Mercury into Cancer (Wednesday) | taking it personally

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Mercury (communication, ideas, intellect) enters Cancer on June 29th.

There are multiple ways we will find this playing out. First, Mercury will bring an even greater focus to our natal Cancer house and to the things Cancer rules (home, family, country, history, roots, mom and apple pie - well maybe only apple pie if it's baked by mom).

Since Cancer is a cardinal sign initiating a new season we will enter into new conversations that move existing things along or take us in new directions.

Words can bring comfort. Nostalgia wins hearts here. It will be easier to connect emotionally with others through conversations and communications.

On the flip side, we (and others), might take things too personally. Words can also make us overly emotional as they carry us back to other times we have heard/experienced them.

Our thoughts and decisions could be influenced by the past, even the distant past, and we want to be certain we are not romanticizing something from our history or being too needy with others. It will be good to give those needs a voice - just think through whether it really applies to the current situation.

We will be most successful when we speak and write with the intention to make the other person feel safe, secure and connected.

A Cancer's first impulse is usually to retreat into the safety of their 'shell', so privacy, and time to get our thoughts together, will be important now.

We could regret oversharing information with others. As writer and researcher Brene Brown says, "we share with people who have earned the right to hear our story."

The stories we tell ourselves and each other and our shared history will be what connects us now. Keep that in mind. xo all

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