I Can't Hear You....

So, I have totally ignored my blog this week, supposedly to focus on other things, although at right this moment I am not sure what those other things could be because I have also ignored hubby, daughter, dog, dishes, laundry - you get the idea - at least I have been an equal opportunity ignorer.

I am usually a bit more on the ball. Maybe it was the amazing weather last Memorial Day weekend (which has been replaced by cold, wet weather ever since - damn!) that has made it hard for me to settle down and get things done with week.

Hubby is a master at this, especially at the end of the month when his shop's paperwork has to get done or we won't get paid. He hates doing paperwork and so do I, but we both kind of like to eat (alot) and have money coming in, so you can see the problem here. The last week of every month goes pretty much like this- hubby spends his evenings spreading work orders and receipts all over the diningroom table, he then spends at least half an hour pinning down the proper calculator, pens, notepad, etc.

HUBBY: "Did you take my calculator?"

Now, I have never even laid eyes on that calculator- but as I said, he is a master and this is a great procrastination move that allows him to maneuver himself into the kitchen drawers and into the fridge and eventually into any leftovers that still look halfway edible. After alot of noisy 'preparation' he sets the livingroom tv volume on its highest setting and settles into a diningroom chair to get to work. Except settling isn't really the right word because within an hour he is nowhere to be seen and I have to hunt him down.

ME: Hey, aren't you going to do paperwork tonight?

HUBBY (found surfing Craig's List on the laptop): *crickets*

ME: George?

HUBBY: I'm sorry, what? I didn't hear you.

ME: *frown* Yes, you did.

HUBBY: No, really. I didn't. What did you say?

ME: *frowns bigger*

HUBBY: I left some papers I need at the shop.

ME: I thought you didn't hear me.

HUBBY: *smiles*

It's hard to ignore RED
1. RED Dress by PlumPrettySugar
2. RED Rose Pin and Pendant by Lisa Burkin
3. RED Earrings by DecoratetheDiva
4. IGNORE ME Pins by BarrelofMonkeys
5. REDBird Ring by SophieHillArtist


Sherry said...

....it's sounding a lot like my house, but it will pass. Or so, I'm hoping. I saw your post on twitter, but it seems no one sees me there. Can you not rwrite to someone if they are not following you? Have a great weekend, Cat.

Plum Pretty Sugar { Between the Seams } said...

Thank you, thank you for featuring our lil' Pink Me Red dress. Stunning. xo

sophiehillartist said...

oooh I am in love with your blog now! and such a nice surprise to see that my birdie red ring made it onto yours! thankyou!