Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday and Wednesday, July 13th -14th, 2021 - nourished by practicalities, avoiding criticism, a bold new chapter kicks off as Venus meets Mars in Leo, Pallas stations retrograde so the wise woman has one eye in the rearview mirror now




The Moon is in Virgo on TUESDAY - we are nourished/nurtured by being of service, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, a well organized closet, being helpful, being practical, being right/critical (ouch, let's avoid this one), taking care of our physical body, taking care of our pets, taking care of our employees/co-workers, prioritizing quality over quantity, doing good work, fixing something (yes, broken or not). 


The Moon will oppose Jupiter (in Pisces) at 7:00AM EDT and then go on to sextile Mercury (in Cancer) two hours later. Likely making up for Monday's meanderings we get down to work/make more solid plans. With Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo - the Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception and then we top that off with an opportunistic sextile between the two. More good conversation. Good for sales/commerce. Practicality/organization feels good/comfortable. 

This is also the day Venus meets up with Mars (19 degrees) in passionate/fiery Leo. The queen and the king are in the castle!


YES, this is as good as it sounds. 


Their last meeting was at 4 degrees Virgo back in August 2019, that reached a culmination/result (their opposition) in November 2020. Now, they start a new story, in Leo, something a bit more energetic, romantic, creative this time, I should think - what we want/desire and what we need to do to get what we want - together on the same page, and this time instead of it being a page in a medical journal or fix-it magazine (which is ok with me actually) - we get the steamy romance novel/adventure journal - BLOCKBUSTER.


Venus/Mars in Leo. We see what we want and we go about getting it. Courage. Passion. CONFIDENCE. Good for getting the girls and boys back together. Excellent for new creative projects/new chapters with children or romance. Our feminine and masculine energies are both working through our heart/our Sun.


The fly in the ointment is the Leo ego, and whether this is a big old horsefly, a nasty green biter or a docile housefly is up to us - our need for attention/appreciation that pulls us toward our white hot spotlight (a good thing), can also push our co-stars right off the stage. Leo is the last sign before we start needing other people, but this being Venus and Mars, we are probably going to need other people, I mean that is kind of the point here. If everyone is just snapping selfies we are going to waste the love/joy potential of this transit. The next time Venus and Mars meet will be in Leo's polarity sign of Aquarius (on that HOT Jupiter/Saturn degree - the world starts up again degree from the Winter Solstice), so now is the time to follow our heart (before we start following our head).


People with planets/points nearest 19 degrees Leo will feel this conjunction strongest, but everyone's Leo house and Venus/Mars energies are impacted. WE ALL GET A FRESH NEW START ... IN A CASTLE, yes a castle, why not our home is our castle, no? (keep in mind this is part of the Cancer New Moon story - how can we make our home our castle people? Is there space we aren't using - how can we use it - think about yesterday's Mercury/Jupiter. Is there something that needs to go/a mess that needs to be cleaned up? Think about the New Moon's Pluto opposition). 


Being a fiery fellow, Mars is strong in Leo, giving the upper hand to Martian maneuverings (as opposed to Venusian receptivity and ability to attract) which means taking action to get what we want, being brave, not being afraid to show-off a little, letting our heart rule the show. 

This will be a welcome change after their two-year story-line through Virgo (which was needed) - our health, work, the practical aspects of relationships. In Leo, things will be more fiery/risky. The potential for happy endings (well, at least happy beginnings) goes WAY UP.

Going to write a BIG post on this transit.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon continues her journey through Virgo. She trines Uranus (we are more comfortable with change/unusual people and situation) at 6:24AM EDT, sextiles the Sun at 9:46PM EDT and opposes Neptune at 10:16PM EDT.

Her sextile to the Cancer Sun is this month's waxing sextile - Virgo/Cancer. Here is an opportunity - and there will be a smooth flow with this - to move our New Moon story (about family, home, safety, mothering) forward through Virgo - by being of service, being practical, taking care of our health/pets, doing quality work, getting organized. This Waxing Sextile is at the hot/evolving 22 degrees, so powerful ... and maybe self-sabotaging if poorly handled. Which it won't be. Stay practical.

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 27 degrees Pisces. We have had alot of Piscean retrogrades the last couple years as 2000 plus years of the Age of Pisces comes to a close.


Now it's Pallas's turn to backpedal. 

Our wise warrior woman (as us) finds the answers are behind her now/in the past. What did we miss? Our instinct/dreams/illusions will be re-viewed/re-visited. Some dots we failed to connect the first time through/some divine wisdom/intuition we didn't act on - retrogrades offer us second chances. Some of our imaginative strategies/patterns (also escapist tendencies) will be re-examined. We'll get another look at our self-sabotaging habits and the draining people and situations that create the energy leaks that wear us down. She will be retrograde until November 2021 and will finally leave Pisces in February 2022. 

Tuesday and Wednesday both look pretty damn good. The Moon is waxing, so a great time for starting/initiating/growing.


xo all


artwork by the amazing benteschlick

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