... a sneak peek

quick peek by xfakeplasticlovex
Let's take a little peek ahead and see what's coming/happening now.

We have the conjunction of Jupiter and the North Node. This has been coming since Jupiter moved into Virgo last summer and put our Virgo house on a collision course with destiny!

They haven't met up at this degree in Virgo since November 1979 (maybe that time period means something to someone).

And then on Sunday, Jupiter trines Pluto.

So what does all this mean? Some good news for the Virgo house of our natal and progressed charts. Positive developments that feel "lucky" can happen now that line us up with bigger (Jupiter) and better opportunities!

In Virgo, there is always some 'work' involved, but we've been doing the work (that is right in front of us) for a long time now - we are ready for this. The trine (brakes off) to Pluto (karma, transformation) makes it pretty clear whatever is happening needs to happen, won't be stopped and changes everything.

Think back to last March and early last October to what we had brewing then. With trines (and Mars moving direct next week) things could take off quickly now and this week's connection to our North Node (space we are moving toward) could completely change our life for the better!

As Mars prepares to move direct (next Wednesday), after two and a half months of challenging our plans(!), he will be very powerful. Keep this in mind. Remember the finger through the flame analogy I've used before. As we move our finger through a flame we won't feel the flame if we move quickly enough, but when we slow down and especially if we stop (as Mars is doing now) it gets intense. So stuff can be intense now and for the next week.

We could certainly have a breakthrough next week with whatever has been stuck - but keep in mind Mars is traveling old ground for a while longer. Imagine you are on a walk and then you turn around and walk backward over the trail you have already walked then you turn around and move ahead again but you are still covering old ground for a while until you get back to the place you originally turned around. Make sense? This is our 3rd time over these same degrees. For some people, those with planets and points in this section of Scorpio and Sagittarius, this will be felt more strongly. Let's get it right this time.

As Mars stations direct we want to watch our temper, drive more carefully and just be more cautious with our physical self.

OK, that's a short peek ahead - will be back on Sunday night for the weekly post. Know that whatever is happening now - whatever news comes to you, etc - will be OK in the end. And if it's not OK, it's not the end. And it's what we need to move our story forward and to move our collective story forward. There is also energy around supporting us being who we are, warts and all, and releasing old traumas and rejections, so keep that in mind, too, as we move through any changes and challenges! xo all


Helen said...

clearly you aren't in Britain - things are falling apart here, not coming together or looking good in any way

Catherine Ivins said...

I'm not in Britain, no. I can see from the headlines that the sky is falling, but the skies really don't say they are falling. Yesterday there was an Aquarius (rebel) Moon (emotions) and we had Uranus (rebellion, sudden change) conjunct Ceres (mother, birth, new life). I wrote about mom wanting to run away and join the circus because that's what the energy felt like. There was an opposition to Neptune (mourning) and the North Node (future) conjunct Jupiter (expansion, luck). The skies would indicate it is much about money and security. There is that trine (brakes off) with Pluto that would show this being the quickest path forward, like wherever we are all headed this is a more efficient way of getting there. And Uranus just picks us up and puts us where we need to be. Yes, it sounds like hard work must follow this. There is definitely energy that anything reborn must be dramatically changed, but there are absolutely exciting possibilities ahead. The whole energy this week is that any shock or surprise or bad news leads to something beneficial .....

Catherine Ivins said...

It tells me to start taking Ceres alot more seriously - does everyone know her story?! (she used to be an asteroid, now drawf planet) - when they demoted Pluto (astronomers not astrologers), Ceres and Eris got promoted (Mars' pissed off sister).

hang in there Helen! much love to you xo