Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | July 5th, 2021 thru July 11th, 2021 - what our heart wants, the confusion/illusion lifts, reality bites and we bite back, heading home



Did we all survive last week's T-Square with Mars?! 


Count fingers/toes/shake around a bit. All there, I hope. 


Well, hold on because Venus in Leo is doing the same hokey-pokey this week!


But she's Venus, Goddess of Love (as opposed to Mars, God of War), so there's that.  


Last week we had the Mars/Saturn - some pressure/tension between our actions and our obligations/limits. Then we had the Mars/Uranus which can bring on a sudden accident/impulsive changes, but hopefully Saturn's nail in our shoe prevented too wild a move on our part.  If we were hell-bent on some erratic move anyway (and we might have been because that's what squares with Uranus are for) well it's likely our motivations will dictate our outcome. Needing to be appreciated/garner attention is Mars in Leo's jam and bread, but with Uranus ruling group dynamics and the future (the whole "no I in team" thing) too much of the "me, me, me" stuff can lead us down a tricky/sticky path right now. Yet, still our heart must be followed. Life is not for sissies. Just sayin'.

This week we have the Sun sextiling Uranus to smooth things over, Venus following in Mars' footsteps (watch your heart/your benjamins), the final Mercury square Neptune (end of an illusion), a BIG New Moon in family/home oriented Cancer followed by Mercury's own move into Cancer. Lots going on.

Let's unpack the week! The best aspects are right out of the gate.


MONDAY - Sun sextile Uranus, Venus sextile North Node conjunct Juno

TUESDAY - Mercury squares Neptune retrograde (third of three), Venus opposes Saturn retrograde

WEDNESDAY - Venus trines Chiron

THURSDAY - Mercury inconjuncts Pluto retrograde, Venus squares Uranus retrograde

FRIDAY - New Moon in Cancer (18 degrees)

SUNDAY - Mercury enters Cancer


MONDAY - the Sun @ 13 degrees Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus, Venus @ 10 degrees Leo trines the South Node in Sag conjunct Juno (and sextiles the North Node in Gemini)


The Sun/Uranus sextile - here is a light on how these changes can work. Change is good. Cancer/Taurus is about comfortable changes in our home/family situation. Or changes with our resources/money/values/self-esteem creating opportunities for our family. This is smooth/easy. The future doesn't have to be some big scary thing. At the same time, Venus is trining the South Node conjunct Juno retrograde (in Sag) and sextiling the North Node. Maybe we are bringing more attention/appreciation/fun to an old relationship/partnership/contract. Maybe we are revising old commitments. Does this still work for you? For who you are now? Keep an eye on that opportunistic sextile to the Gemini North Node - speak up, talk it out, make a plan, dive into the details, stay flexible and open. Whatever this is - something coming or going - it should flow, we won't have to push.

TUESDAY - Mercury @ 23 degrees Gemini squares Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, Venus @ 12 degrees Leo, opposes Saturn


Mercury, finishing up her/his back-and-forth through his own sign of Gemini, reaches his final exact square to imaginative/illusive Neptune. Neptune is retrograde, the tide is out, the rocks at our feet are just rocks at our feet now (as opposed to the HUGE and colorful creatures they appear under water). Their first square was back on May 22nd. Now, the confusion/delusion clears. Now we know what to say/think/choose. Our questions are answered, even if the answers might be a little/or a lot disappointing. No more waffling around with procrastinated choices waiting for clearer skies. The skies are clear. Time to decide.

And yes, I know I have said 'the skies have cleared' before, because they did, a bit at a time, but after today, the SKIES ARE REALLY CLEAR. Like, no clouds in sight kind of clear. If we can't see, our eyes are closed. Tightly scrunched like mine some days, I would suspect.

Happening as Venus opposes Saturn (also retrograde) reinforces the reality check. We might see what we can't have. We might feel old or unappreciated. Oppositions are like Full Moons. They bring culmination points, endings, results. This will likely be more pronounced for people with mid-degree fixed sign planets or points or people with natal Venus/Saturn aspects.

