Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 6th - Venus delivers the goods

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You might remember last summer (why does last summer feel like 10 years ago to me?) Venus had a nice long retrograde. We were all figuring out, by working backward, what we really value and how to align ourselves, going forward, with that.

At one point during that cycle, mid August 2015, Venus was conjunct the Sun at 22 degrees Leo (sitting in the same space as the Sun). We talked about a new cycle kicking off - building our new dream.

(an update on our dream later this week!)

This also closed out the previous Venus cycle which started back in January 2014, kicked off a new 8 year cycle for our Leo house and closed out the previous Leo house cycle from 2007.

Venus, planetary ruler of women, love, relationships, money, resources and self-esteem, has a cycle with the Sun with phases similar to the Moon.

If Venus was the Moon, the cycle we kicked off last summer (mid August) would have been her New Moon phase (in Venus speak called her inferior conjunction/morning star phase); it was a launching point.

And like the New Moon, where stuff begins in the dark - things started slowly and didn't really kick up until the end of October when, at 16 degrees Virgo, Venus was conjunct the Sun again and we were in her initiated phase and things were "full steam ahead".

This week, at 13 degrees Gemini, Venus hooks up with the Sun again and reaches her superior conjunction - if she were the Moon this would be her Full Moon phase where the energy peaks.

(note - at the end of March 2017, when Venus hooks up with the Sun at 4 degrees Aries, this current cycle will conclude and a new cycle will kick off, a 19 month Venus cycle and a new 8 year cycle for our Aries house)

So MONDAY is the Full Moon phase of the current Venus cycle.

With Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini this is a time of OPPORTUNITY (yes, for our Gemini house but also our Leo house that launched this cycle and for those Venus themes I mentioned earlier), good news, payoffs and yes, culminations. This could be about us receiving news and opportunities from the current cycle and also about attracting what we want (Venus) by the information/communication (Gemini/Mercury) we put out (Sun).

This also ends the Gemini cycle that began in June 2008 (and we can continue back in eight year increments to get a feel of what these cycles have looked like for us previously) and starts a new cycle in our Gemini house! Whew, I know this probably sounds confusing. Stay with me.

Venus' cycles pertain to Venus things - love, money and self-esteem. If we have planets or points near these degrees (22 Leo, 16 Virgo, 13 Gemini) this cycle will figure more prominently in our life. And, of course, everyone can use the Venus cycles as touchstones to start, develop and end situations that are Venus ruled!

We also have the Cancer Moon (home, family, security) making a very nice alignment to Jupiter (expansion, good luck) on Monday. Circle Monday, June 6th, on the calendar!

The next day (Tuesday) Venus and the Sun will square the Nodes (of fate) - this connects whatever is happening to our past (karma) and future (dharma). A square denotes tension. Something outside our control is requiring us to take a new action. In this case, we are faced with a choice. Stay with our same old story or evolve/change something and head toward the future (and mostly we all say we want a different future and then we do the same old thing - me, too - ack!).

With Venus and the Sun in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and the North Node in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury ruling our communication and information - something about receiving or giving information could play a role here (Mercury also rules transportation, teaching, writing, fast moving things like computers, siblings and our local neighborhood).

Remember we still have the Mutable Grand Cross energy (literally a cross in the sky). Crosses are about sacrifice, so whatever is happening will come with some kind of trade off. If we want this we have to do, or give up, that. For example - if we want our business to make X amount of dollars we have to give up X amount of free time/family time/other activities to make that happen!

With Gemini there are always choices. With this square to the North Node of our collective destiny life asks us to 'pretty please' make the best one. In Virgo - the best choice will probably be the thing that is most realistic or that provides the most service or that is the best option for our health or the thing that is the 'next step' right in front of us. Virgo also rules organization, paperwork, pets, employees and employment. With so much forward momentum in these areas a little effort can turn into a landslide. This won't be some big crazy thing where we bet the farm - although it could absolutely turn into something big. Small is the new big this year. And yes, I know I've been harping on the same stuff all year!

On Wednesday and Thursday the Moon is in Leo which brings a natural focus to our 5th house of children, love, fun and creativity. The week heats up even more on THURSDAY when Mercury (in Taurus and ruler of our North Node and Sun right now) opposes (just what it sounds like) a retrograde Mars (in Scorpio) - this could be an argument or deep conversation probably about something from the past.

