Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 2nd, 2021 - a mixed bag emotionally, empowering words, making the dream real, our responsibilities pull us out of lalaland, a peek into April


The Moon in optimistic and (sometimes) bombastic Sagittarius faces a mixed and changing game today - she trined Venus at 1:56AM EDT, opposes Mars at 6:40AM EDT (tension, maybe feeling rushed, avoid unnecessary arguments, no preaching), squares Neptune at 1:41PM EDT (the fog rolls in), and finally sextiles ruler Jupiter (all's well that end's well?) at 5:17PM EDT. This isn't her last aspect in Sag (that's a testy square to Mercury at 1:23AM EDT tomorrow), but might help us end the day, if our day ends early enough, on the right note - luck/hope/adventure.

This is also the day Mercury's opportunistic sextile to Pluto reaches its exactness at 26 degrees. 


Pisces/Capricorn. The dream being made real/stable. With Pluto, maybe also more obsessive. The sacrifice/forgiveness/release required. This one needs a little action/effort on our part to do something with, but nothing overtly pushy. Words are powerful/connecting/healing/empowering. Authority, rules, limits, our responsibilities can PULL US out of the fog. This is Neptune/Saturn stuff which you know I LOVE (a tight Neptune/Saturn square in my natal and centaur/asteroid Pholus - the one with the Neptune/Saturn orbit - exact on my Sun). 

Working on a monthly for April, so I can spend April on the big-picture posts to prepare us for the upcoming challenges/opportunities. The first two weeks of April are mostly very positive - we have Mercury/Mars in each other's signs, so making them both way more stable and productive. We have a friendly New Moon to kick off the New Lunar Year mid-month. A couple days after the New Moon - right around primo launch time - the Moon will be in Taurus (exalted) and Venus will be in Taurus, too - a green light for projects. The end of April looks more challenging - things tighten up as the Full Moon in Scorpio squares the Aqua and Taurus planets. So, in January we had the explosions, February we kind of retracted, March things let up a bit, early April is a time of decisions/action, mid-April BIG GREEN LIGHT, then by the end of April things switch on us/challenges in the outer world and in our own world (especially for fixed planet people) are more likely. We can prepare for this to some degree. Be prepared to act by mid-month, DON'T wait until the end of April when things will be more challenging. Also, since this will be Taurus season, you might want to stock up on food/supplies over the next couple weeks, just in case.


Heads up I am switching to a monthly, rather than weekly format. 


I'll still do the New and Full Moons and update the monthly as we move through the month to add more daily info/the Moons. This will free up my time to write more big-picture stuff including the upcoming Eclipse season, finish the astro-amazing royalty series and the Saturn/Uranus, Battle for the Age of Aquarius, plus some Centaur stuff and Goddess Asteroid information that has come to me recently and is blowing my mind, all of which you should find very, very interesting and helpful as we move through the year and into 2022.

xo all

artwork by the amazing Daria Petrilli

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