Saturn square Neptune | there's that wall again

up against the wall by gnato

Saturn square Neptune is THE transit of 2016. It permeates everything.

And because of the retrograde of Saturn and Neptune this year - we get multiple exact hits (days when the planets are sitting exactly square each other) and they stay close enough (to exact) to have an impact for most of the year. If it's not impacting you personally, it's impacting other people who are impacting you. And it's impacting the wider world in very big ways.

The first exact square was November 26th - both planets were direct at that time. The next exact square is June 17th (next Friday) with both Saturn and Neptune retrograde and the final exact square is September 10th.

Between this square (dreams vs. reality) that is affecting everyone to some degree and the Mutable T-Square that gets re-triggered today by the Moon that is giving a particularly challenging (and out of balance) time to people born in the middle degrees of the mutable signs - those born in the first few days of March, June, September and December - times are challenging If that is you, again, find mid Gemini in your natal chart and try to focus what energies you can into that area (area of life ruled by the house occupied by your natal Gemini) for balance. This isn't an easy transit. The ability to stay flexible and adapt to changes is crucial.

We have challenging cycles for people born in the mid 60's, late 70's and early 80's (and many people are having challenging life cycle transits now, too). "It's all good, just go shopping" isn't cutting it anymore. If you are not being hit by any of these transits then it is your job to help those who are.

Anyhoo, back to Saturn vs. Neptune - I want to talk about the ways this can be showing up for people. I've written over and over again "dreams vs. reality" and that's it all boiled down, but there are many, many ways this can play out. Bottom line - we are all being charged with finding more effective ways to live. 

Let's look at some possibilities - and no, I'm not going to have any answers. There aren't answers right now. That's kind of the point.

With another exact match up between Neptune and Saturn at the end of next week (both planets will be retrograde by then) we will be going back and examining either Neptune (the dream) or Saturn (the commitment).

Is the dream possible? And I don't mean pie in the sky thinking here. Get quiet. Is it possible? We need to get real with ourselves. Are we dreaming our life away? Here there is a need for structure (the wall) to "stop" our meandering (boundary-less) energy.


Is the commitment real? Does it still make sense? Is what we strongly believe being continually tested? Do these rules, these walls, these limits, these beliefs - really work anymore? Are we working our life away? Here there is a need for a more charitable or maybe more imaginative way of being to "dissolve" our rigidity (wall).

Either way, yes, there could be grieving (Neptune) and pain (Saturn) for what we lose here.

Many people are actually manifesting into reality (making real with Saturn) walls and road blocks by the dreams (beliefs) they put into motion years and even decades ago. Choices we made subconsciously long ago are being given actual physical form here. These may not be choices we would make now.

I have a natal Neptune/Saturn square and it's part of a fixed t-square. I have come to know these energies pretty well. The key is always for our values (what we really care about) and ambitions (what we are working for) to be reinforcing each other - that will give us the strength to hold our focus under pressure. This is not about us giving up on the dream.

Ultimately this transit is teaching us about making the dream real (although I hesitate to write that because some people's big picture dreams need to come down to earth so we can work the practical steps to make them happen). We'll talk more about this as we move through it.

By October we'll have this figured out, I promise. We are on the far side of "normal" times, but maybe normal is highly overrated anyway. xo all

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