Weekly Wrap Up or wrapping everyone in our loving arms today

This was supposed to be a video post, but my voice was scary bad.

I just couldn't bring myself to post it.

(seriously, it has me thinking that if I could have just gone through life with one of those little cartoon bubbles over my head and people could read what I was saying instead of hearing me speak, I would have gotten alot farther in life -

like finished college, had a 401K, corner office and stock options kind of farther)

but I decided to go ahead and post the ending pic ala Jessica Doyle - she always posts with a pic and it feels like she is talking right to you ...

plus it looks like I just ate that salad and the stack of slice-n-bake chocolate chip cookies I polished off afterwards are out of screenshot

To wrap up this stressful, insane week I will say that my daughter's surgeries went perfectly and she is feeling better everyday,

my sister finally booked her flight to New Jersey after 2 flippin' years,

(she did book it for the busiest week of the year for me, but since I've been looking for potential delegation candidates for the holiday season, this could be a good thing ... for me)

my friend Laura (creativelytangled and the inspiration for TeamEPE) got her new boobs,

my camera possibly needs a new, very expensive, shutter - ugh,

my hubby got his hair cut so short I almost cried when I saw it

Check out my trends post at the Artisans Collective team blog for some 2011 trends

Team EcoEtsy's 2nd Green Giveaway is up and HERE - it features an eco spa package valued at almost $75.00- you gotta be in it to win it folks!

And today, November 12th is To Write Love on Her Arms Day which my friend Rachel of the amazing GetReadySetGo has been spreading the word about for weeks.

TWLOHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

So write a little LOVE on your arms today and have an amazing weekend everyone!


Viktoria said...

wonderful to read this. Thank you cat.
We all should handle our relationships in a affectionate and thoughtful way..and it´s an important thing to make people think about from time to time...and you do this in a really humorous way...(I have to trust my dictionary to tell me the right words)..
Have a great weekend and all the best for your daughter! (my daughter is studying in china for one year, 6 month left!)

Sleepandhersisters said...

I am glad your daughter is on the mend... x

It sounds like a very busy up and down week.

I love hearing you talk... to me being a New Zealander your voice sounds rather exotic. When I hear an American tourist here I can't help but smile at them, they probably think I am a complete nutter. But hearing them makes me think of my American blogging friends.

naomi orana said...

What a wonderful post - yet again, also thank you for the last series on 'working smarter - not harder'. I do enjoy your wise words and have to admit I tend to forget about them being a series until the next one pops up.

All the best with your daughter :)