THE ASTROLOGY OF THE Full Moon in Aquarius | JULY 23, 2021 - here is what has filled the space the huge loss has created, the future crashes into our current reality, decisions get sticky, are we holding onto what heals or what hurts


On July 23, 2021 at 10:37PM EDT, the Aquarius Moon will oppose the Leo Sun at 1 degree giving us this month's New Moon - our annual Full Moon in Aquarius. Our next Full Moon will also be a Full Moon in Aquarius!

(this let's us know that whatever is happening now is so big/important it is going to take some extra time or more than one shot to get it right!)


So, in this bridge year, with the Age of Pisces at our backs and the Age of Aquarius barreling toward us like a freight train, with Aquarius' rulers - Saturn and Uranus - battling it out through multiple challenging squares (THE big aspects of 2021), we get TWO Full Moons in Aquarius - one at the very beginning of the sign and the next at the end! 


And in between the two, Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius, expanding those Aqua themes - MORE EXPERIMENTS ARE NEEDED (remember Saturn is in Aquarius, too, highlighting our responsibilities to the group as well as the 'new rules') and allowing us to get lucky by noticing what we missed the first time through!

So, let's unpack the first Aquarius Full Moon - this one conjunct the "world starts up again" degree of the 2020 Winter Solstice when Jupiter met Saturn.

Full Moons brings things to light, to a conclusion or to a peak point of fullness. 


The Moon reaches 1 degree Aquarius and opposes the Leo Sun. The Moon is EXACTLY conjunct Asteroid Chariklo and conjunct Asteroid Icarus (yes, another Icarus Moon - with another billionaire blasting into space). The Moon is trining Vesta and Black Moon Lilith - forming a Grand Air Trine.  The Moon in Aquarius is answering to Uranus and a retrograde Saturn and they are squaring (the square is separating) each other.


The Moon via a conjunction (and Sun via an opposition) have recently come off their aspects with powerful Pluto. We have been through a purging/transformation/death experience.  The Sun within days, the Moon within hours, but this also speaks of the one month, 6 month and 18 month cycles this Full Moon completes. And Mercury is about to oppose Pluto - secrets coming out/our thoughts can be obsessive/dark. Happening through the signs of Cancer/Capricorn indicates important, and permanent changes within our home/work in the world, both private and public lives, our natal Cancer/Cappy house themes. 


The Moon moves off her meeting with Pluto, enters Aquarius where we can detach/make some peace with our losses/lick our wounds. This may not be what we want, but this is what we have, and we ALL have something. Maybe this 'peace' has come through time/distance/logic. Or through a future-focus. Maybe this 'peace' has come from so much over-thinking/over-analyzing/over-deciding that our tired brain unfurls a white flag and gives up/in. Maybe this 'peace' comes through friends/groups/causes or our natal Aquarius house theme. 


With the Moon in airy Aqua we are able to detach from whatever has been lost, point our emotional compass toward the new.


Then just as we catch our breath, Luna almost immediately opposes the Sun, strong in his home sign of Leo. Here is where we are NOW.


The Moon (and Sun) are headed toward their connections with a retrograde Saturn - the Moon within hours, the Sun within days. Here is where, remember we talked about how changes/decisions were going to get sticky, well, here is where the stuff gets real. The Full Moon culminations/results, activated through the Plutonian death/transformation/fear/power struggle become more solid. With Saturn in Aquarius we are dealing with group obligations, limits, new rules, authority - although with Saturn retro, the rules/limits will not be totally new! 


Somehow we've been here before.


The Moon's most exact aspect is her conjunction with asteroid Chariklo. Although she is new to astrological interpretation since she was only discovered in 1997, we can look to her mythology and origin stories to learn more about her. 


In myth, Chariklo was the wife (some myths speak of her as the daughter) of the centaur Chiron. She is a wise nymph and mentor, supporting/nursing Chiron during his wounding and throughout the many years of his suffering. For this reason, she is thought to have a shaman-like healing nature and is activated in our charts during times of illness/injury. Located between Saturn and Uranus (the co-rulers of Aquarius giving her a decidedly Aquarius vibe) but closer to Uranus, so more Promethean-style 'great awakening' energy, Chariklo was discovered in mid-February 1997 (Sun in Aquarius) just as the Hubble Telescope was originally launched. So Chariklo also brings the gift of seeing beyond the horizon. She represents, via the energy of her discovery chart, the future crashing into our current reality, likely via science or technology.


At the time of her discovery Chariklo formed a perfect six pointed star/hexagram in the heavens along with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto (all at 5 degrees - what magic was February 15, 1997!). 


She was conjunct Saturn and Pluto (when time ran out) back in January 2020 and she was conjunct Jupiter and Saturn when they met on the Winter Solstice at the end of that same year and time started back up. And her energetic signature is all over this first Full Moon in Aquarius, too!


The Grand Air Trine speaks of balance/peace through the Full Moon energies with whatever results we are receiving/culminations we are dealing with - with whatever is coming to light. The energy spills onto the Leo Sun, so the key will be expressing ourselves in a new way. This won't have to be something forced, this will happen smoothly. The affection/attention/creation of something we can be proud of comes.  


The good/the new outweighs/outshines the trauma of what it took to get us here.

Keep in mind this is a Full Moon in future-focused Aquarius. We just engage, moment-by-moment, with what is freshly emerging in our life. By going back into what is lost/over we put the fresh new energy in danger of being lost to us. And this freshness, whatever form it is taking for us, is the seed of a new world. We must care for it as if it is sacred (and this includes our relationships and personal need for peace/balance with Vesta in Libra), because it is.

Full Moons are a powerful time for giving thanks - if we are noticing what we appreciate and noticing what we are grateful for, we can't be noticing (ie giving our attention to) what we don't want or what we don't have. The Full Moon always shows us what story we are holding onto

Feel your moments this weekend and you will know if you are holding onto a story that heals or a story that hurts. We can use this portal to the Chariklo energy to hold the space that allows us to release/leave hurtful situations (and allow others to) and move toward healing.

xo all 


Full Moons are a good time to create some space - empty a drawer, shelf, closet, let something GO.


Sorry this was a bit late. I entered the wrong publish date into blogger, at least this Moon will be in play for a while! Back tomorrow with the weekly!


xo all

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