI by deex-helios

Today we have Mars (in Sagittarius) trining (brakes off) the North Node (in Leo) at 14 degrees.

This is us taking action toward the unknown, untraveled horizon of our future.

It is time to believe (Sagittarius) in our dreams (that Pisces stellium!) and move toward what our heart wants. 

Let's take some action today toward what we want. Life can use whatever action we take to get us where we need/want to be. Trust this.

With five planets in Pisces (plus with Mars trining the North Node he is sextiling the South Node) there is a whole lot of energy on releasing. But then there is our Mars here. Lagging behind the group to keep the fire in us burning. We have the ambition/the passion/the optimism to move something BIG forward here. BIG as in BIG results, the action itself can be quite small.

So, although we might be tired or sad or processing some kind of loss or needing some quiet time - we also have this active energy pulling us forward today.

Asking us to be brave (Mars!) Asking us to believe we can do this thing (Sag!) Asking us to follow our heart and take the center stage in our own life (Leo!). This could again be connecting us back to last August's (7th-21st) eclipse window.

Actions taken now could have far-reaching consequences.

Remember we don't have to build a house (unless we are actually building a house!) - we just need to take an initiating action. We are putting what we want out there. Voice it. Move something forward. We are setting up a marker. We might drift a bit off course later in the week, but the marker will still be here. We are lining ourselves up energetically with the thing we are seeking (Leo, our heart) - which is seeking us right back.

I just wanted to toss up this quick post because most of the weekly is so different from this energy and I don't want us to miss it.

xo all

NOTE - Mars sextile to the Aquarius South Node tells us the OPPORTUNITY (sextile) comes through the Aquarian release - releasing the detachment (step in, get involved, connect your heart with someone/something), the distractions that are wasting our time/energy (what are we avoiding by needlessly checking Facebook every hour - THAT is what needs our attention), the fear of alienation that is holding us back, the over-emphasis on technology.

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