Question of the Week

This week I am asking crafty Miranda Layton of Buttonenvy about her earliest crafty memories and here is what she has to say:

When I was five my cousin moved two hours away. She is three months younger than I am and, at the time my constant companion and only source of sibling interaction. I was devastated. To console me my grandmother gave me a dollar for the ice cream man and, for the first time let me go outside by myself to purchase my frog pop. This is one of my first clear memories. When I had finished my ice pop she told me we could save the stick and, after we had enough of them, we would build a little box out of all the pieces we had collected. This started my craft as therapy addiction. A few years later, when I had learned to read, I started to hoard the Rag Shop fliers from my grandmother's newspapers. I would plan how to spend every cent of my five-dollar weekly allowance. On the way home from a weekend spent with her my mother would stop there, and I would fill up on plastic visors and puff paints. This was the eighties remember and puff paint seemed like a craft revolution. This will lead into a long list of crafty business ventures.

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