Mercury squares Jupiter & the Nodes of Fate | important information

the age of information by pati makowska

My first thought with Mercury (information, communication, ideas) squaring Jupiter (expansion, excess, luck) - since I am a negative thinker which I have written about before - is to be aware that information can be blown out of proportion.

Your grown daughter living on the other side of the country calls and gets you all worked up about some problem she is having. You spend the afternoon brainstorming ideas, stressing out and pricing travel info. You call her back with your ideas, thoughts, plans to fly out there - and she seems to not know what you are talking about, she has almost forgotten the whole thing.

Communication, conversation and ideas could seem more urgent than they actually are.

A customer emails and says, "I must have this by tomorrow" and when you say "this is not possible", and I hope for the sake of your sanity this is what you would say, they will reply, "well, I really need it by the weekend." Keep this in mind.

My second thought with Mercury squaring Jupiter now, since he is also squaring our North (where we are collectively heading) and South (what we are collectively releasing) nodes is that some of the information that comes in now could be important. Also Mercury is conjunct Vesta (focus). Jupiter's rush of adrenaline could be distracting but there might be an idea now that can grow into something or a conversation that points us in a fresh (and fruitful) direction. If something comes along now it could be worth pursuing (just not urgently).

We've had a stressful couple weeks with much outflow of energy (compassion, grief, love, stress) - it's Cancer season - let's practice some good self nurturance now, too. xo all

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lynn bowes said...

For an impatient person like me who wants what she wants and NOW, this is a good reminder - patience, faith, reward.