New Artists Added to Polarity Lockets!

This week I have been fortunate enough to add 9 more AMAZINGLY talented artists to my Polarity locket artist series!
Dudadaze - Diane is the incredibly talented mom of three boys and she enjoys creating charming little pieces of art and being able to do what makes her happy. Check out the spring issue of Artful Blogging for Diane's article and amazingly fanciful artwork!

GollyBard (new set) - Holly's paintings represent a whimsical and peculiar narrative of both an everyday and make believe world. Watercolor scenes painted with detail and exactness, though filled with ambiguity. They are jumbled, untidy stories inspired by anything and everything that she is infatuated with for the moment.
HouseofSixCats - Bill is a Portland photographer and has been taking pictures since he got his first SLR camera for his 16th birthday. He fell in love with the art from his first roll of film! Long story short; Bill worked too long in the custom photo lab business, and hated everything about photography. Didn't pick up a camera for over ten years, until his daughter, Cyan, was born in April of 2007. When Bill saw the images of Cyan, that his friends had taken of her with their DSLR, he knew he had to get one! Bill picked up a Canon Rebel XT, started shooting his beautiful little girl, and his passion was re-ignited - and we are so glad it was!
Illusio - Lorrie specializes in drawing and illustration, mostly abstracts and pop art using both traditional mediums and digital. She also paints on canvas using acrylics, does embroidery and photography. The majority of her work has been commision based for private collections.
ShellieArtist - Shellie is an expressionistic artist and studied painting, printmaking and alloys at Appalachain State University. She now lives in South Carolina with her husband, son and five pets creating amazing works of fabric on wood.
SnappingTwig - Teina started out as a self taught mixed media artist selling and showing her work in galleries and shows. That lead her to the film industry where she worked for 15 years as a Prop Stylist and Set Designer. She merges original photographs of her mixed media art work with scanned found objects and saved scrap from books and other sources of inspiration into her amazing pieces!
StilettoHeights - Jennifer is the creator of the indie comic book "Stiletto Heights" which has received critical acclaim for it's realistic portrayal of life and love through a woman's eyes. The book contains realistic dialogue, and beautiful art combined with prose and poetry. Her mixed media art creations are another form of storytelling- her love for antique letters led Jennifer to an exploration of the hidden stories of letters of the past.
TorbusCo - Carmen loves to make mixed media art works that are a combination of layer after layer of rich color, texture you’ll want to touch, beautiful papers and inspirational messages and affirmations. She is a Bliss Follower, Inspired Mind, Creative Thinker and Big Dreamer who loves to make a huge mess with anything she can get her hands on. Carmen is passionate about creating art that encourages connection, validates emotion and nourishes the soul!
Xenotees - Noelle is the awesome artist behind Xenotees. She strives to have a unique and original approach to making t-shirts and it shows! After studying art and design for many years, she loves to be able to use her brain more creatively and decorate people with her ideas! For every shirt sold Noelle donates $1 to Flat Iron Wildcats of Philadelphia.
Yaelfran - Yael lives in beautiful Argentina and is the mother of two GREAT children (13 and 10 years old) and is a graphic designer. When Yael has a little time... she loves to do any craft thing with her hands.

Check out their amazing shops! The purchase of any locket from my new locket series gets a FREE set of extra lids this week.


Amy (the b-line) said...

Holy cow, this is amazing! You have paired up with some fantastic talent. What a wonderful idea--and a fantastic result!

Lory said...

I love them ALL! It will be hard to choose just one. ;-)

Kendra Zvonik said...

This series is really taking off! So many fabulous artists! I am so honored to be a part of all this energy happening in your shop- thank you again :) keep up the great work, Cat!

eNVe said...

you are unstoppable, cat!! :)

ana carina said...

Oh my, oh my!!!! I love love love that sheep, and I NEED the xenotees series!


snappingtwig said...

thanks cat .....
so proud to be a part of this project !!
you are incredible

kim said...

I love the concept behind these collaborations! And what an amazing way to extend your brand as well as the artist's brand.