Tuesday Trends - Brutalism or raw, rough and exposed

Nick Olsen, over at Design Sponge recently named Brutalism an emerging trend and this is one I really love.

Raw edges, rough textures, repeating geometric patterns - it is a trend that truly exemplifies all the beauty of handmade - the beauty of imperfection - the organic feel of this trend is so inspiring!

Here is what some Etsy peeps are doing:

1. Textured bowl from blueroompottery
2. Distressed ring by tinahdee
3. Peeling paint photographs by stillmemory
4. Lava earrings by valkasinskas
5. Distressed jeans by MatyDavis
6. Reed tunic by zelaya
7. Collage heart by RedorGrayArt


Red or Gray Art said...

cat . this is a good thing..patterns and textures always..does unraveling count as this?

I tried to comment on your video but could not..wanted to say YOU were the star in my eyes..you did fine!!

Bridget said...

I like the trend, rusty stuff, lots of geometrics etc...but not the name. I know it is a term from architecture (Brutalism n. An architectural style of the mid-20th century characterized by massive or monolithic forms) however to me it sounds violent.

MAB said...

Oooo, I love this! I like rusty and grungy and monolithic.