WELCOME to my new studio late summer 2008!
..well...not actually a new studio, but my studio with a new name (formerly Dream Scenes Studio)...renamed for a fresh start, a new year (doesn't it still feel like the year starts in September) , a new adventure and a new puppy named Olive ... who ... you guessed it ... tends to bite ...this is the journey from conception of two little jewelry lines called UNCORKED and POLARITY; conceived last year around the same time a little puppy named OLIVE was being born, and my efforts to bring home the puppy chow with my studio and teach my puppy not to bite the hand that feeds her or at least the hand that is trying to....


Amy (the b-line) said...

Your site is fantastic, Cat! The puppy is sooo cute! I've got to get a website going some day, but right now, I've got all I can handle!

Stasia said...

OH that puppy is ADORABLE! I found you from your Etsy store (congrats on being featured tonight!)

Now, to stop the biting thing, get a little book called "Super Puppy" or look to many of the POSITIVE reinforcement dog training books and DVDs. It is a typical puppy thing. Try going "YIPE!" when she does it, and take your hand away, and totally ignore her for 30 seconds... it works wonders.

There are also other tricks I'd be HAPPY to share... and if they don't work you can send her to ME because I LOVE THAT PUPPY!

Have an awesome day and keep creating good things!