Today's astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 8th, 2021 - the future reaches back and grabs us by the balls, again ... changes with our relationships, income, values and self-esteem



The Moon comes home to Cancer this morning, preparing us for the New Moon tomorrow. The skies are dark. We are nourished/nurtured through home/family, whatever feels like mom and apple pie. She trines (brakes off) a retrograde Jupiter at 1:09PM EDT. 

Mercury finally leaves his retrograde shadow and starts covering new ground. Here's our green light. We are moving forward. Near the end of his home sign of Gemini he inconjuncts Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn and makes his third (of three) square to Vesta, still working on that problem, in Virgo. Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini, so his move into a new degree today will help. And Pluto is trining (brakes off) Vesta, so we know way through is by going deeper in. Plutonian solutions are deep, transformative. Something has to go  - via merge/purge - so something else can be born. Focus/go deep (just watch for obsessing over a problem, the trine should allow the truth we need to rise up). 


We talked more about the Cappy/Gemini inconjunct and today's Venus/Uranus in the weekly HERE

This is also the day Venus in Leo - after her tangle with daddy Saturn - perfects her square to freedom-seeking, future-oriented Uranus (in Taurus). Fixed signs have been feeling this all year. This speaks of unexpected changes within relationships, finances, our self-esteem, values. The pressure to change. Uranus is answering to Venus, so even though this is a square - tension/frustration - the way through this can be loving/peaceful. Maybe an unexpected expense comes up/change in income or one partner is feeling the squeeze and needs greater freedom. Our self-esteem may demand we update something. Mars was in this pickle last week - our actions/passions creating change - so the changes now - with relationships, money, resources, our self-esteem - likely connect to that.


The opposition to Saturn can make changes sticky and de-stabilizing, so we want to be sure we know what we are doing with important changes (if we have some say here and the opposition to Saturn and inconjunct to Pluto says we might not) - as sure as we can be anyway. Mercury is helping. So are Vesta and Pluto. Venus in Leo must shine/follow her heart. A fixed square tells us stuck situations need to shift and gives us the impetus to change via our back against the wall. Just be cautious with anything that suddenly seems like a good idea if you've never thought about it before. Big moves made because we aren't getting enough attention or aren't feeling appreciated may not bring us what we are seeking. Changes are here/coming, but the Earth trines are pulling in some practicality. Tossing the baby with the bathwater isn't often necessary and now we have a screaming baby. 


Mercury (our thinking, ideas, planning) is past his confusing square to Neptune and covering NEW ground. The Uranian squares of the past few weeks (and all year really) with more to follow over the next few weeks - no one will miss their train, don't worry! -  are opening portals that LINE US UP WITH THE FUTURE. Keep in mind our collective North Node of Fate on Gemini - stay flexible, ask yourself "how else can I see this?" - this will help. Right now, the Moon is dark in her home sign, coming off her meeting with Mercury and applying to her trine to Jupiter retrograde. Our old faith/hope/that gold we missed our last time through here can be found in the darkness/the stillness. 


The New Moon in Cancer tomorrow night will be healing/soothing. 


Our future is so bright it burns my eyes.


xo all 

artwork by the talented Cecile Pardigon

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