Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 19th - only one of us here

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Hello Summah!

On Monday we have a fruitful and positive Full Moon in Sagittarius (early a.m. EST before we wake) followed, within a few hours, by the Sun's movement into Cancer - otherwise known as the Summer Solstice.

A Full Moon on the Summer Solstice hasn't happened since 1969 - wasn't that the summer of Woodstock?! Mud and music could be just what the world needs now!

Cancer is a cardinal sign (initiating energy that kicks off a new season) ruled by the Moon and it's a water sign so we have another emotional, volatile week ahead of us and it could pivot our focus in a new direction.

The Sun is going to come along and trigger the same story we walked last week. In Cancer our priorities are home, family, history, patriotism, safety and stability.

With the Full Moon followed so closely by the Summer Solstice - Cancer themes take the spotlight now and our Cancer natal and progressed houses are IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

The first degrees of Cancer (and every cardinal sign) are what astrology calls the world axis. The world axis is the space where our personal energy and the collective energy come together.

Events that happen at these points are felt universally and personally; outside and inside. Our decisions, actions and beliefs really matter here - what I do affects you and what you do affects me and what is done globally affects all of us and each of us.

Planets at the world axis make everything easier to see and everything that happens has a greater significance. It can be helpful to look at the ways what is happening in the world is happening in our own life and the other way around. Stories in the news (just like last week when this energy was starting to come together) will have a larger 'spotlight' and be more impactful either literally or symbolically.

There is also the possibility of an important door opening for us now. It might be something just getting fleshed out - maybe the door frame is just going in. If you are not sure if it's time to act (and Mars is still retrograde so it may not be), then wait. Our attention will likely begin to focus in a new direction.

We've got some other aspects at the Full Moon that I talked about HERE. There might be some bad news delivered to us or challenging situations arising. But the Full Moon has many positive aspects including an aspect with Uranus that can get us moving in a universally good direction together.

Know that a no or ending now will be one of those things that make sense later and turns out to work in our favor. We've got bigger and better fish to fry. Have faith.

Expect a busy, mixed week. On Tuesday, the Moon is in "just get 'er done" Capricorn and we are focused on our goals and working hard or an authority figure may need to be dealt with. On Wednesday we've got a void Moon so it's a good day for practiced, routine work and not a good launch day. Mercury is squaring Jupiter so we'll try not to over-promise or blow things out of proportion. There could be some kind of blow up or ending or just a last minute change now. Good news can also come that expands our world in some way.

On Thursday and Friday the Moon is in Aquarius (Friday has a void Moon from lunch on so keep that in mind). On Thursday something Venus related (love, money, beauty, women) might require extra effort and focus. Ceres (mother, nurturing) is conjunct Uranus (an unexpected turn, break for freedom) - maybe mom runs off and joins the circus - I know I'd like to! Whatever it is, with an inconjunct to a retrograde Mars in Scorpio - it will be uncomfortable. The weekend could be an emotional roller coaster. On Sunday, we've got Jupiter conjuncting our North Node taking us back to November 1979 and promising growth, expansion and that whatever the week's crazy energy kicks up will all be OK in the end. Really.

A few things to keep in mind now. 1. Jupiter is in Virgo thru August. Small is the new big (later in the year it will be who we know not what we know and all about keeping our balance). Our Jupiter houses have expanded - for better or worse!

2. Saturn is in Sagittarius through the end of 2017. Our beliefs are being tested as well as our comfort level with what is "foreign", restrictions and roadblocks (the kind that make things better in the end) with our Sagittarius houses and Sagittarius themes.

3. Neptune is in Pisces for another 9 years! Our imagination and intuition will be strong but so will any tendency to drift into escape, over-medicate, over-meditate. Reality will be slippery. Keep this in mind when you read my blog :)

4. Mars is retrograde for just one more week - YAY! 5. Venus just moved into Cancer to start the ball rolling with Cancer season (home, family, tradition, security, patriotism) 6. The Sun moves into Cancer on Monday 7. Mercury is still buzzing through Gemini - information overload, busy, busy.

8. Uranus (new, sudden, change, revolution, rebellion) is in Aries (war, action, initiative) until mid 2018 when (if we haven't killed each other off by then) he moves into Taurus and upends our relationship to the planet, our money and our values. 9. Pluto (transformation, karma) is in Capricorn steamrolling our structures, safety nets and business paradigms until 2023. Note- the United States has a natal Pluto in Capricorn and is approaching its Pluto return!

When Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 and humanitarian changes sweep over the world (yes, it's all coming together) it will be hard to believe how far we have come. What this is going to look like is being seeded now! Aquarian energy can be a detached, robotic, cold wasteland of the 'greater good' or a humanistic paradise of equality, freedom and ingenuity or most likely something we haven't thought about yet! Hopefully it still includes chocolate.

(and yes, of course, there's still time for binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black)

xo all


DancingMooney said...

I love when you do these weekly layout posts, it's always fun to see how the day connects, or if I can give myself permission to relax, or a push to work on certain days. ;)

*almost done with the deck, hooray!* I am ready for some relaxing, and connecting with friends on that thing this summer. It will be good food for the soul. ♥ ANDDDD... I can take my work outside too!! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

YAY for the deck! and YAY for summer! xo Janell