the jumping off place | Mars direct

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After seventy days (!) Mars (our energy, initiative and drive) has picked up his normal pace and what we thought we began back in February or March finally resumes its development.

After many weeks of waiting, preparing, and planning - new activities, projects (and elusive answers and situations) will propel us forward now.

We are ready (trust me on this!) now that we've undone or redone something or had to wait for something else to be done or catch up with us before we could pick up on whatever we've had to postpone since Mars began to slow down radically in late March.

All things Scorpio and Sagittarius are full steam ahead! Some people will feel these energies more than others, but whatever has been lagging will now be leading.

It's still old stuff because Mars won't be covering new ground until late August - but with Mars in direct motion we can finally get it done, get it right or get it going!

There are also multiple positive aspects right now and everyone is probably feeling at least one of them. So from here we go on ... again.

With Jupiter still in Virgo - let's be focused, clear, and willing to allow whatever inspires us (Jupiter) to transform our everyday life (Virgo).

Let's enjoy whatever accelerates, with a positive focus much that was promised earlier this year, will leap forward dramatically between now and late August. Be confident, we are prepared for whatever comes next.

We'll finish whatever is being reshaped with this and start the next chapter at the end of August! xo all


DancingMooney said...

I am excited! And I am ready!! :)

xo Cat! ;)

lynn bowes said...

There are not caps big enough to show how happy I am that things are moving! I have been concentrating so hard on the work in the last few months that seeing any results will be so satisfying. I need that sign that it's all going in the right direction, ya know?