Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, July 12th, 2021 - caring words, talking about the past, allowing faith/hope/optimism to take root, home feels like more, long void moon so plan for a casual start to the week



I will have to write dailies this week as Sunday got away from me! I will get them up the night before if possible.

The Moon is in loud/proud fun-loving and generous Leo on MONDAY. We are nurtured by tending to our heart/our desires, nourished through fun, children, our creative projects, the activities of our Sun sign, our natural white-hot spotlight. PEOPLE NEED ATTENTION. Underline this.


She meets up with Venus at 7:13AM EDT and then goes void off her meeting with Mars at 8:29AM EDT. This is easy going/creative/beneficial energy. She will be void until 4:30AM EDT on Tuesday, so Monday is a long void Moon day. Her meetings with Venus and Mars pull some lunar energy into tomorrow's new Mars/Venus story. Depending on the weather you may be able to see Venus and Mars in the night sky now, near the Waxing Crescent Moon!

From, the unfinished weekly:

MONDAY - Mercury @ 1 degrees Cancer trines a retrograde Jupiter in Pisces

Excellent energy for communications/words that feel good. A family/home situation EXPANDS. The brakes are off. We can see the BIG picture. This is a water trine, so can be emotional, connecting, maybe WET. Decisions/conversations, many centered around events and situation and people from the past, are in positive flow. The emotional language we are speaking/hearing with Mercury in Cancer allows for better connection - for situations to expand - for greater optimism/hopefulness/faith. Our words/their words are more tender. Conversations/contacts more fruitful. Call your mother. Call your sibling. Send the email. Connections are made. Our faith returns. We might hear good news, maybe around a home/real estate/family situation. With Jupiter retrograde this won't be a brand new thing, the situation will have its feet in the past, but the news/information/conversation will be new. The only potential fly in the ointment with Jupiter is the whole over-doing thing, so in this case, oversharing information/overstepping boundaries. Maybe talking about something that is too personal or being overly-mothering with someone where it's not appropriate. Cancer/Pisces is more receptive than reactive though, so most likely whatever we are sharing/whatever information comes in will be soothing and calming.

By Tuesday, the Moon will be in organized/practical Virgo where she will oppose Jupiter and sextile Mercury, so today's energy will shift into something more actionable/detail oriented. If we are glossing over the details on Monday, and we probably will be, Tuesday is when things start to get firmed up. Plans are made, etc. Tuesday is also the day Venus meets up with Mars in Leo. They last met in Leo back in 2015 when Venus was retrograde, so having them meeting now when they are both full-steam ahead and on equal footing in heart-centered Leo is a great gift to us - there are some potential pitfalls (as always my Mercury in Cappy will find them, lucky us) we will talk about tomorrow. Venus (as us) has a few challenges, adjustments to make, at the end of the week, but the first few days of this week are looking good. We even have a beautiful and magical Sun trine Neptune on Thursday. 

xo all

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