Mercury Square Jupiter | the BIG mouth - Sun sextile Uranus | the NEW opportunity to shine

Shout It Out Loud by Khomenko
Mercury (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) today at 22 degrees.

Mercury in Aquarius is about clear-headed, dispassionate thinking focused on the future. Its clarity comes from the space that is generated from detachment. We mentally step back a little bit and the pictures in our head get a little clearer, our words a little more sharp. She can also focus us on what "the crowd" is doing. Not so Aquarius can join in (I don't think so!), but so she can think about what the crowd hasn't thought about yet!

Squaring boisterous Jupiter (imagine these guys elbowing each other in the belly) there could be big talk, BIG ideas and big pieces of information probably focused on future possibilities (although with the South Node - what we are releasing - in Aquarius it is equally possible the BIG talk is centered around something from the past).

Either way Jupiter can introduce optimistic, new possibilities into the conversation. 

It can also open up a situation where too much information creates as many problems as too little.

And there is also the possibility that we (or someone else) exaggerates the thing over here while resisting the facts that are all laid out neatly over there. Those pesky details get overlooked in our rush toward whatever has gotten our attention by being the biggest, LOUDEST thing in the room.

So avoid any tendency to over-share it - especially regarding intimate/financial matters (Jupiter in Scorpio) - over explain it - "No" is a complete sentence, so is "Yes" - or over-think it - we are still in the eclipse spin cycle and can't possibly out mentally maneuver the spin right now, even if we use the "ultra delicate" setting.

This will probably be most strongly felt by anyone with planets or points around 22 degrees of the fixed signs - Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

At the same time we have the Aquarius Sun sextiling Uranus in Aries.

Now, unlike the square (tension) sextiles (opportunities) are something we have to recognize and reach for. Even if you are looking at an astrology chart it is uber easy to see the squares (90 degrees) and the oppositions (180 degrees) which are challenging aspects - the easier/luckier trines and sextiles are harder to spot.

Isn't it just our luck to wind up on a planet that works this way?!

The nice thing about this one, the part that gives this sextile a little extra kick is that Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius - so we get kind of a double-dose of Uranus electricity to power it up. Sextiles are probably harder to miss if they carry 120 volts and can set us on our ass.

So, yes, Uranus rules the sudden and unexpected, but we can most likely expect something good to come of this one. Important insights and ideas could come to us in a flash. We could meet someone new or unusual now who has an impact on our future, so pay attention. Be out and about.

A light (the Sun) could be shone on something that builds on the past (South Node) in a new way (Uranus). We tap into (the Sun) a unique (Uranus) ability. Increased freedom (Uranus) could put us in touch with our purpose (the Sun). There are lots of ways this energy could pan out.

Whatever happens we will recognize it by the fact it has never happened before.

This would be more likely to be most significant to people with planets and points near 25 degrees Aquarius or Aries. This is where knowing your astrology chart comes in handy.

Personally, I don't have any planets in Aries and my Aquarius planets are not near 25 degrees, but I do have a house ruled by Aquarius and a house ruled by Aries. And so do you! For me this opportunity is between my 4th house (home, family, home business) and my 6th (daily actions, pets, health), so I am going to focus my efforts in these areas. Although, of course, with Uranus's "out-of-the-blue" way of working it's best to just stay open to change and be yourself now.

Keep in mind, today's aspects will make it hard to stick to just one thing and that's OK because it will probably be our ability to maneuver ourselves and our thinking outside of boxes and boundaries that will produce the best results.

xo all


Tina Molloy said...

Hi Cat,
I hope this sextile will be good for me; I have Venus conjunct Saturn at 25° Aries in House 7! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Tina - The 7th house rules partners and partnerships - romantic and otherwise. Aries there would put Aquarius in your 5th house of romance, children, creative projects and fun! So these themes are going to work together for you in a bigger, better way. Attracting something solid! The best thing about this sextile is that it will still be in play during the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse so we will get a good 6 months out of it! xo

Tina Molloy said...

Thank you for the insight!
I have a wonderful husband, whom I just celebrated our 25th year of marriage with in January, and I have three grown children. It’s always good to have some positive energy in these areas!