RE-Packaging My Packaging

Lately I have been thinking about my product packaging and my business cards and my need to make my brand (am I a brand?) a bit more consistent and as cool as (I think) my products are.

When I started selling on Etsy my packaging was very cool, very eco and ultimately very hard to keep up with. So I got myself some biodegradable bubble wrap and some moo cards and called it a day- always telling myself it was something I would get back to when I had the time and I never seemed to have the time. I need my packaging to be cost efficient, time efficient and yet still scream COOL.

Now that I am recommitted to revamping my wholesale packets, it's time to revamp my retail packaging, too and those pesky business cards (plus those adorable moo cards are SO pricey- I am sure I can do this for less).

My first stop is always Etsy as I see no need to totally re-invent this particular wheel so I search - business cards. After a few pages of How to Sell On Etsy and even What to Sell On Etsy (huh?) downloads from sellers bragging about their Etsy expertise and many sales (looks like many sales of these downloads... but maybe this is my jealous nature speaking) I give up on my Etsy business card search and scope out the web for some inspiration and I will see what I can come up with later in the week. What are all you other Etsians doing with this?


Dani said...

love the craft show tips!

Sherry said...

First, you ARE a brand. When I see your work, I instantly think oh, it's Kat. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I have a logo, with the leaves coming out of my name and I love it. It also gives me the freedom to redesign packaging, but always retaining the logo.

I love the biz card slips with the faces on them. I'm in the middle of designing little slip cases with maps. It just keeps getting put on the back burner.

Sherry said...

I spelled your name wrong. Sorry.