Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 1st, 2021 - the old fires up the new, choosing a new direction, what needs fixing, what needs forgiving/forgetting



The Moon is in lighter/brighter Sagittarius now. We are nurtured/nourished by adventure, widening our scope, optimism, faith. She will sextile Saturn at 8:52PM EDT and trine the Sun at 10:45PM EDT. 

The sextile is repeating our Venus/Sun theme this week - opportunities (some action is required and things proceed smoothly from there) for stability, opportunities for responsibility. Her trine to the Sun is this month's Waning Trine - Sagittarius/Aries. This is courage and confidence. While the Moon is trining the Sun, the Sun is trining the South Node. An old optimism/belief/confidence is reactivated/fired up. 

Now it's the Sun's turn (at 12 degrees Aries) to sextile the North Node at 12 degrees Gemini. This is a repeating aspect from yesterday (Venus) - we are pulled into the future/choosing a course of action. Decisions made now MATTER. By the end of the week, Mercury will be in Aries answering to Mars and Mars will be in Gemini answering to Mercury - this will stay in orb for a couple weeks and it will be MUCH EASIER (we will be clearer/more decisive) to be taking action/communicating/signing on the dotted line. This is really good news.

At the same time Pallas (in Pisces) has now moved into her exact opposition to a retrograde Vesta. We are either Pallas in Pisces - using our intuition, working with the past, our decision-making skills feeling fuzzy, maybe we are escaping/avoiding and then Vesta opposes us with a need to put our attention on THE PROBLEM - fix it. And she's retrograde, so this will be something that probably needed our attention a long time ago. Or maybe we are Vesta, so entirely focused on the problem/flaw that we can't see what the opposition to Pallas is offering -  a smooth release, a rest, ancestral assistance, using our imagination, prayer, connection, love, FORGIVENESS. Is our fixation on the problem helping? Is our avoidance of the problem helping? There is amazing energy this week to take action/make decisions that are helpful, use it or lose it. We will be back here with Vesta direct in the middle of July, so THIS IS A PROCESS.

xo all

painting by the talented Neivan-IV

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