Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 9th, 2021 - giving voice to what ails us, honesty is the best policy, turning to someone older and more experienced, stepping into future, an open portal for healing



The Pisces Moon squares Mars (actions that drift off course, misplaced arguments, feeling drained) and meets up with Neptune this morning (EDT). She goes void tonight off a sextile to Pluto (7:48PM EDT). 

Her square to Mars/meeting with Neptune rather nicely echos Mars' own square to Neptune today (21 degrees Gemini/Pisces). THIS is the energy that might be draining us this week - if you have been feeling that more than the building motivation/momentum! 


And remember Mars in Gemini is answering to Mercury, who is in Aries, answering to Mars. Words can be confusing. We might be rehashing very old arguments or arguing with the wrong people and about the wrong things. We might feel drained/tired/ineffective. This is a good aspect for putting our foot in our mouth. 

This is also the day Mercury meets Chiron which complicates the Mars/Mercury/Neptune because we can't just go back to bed or figure out a way to zip it. This tells us the WORDS MUST BE SPOKEN. Even when they hurt. Even when they trigger our very old woundings and we will know what triggers we are carrying by the words that wound us this week. Why do THESE words hurt? And, yes this goes back to your childhood, but this is actually much older and deeper than that. 


Mercury/Chiron meeting in Aries is a powerful, open portal and we are being downloaded with courage/initiative. Mars, ruler of Aries, squaring Neptune, accesses our past, the things that are behind us, our ancestry, past lives. We are healing today and tomorrow and, maybe most importantly,  yesterday. 


If there is something we are trying to avoid, an uncomfortable conversation for example, it should not be avoided now. This doesn't mean the conversation will tie everything up with a big red bow, but the conversation/action represents our ability to act more decisively now, more brave, more self-empowered. It is the process that matters here, not so much the immediate visible outcome. We are doing it/saying it THIS TIME when we couldn't do it/say it before. We are standing up. 


Putting the fear/pain/vulnerability into words will be healing.

If someone else's words have wounded us, we will notice what is happening. "Wow, my feelings here are really out of proportion to the situation." This is a TRIGGER. Now, how will we choose to respond? We want to avoid escape, avoidance or martyrdom here. But there is a clearer way through this.

The way through this is today's Saturn trine the North Node and this is a HUGE HELP. Saturn is in Aquarius, a sign he co-rulers, so he is strong here. The North Node (our way forward) is in Gemini so ruled by Mercury - and Mars is answering to Mercury! The best way through this day - putting on our big-girl pants, being responsible, talking like an adult (to some extent keeping things unemotional), stepping into our responsibility. Outer authority/limits can help. This is a trine to the North Node, so WHATEVER steps we take in this direction - toward something more future focused/responsible - can get us where we need to be. 

Remember 2021 - the year of the recurring Saturn/Uranus squares (next exact aspect is in June) - is redistributing power/building the future through chaos/change. Anything related to Saturn or Uranus this year is part of this process. 


TODAY/this week is part of that process. 


Don't avoid, escape or martyr. If your foot ends up in your mouth, choose a responsible, grown-up removal process. If someone has said something that is swirling around in your head and bothering you way out of proportion to the situation KNOW that an earlier version of you (your childhood, ancestors, past-lives) was faced with a similar situation (maybe speaking up back then created dire circumstances), and now needs you to GIVE VOICE TO WHAT HURTS. You might have to stand up for yourself. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Not this decade. You might have to admit, at least to yourself and maybe to someone else, that you need more AGENCY - more structure underneath you, better credentials, more learning, more time applied to the fundamentals. 

You don't have to have all the answers or even any answers. Ask questions (even of yourself!). We are dealing with very old fears around our ability to take care of ourselves/be ourselves/own ourselves/even survive. Be gentle with yourself and other people now. Mercury in Aries can be too blunt, words come out like bullets. This is mitigated by his mutual reception with Mars in Gemini - just keep the conversations lighter/smarter. 

Step into your responsibility, turn to someone older or more experienced. Lean into a more local future. Notice how the Mars/Neptune is allowing our escape if we are NOT READY. And that is OK, but we will miss this OPPORTUNITY and have to do this again anyway. Choose to show up. Choose to be ready. Allow that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone or do/say something that forces us to loosen control. 


xo all


If, for example and there are a million ways this can play out, this is just one of them - we have said something we regret saying now. Maybe don't think - "how can I prevent this foot from EVER going into my mouth again", ie trying to control. Instead maybe try thinking - "look at me being an ass with my foot in my mouth" and, guess, what, I didn't choke to death/I didn't drown. I am still here. Think about that North Node in Gemini - if the situation is no big deal - apply some humor. Think about that Saturn in Aquarius - and how he has gone from being king of his castle in Capricorn to sharing rulership with chaotic Uranus in Aqua - there is opportunity in odd places and with unusual bedfellows now. If the situation is a big deal - take responsibility for the words in whatever way that would apply - the cat can't be put back in the bag, but maybe someone needs to know the cat is on the loose.


artwork by the amazing Pam Earleywine

maybe watch/rewatch Brene Brown's TED talk on vulnerability.

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