At the same time Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) trines (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo) through next Monday. This could remove a roadblock and get us moving in a new and improved direction!

There is the continued need to be flexible, weigh options, watch for things that are not quite as they seem and truths coming out. Mercury finally leaves his shadow period and begins to cover new ground, but if we have been holding off on that big moving parts purchase (computers, cars, etc) until the Mercury retrograde was totally over, I would still hold out a little longer with all the chaotic Gemini energy.

We continue to work with the mutable t-square - Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo. In the outer world U.S. politics this 3 legged table looks a lot like Bernie (Neptune - about to go retrograde), Hillary (Saturn - currently retrograde and moving direct in August) and Donald (Jupiter - about to be answering to Mercury in his home sign).

All is not as it seems though and it isn't the best time to get clear answers or make firm decisions - some things just have to work themselves out and fall into and out of place first. Mercury will move into his home sign of Gemini on Sunday - more about that next post.

Things will be much clearer and look very different in July when Mars is direct.

xo all


Helen said...

so if saturn wins and hillary is saturn can we say hillary will win?

Catherine Ivins said...

Well, she's Saturn (in my opinion) as part of the Mutable Grand Trine - that ends before the election. Saturn (and Mars, Hillary is a Scorpio Sun ruled by Mars - her birth time is uncertain) has been retrograde and certainly her past has been what she has been dealing with much more than any future plans. Saturn goes direct in mid August. She hasn't had the wind at her back in months. Saturn stays in Sagittarius through the election where Saturn is not such a happy camper and is answering to Jupiter.

Bernie, the hard working Virgo who has done such amazing things with small steps and small amounts of money and is really the North Node in Virgo, is currently embodying Neptune (the planet of dreamers) IN THE TRINE which is not such good news for him because Neptune goes retrograde next week and doesn't move ahead until after the election in November. This doesn't mean he has to remain Neptune but he will no doubt, starting next week be looking backward and working backward somehow.

Saturn and Neptune square 2 more times once on 6/26 and once on 9/10 so what that means for Hillary and Bernie is the big question mark?

Now Trump, who would have ever thought the Republican candidate would be the Jupiter! - has come out of retrograde May 9th and is in Virgo - Trump's a Leo and Leo's brightest star Regulus moved from Leo into Virgo a few years ago - this helps Trump come down from the Leo throne and relate to the common man (Virgo) - Jupiter moves into Libra on September 9th. Trump may not be playing Jupiter after that. But who knows? It could make him more appealing to women (Libra ruled by Venus).

If this were a battle between Saturn (scrooge) and Jupiter (santa claus) come November, I don't think Hillary or Bernie wants to be playing Saturn to Trump's Jupiter.

But by the election this trine and the cross will have faded and we still have the eclipses in September that tend to change everything!!

Helen said...

so you are saying Trump will appeal to women in Sept?

Catherine Ivins said...

probably not - Jupiter (currently in Virgo and fueling Bernie's Sun - his actions have been very Virgo - and fueling Trump's popularity) changes signs in Sept and moves into Libra (balance, partnership, women) - the candidate best channeling that energy (and depending where is hits their personal charts, but I wasn't talking about that) would have any advantage Jupiter in Libra carries come election time.

Helen said...

so who's going to win?? :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Wait, I'm an armchair astrologer Helen remember! I would say we have the north node in Virgo which is the best energy for the collective to 'head toward' to get where we need to go. Virgo is the sign of the servant, the craftsman, the worker, the small things that matter - who does that feel like to you? We also have the rising female energy (and end of patriarchy) and anything that is anti-feminine coming up to be looked at and worked through. Two people said to me today - "I can't believe these are our choices!". The thing is - these are exactly the right choices for us right now. The U.S. has manifested the candidates that best represent the energy of our times and the energy of our times is messy and not always very pretty. We all have aspects of these candidates in us and we all have people in our lives and situations in our lives right now that represent Neptune (Bernie), Saturn (Hillary) and Jupiter (Trump, I think I said he was a Leo before, I meant Leo rising). They really didn't just magically appear on our ballots. We, as a collective, based on all the choices we have made over the past months, years and decades have created this opportunity for all of us to choose the next part of our journey. Crazy days ahead .... xo