Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, July 10th, 2021 - digging through the old crap, a void moon, as the sun goes down the lights come on



We are moving through the energy of yesterday's New Moon - the Moon continuing her monthly journey through her home sign of Cancer. 


She trines a retrograde Neptune at 7:10AM EDT (this is dreamy/emotional energy tinged with nostalgia/maybe some sadness) and goes void off her opposition with a retrograde Pluto at 12:10PM EDT (what do we keep/what has to go, dealing with an old loss/death, power struggles, secrets). The void might exacerbate the unsettled energy/extreme feelings of the Moon/Pluto and would will be a good time for purging/de-cluttering, delving into psychological studies, killing off a bad habit, bye-bye Felicia.


The Moon will be void until 8:21PM EDT when she moves into fiery Leo (see if you can feel the energy pick up) increasing our courage, energy, DESIRE to have a little fun. 


A summer Saturday night with a Leo Moon - we'll take it! Next week is looking good - I can't wait to write the weekly.


xo all

artwork by the talented borda

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