Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, July 17th, 2021 - power struggles, a blow to our ego, a need for balance within relationships, knowing that those things that stop are dead



The Moon continues her monthly journey through balance-seeking/partnership-focused Libra. She has herself a hell of a morning - she sextiles Mars at 1:04AM EDT, sextiles ruler Venus at 5:03AM EDT, squares the Sun at 6:10AM EDT and goes void off a square to a retrograde Pluto at 7:03AM EDT. 


She is void until 2:38PM EDT when she dives into Scorpio, trining a retrograde Jupiter two hours later. 

Her square to the Sun is this month's First Quarter Moon - Libra/Cancer. Our first square since last week's Cancer New Moon - this can draw our attention to home/family/partnership imbalances. Maybe we need to take other people into consideration. Airy Libra can help us see another perspective. Maybe we are the one with the short end of the stick/pouring pink paint over a relationship situation and calling it cotton candy. Maybe something needs to be re-balanced, needs more fairness, more beauty - pick your Venusian remedy. And with Venus in Leo there will be our heart to consider. Cancer can be needy/moody and Libra can bring just enough air/space - allow us to catch our breath, think things through. The First Quarter Moon brings the necessary tension/frustration to move our New Moon story forward. Its challenges cannot really be avoided.


After the solar square, the Moon will square powerful Pluto (retrograde) giving us another angle on today's Sun/Pluto opposition and pulling our relationships/partners, a need for balance/fairness/beauty, our emotions into that mix. The Moon in Libra square Pluto might also speak of deep/intense challenges going on with someone else that we are experiencing through them. The long void gives us time to think/chill out before she (as we) gets serious in Scorpio and trines (brakes off) an optimistic/hopeful Jupiter - #new,#notnew opportunities for real change. 

This is also the day the Sun reaches his exact opposition to a retrograde Pluto. 


Plutonian themes - life/death, finances, taxes, insurance, inheritances, other people's money or resources, merged money/resources, intimacy, power, control, sex, reproduction, losses or Cappy themes - goals, career, authority - are challenging our security/our ego or transforming our home, real estate, parental, family situation. We can feel like whatever is happening is out of our control or life and death. Secrets can be exposed.


Pluto is retrograde - the landscape he transforms is as much internal as it is external this time around. The Sun's light can show us our need for control/empowerment/our place within the family. The power/lack of power in our roots. How stable are we anyway? Personally I had no parental guidance to speak of, none that taught me about life except by watching them live it, and trying to avoid their particular pain. This is probably not so uncommon. 


Keep in mind the Moon's trine to Jupiter happening right around the time the Sun perfects his opposition to Pluto - Jupiter is the way through this. Faith/optimism. Also keep in mind the Moon is in Scorpio by this time, so answering to that retrograde Pluto she squared from Libra. We are merging/purging, going deeper. We are reminded that we are still alive. That those things that stop are dead. That we will not abandon ourselves this time. 


That First Quarter Square will require action/a re-balancing. If you have planets/points nearest 26 degrees of the cardinal signs, something is being completely and permanently TRANSFORMED this summer.


xo all 

Note the Pluto opposition is one of July's biggest aspects and, although it perfects today, it has been in play for a few days and will take a few days to unwind. Something ends/transforms through Cappy - authority, career, our voice in the world, our Cappy house theme and this ending/transformation impacts our security, roots, home, family, our natal Cancer house theme.

artwork by the talented Claudia Tremblay

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