WEDNESDAY - Venus @ 12 degrees Leo trines Chiron in Aries


Love is healing. Loving ourselves is healing. Time with children is healing. Beauty is healing. Peace/balance is healing. Generosity is healing. Courage is healing. Following our heart/standing in our heart space/on our own center stage (the one that sits empty when we hang out in the audience) is HEALING.  This is how we take care of ourselves/be ourselves/stand up for ourselves. This is a good time to offer a healing touch to someone else.

THURSDAY - Venus @ 14 degrees Leo, squares Uranus retrograde, Mercury @ 25 degrees Gemini inconjuncts Pluto in Capricorn

Unexpected relationship/finance/self-esteem situations. Break-ups. Breakthroughs. This is tension/frustration/disruptive. We want freedom, but the opposition to Saturn is reminding us that freedom isn't free. Watch your wallet. 

Mars walked his story last week, now Venus has done her job - showing us where we stand with our relationships, our finances, our values and self-esteem. Next week they meet up and start a BRAND NEW STORY! We are pressured to create something new - even within the confines of old relationships/limits/commitments - and it's going to be AMAZING. 


Although it won't be what we thought we wanted/what we thought it would be! Remember we are doing something again, but differently. SURPRISE!

At the same time Mercury is inconjunct a retrograde Pluto. This is a rock and a hard place. An adjustment needed and even then no one is going to be totally happy with the outcome. Also keep in mind, Pluto in Cappy (power/authority) is probably not going to do any adjusting, although he is retrograde, so doing some re-vising, re-viewing, which is kind of adjusting I guess. Mercury (our thinking, words, ideas, plans) is going to have to do all the adjusting! This is Gemini/Capricorn. Gemini can't stand that 'nose to the grindstone' kind of thing and Cappy is like "here is the grindstone - be glad you have a damn grindstone, other people just have a grind pebble!". If we hit a stop sign/road block, we are going to need to shift/change - something Mercury in Gemini is perfectly capable of doing. And this is Mercury's last aspect in his home sign - one final adjustment/tweak in our words/idea/plans before he/she (as us) is outta here.


FRIDAY - The Cancer Moon meets the Cancer Sun at 18 degrees giving us this month's New Moon. This is a FRESH START with a home/family situation and our focus turns HERE for the next couple weeks. Expect a BIG post.


SUNDAY - Now Mercury moves into Cancer where he/she will hang his hat until July 27th. We will be feeling what people are saying now. Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too.


For the next couple weeks we will be thinking/talking/writing/dealing with Cancerian issues more often - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, ancestry, the past, mothers, country, safety, security. As well as our personal Cancer natal house theme. We could be more nostalgic.

With Mercury in Cancer we might sometimes need to step back and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?". 

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut. Words are taken personally. They can be soothing or they can be painful.

Since Cancer rules both the mother and the baby, Mercury (communication, ideas, thoughts) in Cancer could be a good time to talk (Mercury) about what we need (Cancer), probably not in some whiny/overly needy way though :) 

(Trump has his natal Mercury in Cancer and prior to his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un early in his term, said "I just, my touch, my feel, that's what, that's what I do" when asked about his preparation and how he would know if Kim was serious. His infamous verbal word salads aside - this feeling the words is pretty much how Mercury in Cancer communicates.)


First up for Mercury will be a beneficial trine to Jupiter on Monday, July 12th (here's that old gold, we were wondering where we put it!).  Then mid-month Mercury will inconjunct Saturn and square Chiron and finally trine Neptune and oppose Pluto toward the end of the month. When he gets into Leo on July 27th, he will immediately inconjunct Jupiter - not so cushy as his dealings with Jupiter from Cancer on the 12th and then proceed to do everything Venus is doing this week and Mars did last week. And we'll have the Sun in Leo by then doing the same dance (sextile North Node, oppose Saturn, trine Chiron and square Uranus). Thank goodness we will have Venus in Virgo by then bringing us some soothing trines if we can just get ourselves organized!

xo all

artwork by the talented Aaron Griffin Art

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