Full Moon in Sagittarius | yes, another one and it's a goodie!

summer solstice by dilekt

It seems appropriate that in this year when everything feels larger than life we get two Full Moons in Sagittarius (the larger than life sign ruled by larger than life Jupiter). This one is literally in the final hours of the Sun's journey through Gemini.

Gemini season has been bookend-ed with these two Full Moons. The first Sagittarius Full Moon (May 21st) and the second in the early morning hours of June 20th. Maybe something that seemed over in late May and had new life breathed into it really is over now or reaches some kind of pinnacle, is brought to light or culminates. There could be a celebration or achievement or maybe some piece of the puzzle that was missing at that time becomes clear to us or shows up now.

With this Full Moon at the very last degree of Sagittarius - there is the potential for something to be blown out of proportion. Which could be a good or not so good thing! We'll work with it either way.

We have Chiron (wounded healer) squaring the Full Moon (and of course also the Sun - yes, another T-Square!). Squares are tension - something happens that pushes us to do something else. With Chiron growth comes through discomfort and relief comes from learning to live with whatever can't be fixed.

Now, if this doesn't sound like good news it's because I wrote the fly in the ointment part first this time!

(probably because I bought one of those velcro screen doors for Olive to go in and out in my studio and I've had about five giant flies in here within the last 24 hours making me nuts)

There is lots of lucky and positive energy around this Full Moon.

First, the Grand Cross is back at the Full Moon but this time we've got Mercury filling in that last square. So Mercury (communication, ideas) is opposite Saturn (in Sagittarius). Oppositions often require a decision. There is an answer or a commitment here.

With Mercury squaring Jupiter and Neptune it will be easy to get sidetracked, drift off into lalaland or think too big. This year (North Node in Virgo) is about being practical, prioritizing health, doing the work, servicing others, taking care of the details - we will not miss out on some big opportunity by doing these things - these are the opportunity.

Also keep in mind our South Node (what we are releasing, what isn't working now) is in Pisces. The expression "dreams don't work unless we do" comes to mind with this. Usually I am a strong believer in raising our own energy level to change the world and trusting our intuition (Pisces).

But with our South Node in Pisces we are not going to be able to imagine, intuit, pray, meditate or medicate our way out of a mess. It's going to take those Virgo small, measured steps to move us forward.

One of the best aspects about this Full Moon is it makes an exact conjunction to our North Node (in Virgo ruled by Mercury) - the space we have collectively decided working toward moves us all forward now.

This is a HUGE indicator that however anything appears (win or lose) at this Moon the bottom line result will be good. It will be to our benefit.

Then the best news is within a few hours of the Moon, the Sun enters Cancer, and we have the Summer Solstice! We transition smoothly from one intense (and beneficial) energy to another - more on this in the weekly post later.

This Full Moon energy is with us tonight and tomorrow night. Get out and walk in it. The time is very ripe for SOMETHING BIG!

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