Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - pushed to shine, pushed to take care of ourselves, our focus on the right details/keeping the right fires burning moves things forward, something slides into place


The Moon moved into Leo at 2:11AM EDT - we are nourished by fun, children, our creative projects, taking care of our heart/our heartfelt desires, attention. With the taurus and Aqua planets, Leo isn't the fun place it used to be. She is pretty stressed out today with multiple squares - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus. The fixed planets are challenged. Tension/frustration. That's OK, we'll get through this.


Her square to the Sun is this month's First Quarter Moon - first lunar square after the Aries New Moon. But the Sun is in Taurus now so we are seeing different things. Here's where our new agenda meets a snag. This is Leo/Taurus. There are as many ways this can play out as people on Earth, but it's something like - maybe a need to stop and smell the roses brought on by our love of our children. Or conversely the need to make more money turns our attention to a creative project. Maybe this is tension/frustration between our need to have fun and our need to be comfortable/not rock the boat/stick with what we know. Maybe that need to have fun/creative project isn't supported by our bank account.


The Moon in Leo needs to be brave/ROAR. The Sun in Taurus is illuminating/growing really important things and not so likely to be taking chances. These are fixed signs, so situations can feel entrenched. One thing is certain - playing it totally safe isn't going to work. Breaking the bank isn't either.

Let's see if we have any easier aspects today/a collective way through. 


The Moon is also squaring Venus and we can see Venus is trining Vesta (6 degrees Virgo). After their trine - and at the same degree - Vesta stations direct - she has had us back and forth over something really important that needed to be fixed. Now, she begins her final pass - the one where we are focused on the right details/what we really value now. A trine to Venus is a good sign here. With a trine - the brakes come off. Things are smoother/easy. This is Virgo/Taurus, so solid earth. Real things we can taste and touch. 

The First Quarter Moon with the Moon squaring Venus is the PUSH - whether our back is against the wall or we are the one doing the brave/showy pushing may not matter - one way or the other this is forward movement. Something coming unstuck. 


The Venus/Vesta is smooth energy - relationships, our money, resources, values, self-esteem, HERE is what really matters. What we have been fixing this thing FOR/the reason for our focus on these particular details. What we value now. Vesta stations to pass through this territory one more time. That trine to Venus in Taurus pulls in what we love/what really matters/our resources. Vesta (as we) got all the back to 6 degrees, so we have some work ahead of us, but something should be fixed (or forgotten through the Pisces oppositions) by now. We know what needs to be done here. Whatever this is, our focus on the details/the delays here are over. 


There should be some visible progress now as she trines Venus (strong in her own sign). So, the way through is Vesta in Virgo - our sacred focus on what really matters. Taking care of the details, OUR HEALTH. 


Know things are getting shuffled, so we are all in the places we need to be to shift this collective energy. You have your own little piece of this collective mess to straighten out and straighten it out you will. You know what you need to do/focus on to keep the necessary fires burning.

And keep in mind our Leo Moon's need to shine. Have some fun, too - take care of your heart. Expect some tension/frustrations, avoid being prideful. Virgo is pulled into this, and anytime Virgo is pulled in tells us to be practical/detail focused/health conscious. Tomorrow looks challenging, too. Hang in there. The Moon is waxing/growing - something in your life will be, too.

xo all


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artwork by Gabrielle Ragulle

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