Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday and Friday, July 15th - July 16th, 2021 - a dream for our home and family, old wounds, tense conversations, letting go of what we can't control



We wake on THURSDAY (EDT) to a void Moon - her last aspect late Wednesday night's trine to a retrograde Pluto. She is void until 10:32AM EDT when she moves into Libra. 


With the Moon in Libra we are nourished/nurtured through our relationships, partners, balance, fairness, peace, beauty, women. Her first aspect - a square to Mercury at 10:09PM EDT - this one is building all day, so might make us a bit mentally antsy and prone to disagreements/arguments. Stressful conversations/news/decisions around home, family, real estate, renovations, parents are possible.

This is also the day the Sun trines a retrograde Neptune at 23 degrees. Cancer/Pisces.


This will increase our sensitivity, empathy and need to connect with family/familial-feeling people/situations or maybe people in need. Kind and compassionate actions, even small ones, move us forward in gentle ways now. 


Our physical life-force (and home/family situations) can work smoothly with Neptunian themes - art, music, charity work, compassion, forgiveness, romance, spirituality, the ocean, escape, delusion, addiction, the things and people 'put away', healing, research, institutions. Our intuition is high - dreams (the kind we have when we are sleeping) colorful. Our ego attaches to spiritual pursuits/to art/to music. This would be an excellent time to make a vision board - maybe especially for a home renovation/new home/family goals. 


The potential downside with this energy is getting in over our heads or becoming too unbounded and because Neptune is retrograde, giving us a do-over, well, oops she did it again. Trines (brakes off) can take us from zero to sixty very quickly/smoothly, nothing is stopping us - they are that slippery slope your grandma warned you about.


Chiron stations retrograde at 12 degrees Aries. 


With Chiron strong at station maybe a wound/vulnerability is seen/felt. Chiron's retrograde says this wound is becoming our 'inner work' as we backtrack through (to re-vise, re-view, re-work) our masculine landmines - asserting ourselves, being able to take care of ourselves, being ourselves, being able to start/motivate ourselves, being able to fight when necessary. I like that this is happening during the Sun/Neptune Water Trine - our triggered woundings/hurts now more easily dissolve/fade. Family history is just foggy enough to be celebrated rather than fought over. The cosmos offers a little natural anesthetic until Chiron gets his backward groove on. Chiron will be retrograde until December 19th. 

On FRIDAY, the Moon, still in balance-seeking Libra, trines a retrograde Saturn at 6:32AM EDT. Good for dealing with old commitments/rules, authority, a mentor. Good for working on goals or long-term projects with a partner/another person early in the day. Discipline brings balance. Venus, the Moon's ruler, inconjuncts a retrograde Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces. So, the trine (brakes off) to stable Saturn and inconjunct (rock and a hard place) with Neptune tells us to stay grounded/practical. The dream must adjust to the reality. The Leo/Pisces inconjunct sometimes speaks of health issues (because Leo is Pisces 6th house) and both signs avoid dealing with them for different reasons, so take care of yourself now. 

A retrograde Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn trines Ceres at 23 degrees Taurus. These two are ancient enemies (Ceres was Pluto's mother-in-law) who came to an arrangement. Another trine, so this is smooth, easily maneuvered. Pluto speaks of loss but this doesn't have to be something pried from our fingers. This is good energy for negotiating/accepting things we cannot change/season of life situations/adjustments regarding third party situations. The empty nest. Cappy/Taurus speaks of our finances/resources. An Earth Trine is practical/solid progress.


Hope something here is helpful.

xo all

Saturday is the Sun's opposition to a retrograde Pluto (we'll talk about this in the next post), this week's most challenging aspect and in play all week - this one clears the slate in some way for all of us .... collectively speaking we are talking about career or public life results/endings, turning points. Home vs work. Power struggles. With oppositions we can't deal with something ourselves so we create (unconsciously) a situation outside ourselves to force us to deal with it. And Pluto says deal we must ... keep in mind that trine to Ceres as a way through - the give and take/acceptance of what can't be changed ....

artwork by the talented fdasuarez

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