Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 22, 2021 - a focus on the details and solutions, the week of the change that changes everything



The Moon has a short void from 8:05AM EDT to 9:08AM EDT and then moves into Virgo. Now we are nourished/nurtured by taking care of the details, the day-to-day, our pets, our health, our service, our work. The void was off a sextile to Mars, so should still be productive. 

In Virgo, she's out of the challenging fixed squares of the last couple days, so although I can't see your personal chart, collectively, things should go smoother. The Moon trines (brakes off) the Sun at 2:05PM EDT and then Mercury at 10:47AM EDT. 

The Moon's trine to the Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - Virgo/Taurus. Both practical earth, solid, realistic. The trine moves our New Moon story forward - with Virgo, we are fixing problems, attending to details, making things BETTER. 

The Moon is in good stead with Mercury, too, words/contracts/conversations are moving things forward. Transportation, local community situations can be attended to now. Mercury is also trining Vesta (in Virgo) - an important focus/maybe something that has been keeping us up at night is being attended to. Here's our decision/answer/solution.


(one thing to keep in mind because we know Mercury is meeting up with Uranus in a couple days, THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, stay flexible, this could also be saying the decisions we are making now/the details we are attending to - will change things, move us into the future)


This is also the day, and here is where things maybe get trickier (keep in mind through the Virgo trines are supporting the change), Venus meets up with Uranus. Something UNEXPECTED with our love, money, our resources, our values. Maybe we used to want this and now we want that. We used to love this/them and now that spell gets BROKEN. We could be spending a large sum of money now or there could be a disruption/change through what we own/earn. Our self-esteem might take a hit if it based on something we are not meant to hold onto. This also speaks of our relationships/money moving us into the future. A new story is started - new money, values, love - grown over time.

Venus's conjunction with Uranus is followed in a couple days with Mercury's conjunction with Uranus and in between Venus and Mercury meet each other. This is a memorable week. Surprises. Twists and turns. Values change. Money changes hands. Here is the future. This is all happening in Taurus with a HUGE pile-up of planets. If you know your Taurus house theme you are one-step ahead - collectively this is 2nd house - so money, our income, resources, self-esteem, values. Your natal and progressed house and placements will apply, too, tell a richer story. For example, if you are a SCORPIO RISING - this is happening in either your 6th or 7th house - which could indicate a sudden health situation that changes your day-to-day life, or maybe a new pet or sudden changes with your work (6th) or maybe the sudden change is experienced through a partner (7th house). 

Conjunctions are BIG deals and with two of our inner planets meeting change-maker/hive-mind Uranus - starting a new story - IMPORTANT CHANGES are happening. With Uranus there can be sudden breaks. They won't really 'come out of the blue', but they will feel like they do. Anything even slightly restricting can feel like a dog-collar to some people. Other than an opposition to Neptune late tomorrow night (EDT), the Moon has good aspects through Sunday - helping us emotionally deal with/make sense of everything. Our emotions can stay practical (Virgo) and then loving/connecting/partnering/focused on the beauty in whatever is happening (Libra). 

Keep in mind the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021/2022 battles for the soul of the Age of Aquarius - the dance (yes, maybe the kind of dance where we kind of toss each other around a bit, but these planets are partner planets as they rule Aqua, so it's a battle AND a dance, which sounds pretty much like everyone's marriage in 2020) between the old and the new as power gets re-distributed. This is happening in the outer world, in our own lives and in our heads and hearts. This process of moving into a new age is no joke (it's the one thing the "Q" addicts have right). Think about the way tech helps us, but also hurts/fragments us. The future is being ironed out. We are all being asked/required to raise our energy and given the opportunities/challenges to do this. Whatever you have going on this week - because Venus/Mercury meeting Uranus is activating the Uranus/Saturn stuff - it MATTERS. It is important.

If you appear to lose something now, know much more/more valuable will be gained over time. Trust this. 

xo all

artwork by the amazing Marie-Denise Villers

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