Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 27th - foward we go!

fast forward by PORG

This will be another busy week with lots of twists and turns.

We start the week still under the influence of the magically positive trine (brakes off) between Pluto and Jupiter (exact yesterday). This is an opportunity to build on whatever positive happening has been moving through our life in the last couple weeks.

If there is something we can do to push something forward let's do that in the beginning of the week while we still have this "lucky" energy at our backs.

We've also got Mercury in Gemini (lots of ideas, thoughts and conversations) sextiling Uranus (sudden out of the blue change). Pay attention. We won't have this kind of Jupiterian "luck"for another 8 years and it will not be so grounded then - able to produce physical changes, opportunities and actual stuff we can hold in our hands. With Capricorn and Virgo there will be work involved, but we have the potential to make something real here.

If anything has shown any promise over the last couple weeks, take some steps with it now.

Mercury squares Chiron (stationing retrograde) so there could be a conversation or communication that touches an old wound or makes for an uncomfortable decision. It would be best to stay aware of how much of our thinking is 'habitually negative' - it would be good to stay positive and I don't mean pink flowers although maybe having some around would be helpful. Focus on positive possibilities. Let the other stuff drift off.

THE BIG NEWS - Mars is moving direct on Wednesday - project delays and roadblocks will begin to clear.

He is uber powerful now as he sits in our Scorpio house (I know you have especially felt him over the last few weeks Aries and Scorpios!), - maybe like a knot of fear in our stomach. Where is 23 degrees Scorpio in your natal and progressed charts? Our Scorpio house is the space we carry this lifetime's fears (and our 8th house, the house Scorpio rules, the natural home of the fears we have inherited from our parents and society). Mars has been covering the same ground Saturn covered a couple years ago trying to show us the stuff we are afraid of that is standing in our way. Fear that surfaces this week will be alot about this. This isn't new stuff, but it could be shown to us in a new way.

The stuff that has been stuck with Mars retrograde is about to come unstuck. He won't be covering new ground until late August, but we should have a good idea by now of what we want to do or not do. If a decision is still not clear to us we can use the next few weeks energy as Mars covers the same old ground in forward motion to figure it out. By now we probably know what's worth fighting for.

By the end of August the die will be cast so to speak. Battles will be won or lost, decisions written in stone ....

So, Monday - Venus and Neptune are snuggly and this bodes very well for love and money - with Neptune, inspiration and imaginative will be in good supply. There is also a trine (brakes off) between Saturn and the Moon (in Pisces) making this a good time for dealings with authority figures, positive closures and long term commitments. Also keep in mind the Jupiter/Pluto stuff I wrote earlier.

On Wednesday Mars moves direct (YAY forward motion people!) and Mercury moves into Cancer making how we feel about what we hear much more important than what people are actually saying. Words can make everyone more emotional - keep this in mind.

Thursday's opposition between Pluto and Venus could offer a powerful (karmic) situation with a woman - there could be some kind of triangle with what is happening, maybe something to do with real estate or family? With an opposition something/someone 'out there' is doing something that requires some action or decision from us.

With the Venus (love, money, women, beauty) Jupiter (expansion, luck, growth) sextile (positive) on Friday bringing us back to the Jupiter/Pluto (karma, fate, transformation) trine (brakes off) - it again feels like positive growth. There will be opportunities now for all of us to shift the patterns we have when in relationship with others.

All in all a mixed bag but mostly positive week with moments of frustration and insecurity.

xo all

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